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Illinois remains a screwed up state, with politicians blaming law-abiding gun owners for the crimes committed almost entirely by gang members who illegally acquired their firearms.  Why, the politicians even redirect attention from the gang violence on our streets by calling it “gun violence” instead.  And now Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Illinois State Police, under new ’emergency rulemaking,’ are revoking FOID (firearm owners identification) cards for the thinnest of reasons.

As for those who have their FOID cards revoked, they have lost their fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  The FOID Appeals Board is set up to hear those appeals, however the governor hasn’t nominated anyone for the state review board that’s supposed to hear those appeals.  Without members, there can be no quorum.  Without a quorum, there’s no business. There’s no board.

This summer, in order to cover for the failure of the FOID gun control scheme to prevent the Independence Day massacre in Highland Park, the Illinois State Police filed for emergency rulemaking to allow them to revoke FOID cards more easily. WREX had a story back in July about the change that explains it nicely.

SPRINGFIELD, Il. —The Illinois State Police (ISP), under the direction of Governor Pritzker, submitted an emergency rule change to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office implementing broader use of clear and present danger reports that can bar applicants from receiving a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card or revoke a current FOID card.

The rule change allows for the use and maintenance of historic clear and present danger information even if the subject was not actively seeking or holding a FOID card at the time a Clear and Present Danger report was made and allows for use of these reports in possible future evaluations. 

Since 2013, administrative rules have unnecessarily limited and complicated the ability of the Illinois State Police to consider Clear and Present Danger information over time. For example, the former administrative rule required a Clear and Present Danger to be “impending”, “imminent”, “substantial” or “significant.” Clear and Present Danger under state law however is more broadly defined requiring “physical or verbal behavior, such as violent, suicidal, or assaultive threats, actions, or other behavior…”

Clear and present danger reports are made by physicians, clinical psychologists, qualified examiners, school administrators, and law enforcement.

This emergency rule will now allow the Illinois State Police to consider a broader range of information by simply applying the statutory definition of Clear and Present Danger. These emergency rules also will clarify ISP’s authority to use and retain Clear and Present Danger reports to the fullest extent allowed by state and federal law.

So, “allowing” the ISP to “consider a broader range of information” has been aggressively used by J.B. Pritzker’s state cops to revoke a whole lot of people for stuff ten, twenty and even thirty-plus years ago.  Some might even say they’re abusing their newly created “authority.”  How, you ask?

How about the fact that a Decatur, IL police officer, recovering at home after being shot in the line of duty early this year, got one of those revocation letters.  Why?  Because she sought treatment for an eating disorder years ago while in college.

Thanks to the governor not naming a board to hear appeals from her, she and thousands of other people stripped of their gun rights without one bit of due process have little real process to reclaim those rights.  So they wait.

News of this has gotten out and some media outlets are picking up on this.

The Center Square was first to investigate after I mentioned this in a radio interview.  They then published this story.

(The Center Square) – There are no members appointed to the board that is set to field appeals from Illinoisans who have had their gun privileges revoked by the state.

Illinois law requires anyone who wants to buy or own guns or ammo to have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card issued by Illinois State Police. Gov. J.B. Pritzker said state police have been busy confiscating FOID cards from those the state determines can’t have one…

ISP said earlier this month they have conducted more than 200 FOID enforcement details with more than 1,000 individuals surrendering their FOID cards and weapons.

But John Boch, with the gun-rights group Guns Save Life, said while there’s a FOID appeals board in state statute, the governor has not appointed anyone to field challenges to revoked privileges.

“Governor Pritzker and his friends in the legislature that are leading our state have done a fine job basically taking people’s FOID cards away without any due process at all,” Boch told WMAY.

State law says an aggrieved party can appeal to the ISP director. Starting Jan. 1, 2023, they can appeal to the FOID Card Review Board. The board was created by state statute Jan. 1, 2022. But nobody has been appointed to the board. Pritzker didn’t say why he hasn’t appointed any board members when asked about the issue Thursday. 

