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Lawyers seeking a massive payday have filed the first lawsuit in the aftermath of the Uvalde School Massacre earlier this year.  The attorneys have employed the “sue in depth” strategy, naming ten defendants including AR maker Daniel Defense, as well as the maker of an aftermarket trigger that was installed on the killer’s rifle, as well as naming the gun shop where the gun was purchased it the lawsuit.

One defendant not mentioned was the source of income which allowed a kid working part-time in a fast food restaurant to accumulate enough money to afford thousands of dollars in guns, magazines, ammo and holographic gun sights.

The New York Post has the news of the latest lawfare being waged against the gun community:

The families of three children who survived the massacre at Robb Elementary School have become the first to file a federal lawsuit in connection with the mass shooting, which left 19 students and two teachers dead.

The suit, filed Thursday in federal court in Del Rio, Texas, names 10 defendants in total, including the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, Pete Arredondo, the district’s since-fired chief of police, and Robb Elementary School principal, Mandy Gutierrez. It also takes aim at gun manufacturer Daniel Defense LLC, Firequest International Inc., which designed an accessory trigger system the gunman used; and Oasis Outback LLC, where the alleged gunman, 18-year-old [Scumbag’s name redacted] purchased his firearm…

“We are after accountability and damages, and because my plaintiffs are young, they will have to deal with the trauma of what they went through,” attorney Stephanie Sherman said. “It’s just a perfect soup of lack of care, and I can’t help but think this poor community was not protected in any way.”

“Not protected in any way,” she said. In other news, water is wet. At the same time it wasn’t Daniel Defense’s fault, nor that of the gun shop where the gun was legally purchased.

Whether people realize it or not, Texas law allows school staff to pack heat.  However, the Uvalde School District chose to make their properties “gun-free zones.”  (And even after this spring’s massacre, they’ve retained the policy for the 2022-23 school year that worked so well in the past… see page 63.)  Hence, no one inside that school had the tools to mount a defense of the children who were there.

And then there’s the matter of the Uvalde Schools PD standing around waiting for “resources” while the killer continued to massacre kids, and then for a while longer to let many of the wounded bleed to death.

Apparently the legal team representing the three victims thought they had an easier chance to score big bucks suing a gun manufacturer than the officers who watched – literally watched – the killer walk into the school carrying a long gun and then stand around as he killed his victims.

Notice at the very beginning of the clip the two Uvalde PD officers standing around on the right side of the frame, not challenging the rifle-toting kid. Not drawing their weapons and shooting at him, but standing there as the killer walked inside.

The whole thing is sickening. Which is why it’s in our best interests as parents to take a proactive approach with our own kids’ schools to make sure they have the best practice policies and procedures to mitigate the risk and protect our kids from another lunatic like the one in Uvalde.  Again, the life you save by doing so might be your son’s or daughter’s.

Meanwhile, ambulance-chasing lawyers will no doubt file additional lawsuits relating to the utter failure of school security in Uvalde, Texas.


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  1. This case and any similar cases should be immediately thrown out of court. There is NO reason to waste tax $’s and court time on these Idiotic lawsuits. Any law firm that attempts to file a suit as such, should be barred from practicing law. This is NOT practicing Justice, it is an InJustice to everyone in this country.

    • Unfortunately, Soros’ and China’s financed emissaries are working every crack in the dike to open the floodgates of cash to drain the industry. Once the population is cutoff from supplies the remaining guns will be confiscated for the good of the dear leader. How are your social media posts gonna look to obtain your credits?

      • That’s right negligent parents are suing everyone but themselves. It was parents who left their kids at an accident waiting to happen school ran by buffoons.

        When you place your loved ones in the hands of others you better consider the what-ifs. In this case what-if never received an ounce of consideration. Consideration that is the responsibility of the parents who if they owned up to responsibility they would have the integrity to exclude inanimate objects and admit to security negligence on their part and the school’s part.

    • Agreed! There needs to be some teeth on stopping frivolous lawsuits like this that try to blanket blame on anyone they can think of that has money for defendants. To even consider these lawsuits to go forward makes a mockery of our justice system.

      Same should happen with politicians that keep putting forth unconstitutional legislation. Once warned, if they keep doing it, there should be a trigger where they are automatically summoned to court to face dismissal from office because of violation of their oath of office.

