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Can you get an Alka Seltzer in the Palm Bay, Florida jail when you need one? It seems like a safe bet that Wilnelia Caraballo needed one – big time – when she woke up Sunday morning with what had to be a mother of a hangover. Once she looked at her ink-stained fingers and the bars on the window and realized where she was, I’m sure one of the kind jailers explained why she was there…

The previous evening, Carballo walked into a convenience store carrying a toy uzi and wearing a “clear plastic mask”.

Caraballo appeared to be intoxicated at the time, according to (police spokesman) Martinez. She walked behind the front counter of the store while employees were in the back of the store.

A clerk who saw Caraballo go behind the counter yelled “Palm Bay police! Get on the ground!” She initially complied, then got up to run away. Another employee restrained her until police arrived on the scene.

Give her points for compliance, no? But maybe she wasn’t all that drunk. Reduced oxygen from that dry cleaning bag she had wrapped around her face as a clever disguise could have been a contributing factor, too.

Wilnelia will now be facing attempted armed robbery charges.

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  1. A clerk who saw Caraballo go behind the counter yelled “Palm Bay police! Get on the ground!”

    Probably not the best course of action. Might even be considered impersonating a police officer.

  2. Impersonating a police officer? Pleeeze. Who’s gonna complain, the perp? You all need to come down from that high horse. If I’m ever in that situation and hopefully armed, I’ll do and say whatever “I” think is necassary to give pause and gain compliance from the perp. I want to avoid having to shoot someone and I’ll do what “I” think is required to protect me and mine.

    (When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.)(not a dig at cops by the way)

  3. Saying your a cop is a bad idea if your not armed.
    In the other hand if you are armed, and you see a hold up taking place specially in this situation were the crock was in the front of the store away from any employees or customers, I don’t see the problem with drawing a gun and taking sight of the target and then yelling “police, get on the ground”. It might for once make the crock leave out the front door without any further damage and if it does not and a shootout ensues I pretty this guy was ready to lay us all down anyways cops or not.

  4. Clearly the clerk was calling FOR the “Palm Bay police!” The perp merely misunderstood the call for help. 🙂

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