The bottom line is gun owners in Illinois have good reason not to trust Gov. J.B. Pritzker, and under Pritzker’s leadership, they may not trust the Illinois State Police either.

Fortunately, thanks to the Bruen case coming down, I think we’re going to have a very satisfactory resolution to this mess long before we’re all eating tapioca pudding in a nursing home.


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  1. When Government acts in this manner it clear that they no longer represent the American People. This is why our founding fathers indicated that when Government become tyrannical the people have the right to remove them by whatever means necessary. These Leftists are crossing the line once too often and a great many people are not going to put up with much more. Innocent people are tired of being turned into criminals because of new regulations most of which are unconstitutional.

  2. Of 102 counties in Illinois, 14 (supposedly) voted for Demtard FJB in 2020. So what are these free Counties doing about the Fascists running the half assed Illinois State gov’t?

      • Move the hell out of Illinois! We lived in Southern Illinois, mostly RED, but suffered from the huge Blue population concentrated in the cities; that control the state. We did and relocated to the Florida panhandle. Okaloosa county has +/- 78K registered republicans and +/- 24K democrats……..problem solved!

  3. Give the Governor a VOID CARD. Meaning that his office is no longer valid and he is to remove himself from ALL government positions, present and future.

    • Well by that logic so is the NY pistol permit (just to own/use/touch one) yet we still have it for the moment. With IL FOID hijinks I could see precedent being set to trash the concept of needing a permit for firearms at all for several states that currently engage in it.

  4. Illinois, like other authoritarian states, burden the public to sue and file cases at civilan’s expense. Not only does it take money it takes years. Soros and China backed politicians use this strategy in their rule making.

  5. Nah, this can’t be true. After all, I’ve been repeatedly assured that police would refuse en made to ever confiscate firearms


    • Yup. People throw out Occam’s as though it’s 100% applicable at all times, when most of the time it is genuine malicious intent. Especially where .guv is involved.

      • I still don’t think you can remove Occam here. I find it totally applicable. The simplest explanation is most often correct. These people are oppressors, EASILY proven one million times over, ergo this is a move to oppress the populace. There you go.

  6. The gunm owners should have thrown a big fit when the FOID card constitutional infringement was first introduced.
    Step by step, inch by inch
    Slowly I crept.

  7. FOID equates to a poll tax. That’s exactly what angry democRats would call it all over TV if the shoe were on the other foot. Unfortunately many gun owners are silent placid history illiterates who do not know the difference between Jim Crow and Old Crow, and until they do FOID rules.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 That’s a great statement Deb, I love that. I’ve suffered the ravages of Old Crow, and I can’t decide which is worse, lol. I kid, of course.

  8. The residents of Illinois better be paying attention to what is actually happening.

    An election is coming up!

    Now as for me…I wouldn’t want one of those things in the first place. But to say that these people have lost rights is not right. Those rights are STILL there. That card. Ring revoked is THE CARD being revoked, not the rights. What all this REALLY means is an increased risk of arrest. No if you want risk that and set yourself up for a NICS fail, well that’s your choice. But you should understand that this is very specifically about who you vote for.

    • But you should understand this is very specifically about how the machine votes for you.
      And does it really matter when it’s just two wings on the same bird?

  9. Unfortunately it’s more of the same, look at New York thumbing their nose at the Supreme Court. The FOID card should not exsist especially under Bruen.

        • Well we are going to see when the 3 branches of Governement start fighting it out essentially Possum. It may take several cases to get the point across of course by the time this happens we will be long gone. It’s unfortunately how the system works.

        • possum, then in lies the problem.

          Those “words on a piece of paper” were not suppose to be ‘Unenforced’.

          That’s what the democrats and liberals want to do, make them irrelevant.

    • “Seems to me the Bruen thing has done more harm then good.”

      Bruen is simply putting before us, the actual challenge that was always there.

  10. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    -Thomas Jeffereson

    • “When in the Course of human events,…”

      Hate to be harsh, but….

      Where are you forming your army? Do you have the names of the leaders of the revolution who will be the replacement government?

      Ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, ol’ friend…there ain’t gonna be no boogie, Lou.