      • I love that idea, but we do possess the power of votes and impeachments. The Puppet has ignored our laws regarding immigration. Unlike the previous shams, he could legitimately be impeached. At a bare minimum, we could impeach Secretary Mayorkas. Are Republicans interested in that if they regain power in Congress? Nope! Their donors are begging them to just keep the government money machine going, and that’s exactly what they’ll do.

    • These people have every right to file any lawsuit they want.
      The Protection Of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act protects firearm manufacturers and dealers from liability when their products are used in crimes. None of the other parties mentioned in the lawsuit is not necessarily immune to such lawsuits. There are times when public servants are protected when they’re performing their official duties. It appears that some of the parties here may be liable for actions they took or didn’t take.

  2. sounds about right. other than the unnamed source of income, this is frivolous.
    why not sue the jerks family, or the Uvalde police department? these were the spectacular failures here.

  3. TTAG, I applaud you for not using the scumbags name. This practice should be adopted by all media outlets. It’s a pity you couldn’t erase it from the video. Knowing there is no fame to be gained, maybe the crazies will just kill themselves without taking out innocent lives.

  4. He posted pictures of himself wearing eyeliner on social media. That was a cry for help. No one came. What was his family situation? All I know is he murdered his grandmother. We should be scrutinizing everything about these people, so we know how to prevent tragedies in the future. Yet the focus always ends up being about guns. Now why is that? Answer: Because the only thing they’re interested in helping is the Regime.

    • Dude – actually the murderer’s grandmother ended up surviving. She was badly wounded but received very good care at one of our local hospitals.
      You are correct, the antis ALWAYS blame the evil gun and try to punish the other 100 million or so of us who own guns for the acts of a single maniac. And of course some sort of payback. Since the murderer is beyond reach, ‘someone’ else has to pay.

      I am in no way trying to minimize the anguish the survivors and those whose loved ones were taken away. Perhaps the efforts being enacted to get that payback would be better spent by seeking viable prevention methods.

  5. Where did an 18 year old get $1900 for a Daniel Defense rifle? It’s just like the NY Buffalo kid who worked at a grocery store part time for 6 months and had enough money to buy over $3,000 worth of kit including a mil spec helmet and Oakley gloves??
    I think these unstable individuals are being hand selected and being given funding without their own knowledge. Find someone indire need and make sure they happen upon the resources they need to set them over the edge.

    • Ive read the Uvalde punk killer was also drinving a VERY expensive pickup.

      This rotten excuse of a lawyer has named nearly everyone BUT the root enabler. On his presumed income, thedirtbag could maybe have bought a box stock Ruger 10/.22 and a box of mags, and one bulk pack of .22 WRF and done the same harm for a total outlay of under $300. WHO was feeding this twisted misfit such large sums of cash? And what ELSE was this dirtbag being fed in way of values, ideals, ideas, suggestions? My bet is his Sugar Daddy was also prompting him to go and do what he did. WHO is that guy?

      Daniel Defense and the gun store and the trigger manufacturer collectively carry as much blame for this massacre as I do. Oh, someone add in the manufacturer of the ammunition he used, too. WIthout THAT box of bullets he never could have done what he did right?
      SInce when is it the responsibiliy of remote third party acters for forsee how their wares will be used and take preemptive action when some kid randmomly walks into a gun store to buy his tools? Would Home Depot have been responsible if he had gone in and bought a pair of Stanley 26 ounce scarface framing hammers, and brought those to the school? Or maybe a bettery powered framing nailer?

      • Tio – the pickup belonged to his grandmother who was his first victim. She survived in spite of his attempt to murder her. Since he is dead, we will never know for sure what prompted him to do the atrocity. The local news is still referring to it as a ‘tragedy’ instead of calling it what it really was – a cold blooded act perpetrated by a deranged individual.

  6. “…alleged gunman, 18-year-old [Scumbag’s name redacted]”

    If you redact or don’t mention the name you don’t need to use “alleged”.

  7. It would be far better to subject all of the police who cowered in the hallway as the children were being massacred to a vigorous flogging followed by a good old fashioned public stoning.

    • Agreed. Yup, if ANYONE is at fault here it is the “police” force that put their lives over the lives of children. A multi-billion dollar lawsuit would reduce these individuals to Walmart security guards. That is if Walmart would ever hire them.

