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“Do not do this unless everyone around you is heavily trained in weapons safety.” Including, one presumes, a keen appreciation of the need for eye protection. Although I’m one to talk . . .

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  1. That first .50 BMG photo (the guy with the glasses) was pretty awesome. You couldn’t see the muzzle brake and its “backsplash” in the second photo.

  2. Cool photography! My muzzle flash photos were taken using freeze frame digital stills from videos that shot at 25 frames per second. Not very high tech, I know, but occasionally you catch something. It’s hard to look badass in high – speed photography when holding a .460 Smith revolver (in my case) or a .50 BMG (theirs). It’s a whole lot of gun either way, and there’s that tiny bit of concern (will this thing blow my finger off / I’m sending a massive .50 cal round downrange) after pulling the trigger that tends to come out in view of the camera.

    But if you can manage it, post it.

    Either way, it’s good to see someone with some serious education making YouTube videos with firearms. That isn’t always the case.


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