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“The sound you hear in the main video was an actual recording of the suppressed firearm system you see in the video,” Ben Jaszczak writes at “It gives you an idea of just how great the real deal is even with not-so-great recording equipment. In 192kHz with a seven microphone setup and a high-quality field recorder these sound effects will be a dream! Interspersed throughout the page are pictures taken during the demo recording session.” I gotta say it doesn’t sound like much—the narrator’s accent is far more more interesting—but authenticity is its own reward. And the guys raising money to create The Firearm Sound Library appear to be motivated by love, not financial liquidity . . .

We had a long, drawn-out discussion as to what prices we would set, which rewards to have, etc. In the end we realized something: we’re all poor college students…and our hope is that other poor college students like ourselves can benefit from our work. In order for that to happen, we need this library to be affordable. Extremely affordable; as affordable as it can be. That’s right…if we meet our goal, this library will become free for all to use, absolutely royalty free!

As of 9:32am on Saturday December 7 in frozen Indianapolis, the library is just 10 hours and $234 from their $7k goal. It’ll be interesting to see if TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia can put this one over the top. Here’s the list of gun recorded so far:

List of guns recorded by The Firearms Sound Library (courtesy

[h/t Esemwy]

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    • I took your dare and doubled it. 😉

      *i know they are already funded but I appreciate the effort and if that means more movies with realistic firearm sounds, well worth it.

  1. + Eleventy for using the PPQ in the vid.

    It’s a fantastic weapon and I am happy to say I own 2. M1 and M2. The trigger is simply amazing. Now I just need that silencer!

  2. nitpicking a little, but there’s no such thing as a Norinco M59/66 SKS. the M59/66 is a Yugoslavian model, not Chinese (Norinco)

  3. I feel like Saving Private Ryan was the first movie to use real sounds. And I caught Terminator on cable a while back and they edited the sounds effects so his 45 Long Slide sounds likes an Atari…

      • those were the real sounds. in the shootout scene they used the original audio from the time they shot. no foley stuff. the director said the sound of the firearms echoing off the buildings downtown LA made his skin crawl.

        • Haven’t seen it; was it about the (in)famous North Hollywood bank robbery by the Romanian immigrants, who made their own body armor?

        • @Burke, no it’s a heist movie with Robert Deniro and Al Pacino as the detective trying to catch him. Pretty well done all around.

    • SPR pioneered so many aspects of modern movie realism, sound being one of them. I totally agree. It immediately made almost all other war/action flicks that came before it seem like cheesy garbage. The amount of detail going into the movie just shows how much respect the producers had for the subject they were building their story around.

  4. That was very realistic with the suppressed subsonic .22 handgun. Dynamic ranges being what they are on unsuppressed rifle calibers, I’ll be interested to hear how that goes for them.

  5. Sounds like a cool project.

    I have my doubts as to whether it ever gets picked up in Hollywood. They’ve had all the time in the world to fix their interpretation of a sword being drawn from a scabbard, and they just don’t care. They like the sound they have because it’s dramatic. The same would probably go for the silencer. The real sound is awesome, but Hollywood’s fake sound is a lot more dramatic.

    It would be nice to start hearing these sounds in movies, though. Just one little tiny bit of subliminal authenticity for the masses.

    • I think Zero Dark Thirty was one of the first movies I’ve heard that used what appeared to be genuine suppressed 5.56 subsonic SFX.

  6. Flectarn, Somali pattern! Very cool stuff and, like most things German, extremely well made. Very little fade with repeated washing. I actually own a full set – pants, shirt, M-59 style coat, even a vest. Bought long ago; it has held up better than any camo I’ve ever owned.


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