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Here’s a pro tip for all you felons out there aspiring to buy guns illegally – stay out of police stations. You’d think that would be something that wouldn’t need to be emphasized much, but it appears that Roldy Francois was busy updating his Facebook page when that lesson was covered in crook school. It’s a shame, too, because his lack of attentiveness has cost him more than thirteen years in the hoosegow…

Roldy wanted to buy himself some guns. His only problem was that he was already a thrice-convicted felon and that makes filling out those 4473s problematic. So he dreamed up a way to get around that hurdle by stealing the identity of someone from Puerto Rico and buying the guns while presenting himself as Efrain Baez.

He got away with it, too. Until two of his guns illegally purchased guns were stolen, that is. Now, if you’d stolen someone’s identity and used it to purchase heaters, you’d probably let it slide and stay on the down low. No use pressing the matter and calling undue attention to yourself, right? Well, not if you’re Roldy Francois. Those must have been some nice guns because he really wanted them back.

Francois walked into the Providence police station in February 2010 with a lawyer and a female acquaintance to report the theft of two 9mm firearms from his car. Francois told the police he was Efrain Baez, but a Providence detective recognized Francois from a previous unrelated investigation. 

I’m not sure what the lawyer was for, unless he just wanted to save the quarter his one phone call would have cost him had he been arrested then and there. Francois, wanting to make sure the cops had all the info they needed to track down the boosted weapons, gave them everything they needed to trace the guns back to the dealer who sold them to him.

The dealer identified Francois as the person who purchased them, and provided information that Francois used a photo ID — a Florida driver’s license containing the name and personal information of Efrain Colon Baez — to purchase five firearms between October 2009 and February 2010, including the reported stolen 9mm pistols.

Poor Roldy. We can forgive him as he knew not now dumb he was. Unfortunately, the Providence police department was somewhat less forgiving. He was convicted on Friday of illegal gun possession and identity theft charges. Oh, and he falsified his 4473s, too.

If you need him, he’ll be spending the next 164 months living at taxpayer expense. He’ll then have three years of supervised probation to negotiate. Maybe he’ll use his time productively and take a correspondence course or two. Hopefully he’ll learn a marketable trade he can take advantage of when he’s sprung. At minimum, though, all that time mingling with the prison population should help him bone up and become a better crook.

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    • My school was so tough that we were taught how to make license plates in shop class so when we got to prison we would have a useful trade! haha

  1. what…… a…….. dummy, but i’m confused as to why he looks confused about getting locked up for breaking several laws? way to go bro.

  2. Give credit where credit is due — that’s the best police work we’re ever going to see from the Providence PD, who probably stole the guns in the first place.

  3. Cant stop laughing. How stupid can someone be. Wait. The next one comeing hold on there is at least one born every decade or so. But dambed stupid this guy has the title for at least another five years. Now serving No.———

  4. Maybe they can add “oxygen theft” to his list of felonies; he’s breathing up perfectly good air that could have been used by a sentient human being.

  5. I’m glad to see that felons are as stupid as this guy and also horrified that felons are as stupid as this guy. Good thing they are putting him back in jail were he belong cause maybe if he had stayed out, he would have used those nice 9mm in a local 7/11 holdup.

    Now lets pray that another felon show up to the same police station to turn in some stolen guns before he gets caught with them. LOL.

  6. That my uncle watch the way ya’ll talk about people cause we all have done something stupid before. Like what’s up.. Yes he did something that everyone knows not to do put he’s caught and serving his time. His prison number if you shouldn’t worry about tf. You guys can sit here talking all that smack but cant even say that yall was in the scene when he was in the stand off, ant say that you was the dealer, you wasn’t the pol ice and most definitely not in the family to know the full inside story, this is just something for you guys to feed off of

  7. What you guys don’t understand is you guys don’t realize that he is just an other man in this world that made a stupid mistake that put him in the position that he’s in now. He has 6 kids and treats them still like nothing not even this situation with the law can stop him. He still provides us and them with love and takes care of the family so get your life!! And, do yourself a favor and mind something else.

  8. You guys are beyond rude !!! It doesn’t matter what this person does who guys are really judging him when it’s worse charges people only get 5 years for !! Everyone makes mistakes! At the end of the day shut up and mind your business cause if it was someone in your family you wouldn’t want nobody talking bout them. Smh the system is really must up and it shows! Rudeness!!!


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