        • “Getting mad at a Thomas Jefferson quote is a new one even for you.”


          In what sort of world is being realistic, rejecting fantasy equivalent to being mad about something?

          On a related note….if the quote isn’t designed to encourage action, what is the point of submitting the words in the comment section.

          Being a realist sometimes confuses people, I guess.

      • Sam
        being realistic is a good thing I agree. but we can all dream. The Founders had a dream and one day they woke up and did something about it.
        Now we need the sheep to wake up.

        • “but we can all dream.”

          The presented quote from the DOI is a call to arms.

          Not certain “dreaming”, or “fantasizing” abut a revolution that will destroy the country is to be considered a “good” thing.

          As to “waking up the sheep”… to what are they to awake? We are long, long beyond that which energized the founders to launch civil war 1.0.

        • not fantasizing about a violent revolution. more like hoping people would wake up to the fact that far left and right policies are tearing this country apart. the fact is there are not any middle of the road politics anymore. nobody will compromise on anything. in a real compromise both sides give a little. the left refuses to even acknowledge that some rights are just that rights. they claim things to be rights that clearly are not. I don’t know the answers but I sure see the problems.

        • Tired of the bs, It is not the “right” that is tearing this country apart; it is the Leftists who want to make our country into a “European Socialized nation”. There can be no compromise with this evil which is a disguise for socialism.
          There is only one solution, Fight this political cancer and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, in this case especially domestic.

        • Walter I totally agree the leftist movement in this country is off the hook. I was just pointing out that there used to be some moderates on both sides willing to work together. for the benefit of us all. NOT anymore.

        • Tired of the bs, You can’t work with people who do not have the principles of truth and honesty.
          The entire Leftist movement is based on Socialism. With that, there can be no compromise.
          What do you bet this will be “moderated” by the purveyors of this blog?

        • as I said there are no moderate politicians anymore on either side. democrats are mostly socialists and repubs are backstabbing rings.
          I personally hate both parties

  11. This is living proof that Leftist Anti-Gun Radicals just can’t understand that a gun is an inanimate object incapable of any action without a human holding it. With Lefties they figure if they don’t have the Appeals Board, you can’t do anything about their gun confiscation program.

  12. Since 2013, administrative rules have unnecessarily limited and complicated the ability of the Illinois State Police to consider Clear and Present Danger information over time. For example, the former administrative rule required a Clear and Present Danger to be ‘impending’, ‘imminent’, ‘substantial’ or ‘significant.’

    Makes perfect sense that a government which is intent on amassing wealth and power would want to remove limits on its ability to oppress political enemies.

    • uncommon
      this just means when they tell you in kindergarten it’s going on your “permanent record” they mean it.

  13. can you imagine the uproar
    and the wetting of pants
    from leftists all over the world
    if a red state like oklahoma
    passed a law
    that requires a woman
    has to be in possession
    of a government issued card
    that granted her the approval
    to exercise
    her “14th amendment right to choose”
    and that card
    could be revoked
    because the cops were at her house
    15 years ago
    because she was yelling at her boyfriend

  14. @Tired of the bs
    “nobody will compromise on anything.”

    The Republicrats will; it’s what they do. Heck, they already compromised on the Senate elections in Nov. Read McConnell’s take on inadequate candidates.

    And speaking of compromise, Repubs are not interested in controlling either house, but remaining in office. Proof? Have you ever seen Repubs repeal legislation put in place by Dims?

        • as I said to Sam I don’t have the answers but I sure see the problems. I hate the repukes more than dems because at least the dems will stab you to your face unlike repukes that stab you in the back. They all lie about most everything and the sheep are gullible enough to believe it or to stupid or to lazy to care.

        • Tired of bs, You know people who seem to be able to “see the problem” yet have no answers are no better than the people who sit on the sidelines ringing their hands. If you think the Republicans are “stabbing” us in the back, what would you like them to do? For your edification they are a minority in both Houses of Congress. Even when they were in the majority, no anti-gun bills made it through.
          Just what would you like the Republicans to do?


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