5.11 Expands its Awarding-Winning Line of A/T 8” HD Boots

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5.11 A/T 8” HD Boots

From 5.11 . . .

WHAT:  5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of technical apparel, footwear, and gear, has introduced a new colorway to its award-winning A/T 8” HD Boot while also replenishing inventory in the original black colorway.

WHY: Winner of the 2022 Innovation Award in the footwear category from The Network American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD), the A/T 8” HD Boot is now available in a sleek black coffee color and is fully restocked in a black colorway.

5.11 A/T 8” HD Boots

The A/T 8” HD Boot features the brand’s patented A.T.L.A.S. (All Terrain Load Assistance System) Technology – its most advanced footwear system, designed to offer enhanced support, optimal performance and maximum comfort. In addition, the boots feature a heat-reflective strobel sock that blocks heat from pavement and concrete while a new infrared-refracting leather drops the surface temperature of each boot to provide a cooler and more comfortable wearing experience.

“Our product team puts a strong emphasis on leading with innovation and advanced technology to create the best products possible for our end users,” said Brendan Rynne, Senior Category Manager, Footwear for 5.11. “The combination of superior functionality combined with comfort really sets this boot apart.”

5.11 A/T 8” HD Boots

Additional features that help accomplish the boot’s overall superior functionality are the Ortholite Comfort Foam Footbed for all-day comfort, an Echo-Lite Foam EVA/outsole for energy return with each step, Force Form for high-impact protection, and an aggressive ASTM outsole for improved traction.

WHEN:           The expanded product line is available online and in stores now

WHERE:         Customers can shop and explore features of the A/T 8” HD Boot at www.511.com/at-series

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  1. I’ve tried pretty much every single boot in 5.11s lineup and can say with a certainty that they are all junk. Usually they last me about six or seven weeks before they are falling apart and the ones that claim to be waterproof leak from day one and then leak like a sieve after about a week of use. I’ve pretty much had to settle on buying Red Wings or Danners. Depending on the exact model that I buy from either of those manufacturers I usually get about five or six months before they have holes in the bottom. I can have red wings or danners resoled once before the uppers are worn out.

    • This is the norm for boots; I think got a lucky pair of Bates / Vibrams that have lasted two years but I don’t do nearly the work in them that I used to. First treading ripped off the left boot, both treading ripped off the right boot, the leather on both is nearly split and I can see my socks. I think it was two pairs ago that I wore holes thought the bottom of the boots before getting a new pair. Yeah, I’m that poor and I make sure I get my money’s worth out of them.

      Can’t comment on 5.11, never used em, but they look like they are similarly constructed to most combat boots in that they are glued together; probably won’t last.

      I hear $600+ boots will last for several years but you are also paying for several extra years of life in the price tag so it comes down to the economics; several pairs of cheap boots or a single pair of expensive boots that may or may not last as long as multiple pairs of cheap boots.

      Danner’s / rat boots do tend to last for some time.

    • I wear the Tac lite 6″ for work here in SoCal. Facilities and maintenance, not heavy construction. I get about 18 months out of a pair before the sole wears through. I haven’t worn out an upper yet. I like them, they breathe really well. Would I hump a ruck in them? No, but for $80 on sale they were well worth it to me. Did I rey a bunch of other similar boots? I did not, because these worked for my needs.

  2. I just wish somebody made a decent tactical / light hiking boot in narrow widths. (Lowa makes excellent heavier boots in narrow widths.)

  3. I tried on a pair of 5.11 Approach Shoes a number of years ago. Discovered that 5.11 only makes medium and narrow foot widths and that their last doesn’t fit my swim-fin shaped feet (very wide in the front and narrow in the heel). Danner and Rocky make boots in Extra Extra Wide. My Department had a deal with Rocky years ago…however, the soles and tops were too soft for working in rural boonies — shredded many a pair at work. The Danner’s hold up much better.

    A former work partner had an expensive pair of White’s from Spokane, WA. Custom fit to his feet and rebuildable for years…at a price.

  4. I have been wearing a pair of 8 inch side zippers for almost 5 years no real wear yet at all. So far so good. Had a great pair of Justin’s which had carbon fiber over the toe. They don’t make them anymore. Also a great pair of Wolverines all weather steal toe which are lighter than you expect. Still have those but they are starting to wear at the seams.

    Everyone has different results, but so far I would buy 5.11 boots again. Mine just have not worn out yet.

  5. The link at the bottom of the article is broken btw.

    The 5.11 boots are $185 (+tax) while surplus Danner RAT boots and other US surplus boots are $50-60 shipped on the bay. Economics dictate that I take what I can get, when I can get it.

  6. I need/demand a boot with a re-inforced toe. I’d poke a hole in those 5.11’s in a day. Does anybody make a kevlar re-inforced upper?

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