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Science marches on.

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    • “This was the best one, hands down.”

      That one had me until nearly the very end, when it showed the flight video.

      Only then did I realize there was no way a million FPS video cam could possibly be in there.

      But, damn, was that ever one of the *slickest* video gags yet.

      They put some serious work in on that one…

      • The thing I questioned was, “how is it transmitting that video without power, that far away?”

        • “how is it transmitting that video without power, that far away?”

          Seriously? Everyone knows bullets are hot, literally, coming out of the barrel. The heat is routed to an internal heat sink, which powers a flux capacitor, which fires little bolts of lightning into a miniature RF nanobots that continuously transmit sub-space data packets to a host (smart phone/tablet). Because of the nanobots, there is no need for gyroscopic stabilization. The data stream, made up of unlimited numbers of datas, is resolved in the host, making things look just like a camera mounted atop the bullet.

          Get it? Got it? Good.

          • “Sam, are you sure? I was thinking it would be steam generators.”

            Micro steam generators are used for the launch catapult.

        • D’oh! How hard is that to figure out? Can you say wind power? It’s flying freakin’ 3,000 feet per second – that’s a 2,000 mile an hour wind! Enough energy to power a gatling gun! Jeez, I gotta tell you everything . . .

          • “Can you say wind power?”

            Wind is the emergency backup power sourced. In case you shoot on a cold day, and the heat build-up from the gases and barrel friction do not quite spin-up the flux capacitor.

        • It’s easy, this is a real deal. They have a nuclear reactor inside the round and that’s what powers the camera.

  1. Dang.

    I assumed TTAG was going with Nick’s April Fools gag than the one I tipped them with…

  2. My first thought: Yeah, bullets spin, and that “bullet camera” sure as hell isn’t. Then I remembered what day it is.

  3. ‘Mericans can make they self some gadgets.

    Derivative gadgets may prove more useful than the original.

  4. That was awesome. Slick and well done.

    Of course, Brownells ad at the bottom of this page says they are the internet’s largest “Tactical Falcon Dealer” with free shipping on all birds.

    • Could you imagine opening a box filled with a golden eagle that was tossed around for 3 days with no food or water?

  5. They don’t say it but the teeny tiny little camera is mounted inside a teeny tiny little gimbal / gyro stabilization mount. Otherwise, the video would spin with the ballistics.

    But of course, you all knew that.

    • You do realize that using it while stationary would result in an apparent counterspin around 150,000 RPM, right? Sheesh, some people.

  6. The pistol caliber bullet cam was issued to all members of LE today.

    Also announced today, gun manufacturers have finally perfected micro stamping technology.

  7. just wait until the bin laden bullet cam video is released.
    not to mention harambe. and cecil.

    can you imagine the pay per view earnings for kennedy/ king?

  8. If or when someone comes up with bullet cameras they will go into shotgun slugs first I suppose. More space, no spin and much lower pressures and acceleration rates. Powered by piezo crystal maybe?

  9. Just waiting until ALCU doesn’t get it and insists that all police officers be issued only these types of rounds.

  10. Is the Under Armour shirt part of the April Fool’s day gag? Surely no self-respecting firearm company would still want to associate with them.

  11. I absolutely hate April 1st. The idea that we think it’s a good idea to put out fake news any day is senseless.

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