      • As well as the teachers employees and administration at the Uvalde school that knowingly left and allowed to left open and unlocked. The 3 doors on the West side pf the school. That allowed the scumbag to enter the school unrestricted. Had those doors been properly secured per the schools established safety protocols. Those children and teachers would still be alive today.

      • The school should not have it’s own police force, you see how schools manage things. They should pay the same amount that they are spending on school cops to the city or county. They should furnish officers that have yearly training in school shooter incidents and school security operation.

        • if I had a classroom right next to an exit door i’d make damn sure it was locked….they never saw it coming…

    • I think being tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail is more appropriate.

      Were they trained by Scott Petersen? Probably not as there aren’t brown stains on their trousers.

  8. SOMEONE needs to trace out and expose this kid’s Sugar Daddy, the one who funded his arms purchases and the VERT expensive pickup I read he was driving. NOT what a min wage part timer could ever afford. WHO was that guy, WHAT was his relationship with Mr. Dead Dirtbag, and what ELSE was he feeding this misfit to enable/encourage him to pull off this little caper?
    This high falutin’ lawyer is off paper in running this case. She’s not even on the target backer board.

      • Elmer – as I noted in other replies – his grandma was his first victim but fortunately she did survive thanks to extremely good care in one of our local hospitals. The pickup truck he used belonged to her.

  9. The Daniel defense rifle was no longer stock… it was tampered/ modified…NO NEED TO TAMPER OR CHANGE A D.D…. motion to dismiss should be granted or case tossed in summary Judgment…

    Never heard of the trigger unit… it was a Daniel defense why in the hell did he need another trigger?

    The gun store followed the ATF and State laws…. they should file a countersuit… or should case be tossed in a summary judgment…

    The only people that need to be sued is the cowards that did not kill this scumbag when they had many opportunities…

  10. The kid was an American as was his family. Texas has a shitload of Hispanics whose ancestors have been there a long time.

    The expensive pickup was his grandmother’s, who he shot first

    I would really like to know how he made enough to afford all that.

    • Clearly the truck manufacturer also needs to be sued. What clothing was he wearing? He wouldn’t have gone far naked and barefoot. What did he eat for breakfast? Maybe IHOP or somebody needs to be held to account.

  11. Daniel Defense, the gun shop, and others named in the lawsuit didn’t allow the gunman to buy the gun. The govt did when his 4473 was approved. It is the governments ‘job’ to say who passes a background check and is then allowed to purchase a weapon.

    Sue the ATF.

  12. Daniel Defense and the other gin related defendents, should counter sue for multi-billions for frivolous lawsuit being used as welfare to undermine liberty and to milk ill-gotten gains from them.

  13. the need to sue the sign maker company for the dist

    that “GUN FREE ZONE” sign did not work, the darn thing did not even slow the shooter down!

  14. Source of income?
    Another Red Herring and pointless statement. There is no proof that working in a fast food outlet was this kids sole source of incomed for a start- he may have been saving his dollars since he was in nappies [diapers to you lot on the other side of the pond]] . The REAL PROBLEM is that this kid and no doubt others like him are allowed to purchase this kind of weaponry at all in the first place.
    As for sueing the various parties that’s the right of evewry citizen in the USA and is best left to the law to sort out. It as you seem to think a waste of money -it’s not you money to waste is it??

  15. Same thing happened at Columbine and Parkland. LEO’s or Security watched the perp(s) from the parking lot and did nothing to stop them. Santa Fe Texas shooter was wearing a trench coat on a warm spring day, and no one stopped him.

  16. Only the perp and the police were complicit in this crime of murder of innocent lives. Sometimes the police sue guilty by their inaction!!!

  17. The worthless coward cops who sat out during the shooting should be included in the lawsuit. Anyone with any balls at all would have been storming that classroom even if they had no gun. Who could live with themselves knowing the cowardly act they committed. The manufacturer, the distributor, nor the gun store didn’t committ that cowardice. The cowards did.

  18. The security at these schools should be hardened. Security cameras, high chainlink fences, metal detectors, and armed guards would shut this uniquely American phenomenon down in a minute. Still our jackass politicians don’t do a thing.

  19. Every cop there that didn’t go in should be included on the list of defendants. Also, does that mean manufacturers of other legal products used illegally can be sued? Sounds like a George Soros-funded scheme to backdoor the Second Amendment and take our guns away. Molon labe.

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