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So I got asked to participate in a Google Hangout for Firearms Radio Network. Here it is.

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  1. I especially liked the added fun of Robert’s daughter dancing around in the background. Better than watching a bunch of boring talking heads!

  2. If you can’t watch this(except for when it happened) you might as well take it off the sight. What’s the point if everybody who wasn’t there to see it live, can’t see it now? It doesn’t show on the Youtube site either. Fail. Did anybody bother to record this?

  3. Yeah, it would be nice if they would leave it up so people can watch it later. . . I mean the whole Tivo/DVR/dump cable and go to Netflix thing is about scheduling. Live with no option to watch latter is not a sound recipe for garnering a lot of viewers.

  4. It plays just fine now, sorry I’m not sure why it wasn’t for some of you before…. YouTube isn’t perfect 🙁

    Big Thank You to Robert for lending a hand on the show!


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