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This time, our swashbuckling father and pirate is toting the popular G43 among the rest of his gear. See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I’ve never been able to get into the small karmabit style knives. I dunno why, just never liked the ones I’ve picked up.

    That said, the Bear Claw from CRKT is a decent knife and I can personally attest that the plain edged version is scary as fuck when someone else has it in their hand and is going nuts. Then again, that applies to pretty much any knife.

  2. I got the Taran Tactical grip extensions for my 43. Two extra rounds, support for all five fingers, and the angled baseplate means that they don’t print much more than the stock magazines do.

    I also added a clipdraw, because it seems to piss off the know-it-alls, and I’m in favor of anything that does that.

  3. As a long time employee of Leatherman tool group, I don’t see a lot of Sideclip love. It’s a minimalist tool, no doubt.


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