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FBI special agent in charge Greg Bretzing told a press conference as little as humanly possible today. Other than stating that the occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge had every opportunity to air their grievances via the usual avenues, Agent Bretzing declined to give any details (based on the case being an ongoing investigation) about what happened last night during a planned traffic stop in which Robert Lavoy Finicum was shot and killed and eight other occupiers were arrested on a charge of conspiracy to impede federal officers. It’s reported that there are still six occupiers in the federal facility, so this isn’t over. Just how the FBI and local law enforcement propose to end the occupation is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned.

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    • It’s no more threatening than occupiers walking around with weapons, saying they will stay there until their demands are met. No more threatening than saying “we are prepared to defend and die”. The occupiers did everything to provoke a response, including turning a deaf ear to Harney County, who asked them to leave, to Burns residents, who asked them to leave, to the State Governor, requesting Federal help. They ignored and provoked, based on a myopic vision of public lands and government, and feeling they should be exempt. At least, that’s how it looks to the rest of the world. They were not residents, but hijacked a county, a town, and a Federal property to get attention. Well, they got it.

      • Yes they got the attention, but I don’t think they deserve to be hit with guns blazing from a small federal army. This was not handled well by either side right from the start. I never picked a side in this one. From what I have read and observed there could still be a peaceful end, but the FBI is giving up on that resolution @ 4 pm.

  1. Okay, so I have not read this yet…just the headline, but…

    (1) I thought I read earlier that the building was still occupied by others NOT in the two cars.

    (2) That the man that was killed was killed after/at a traffic stop some distance (several miles?) away.

    So…unless I’m very wrong on these facts (which is quite likely), it would seem the stand-off is still going on and THAT (the stand-off itself) can still be ended peacefully.

    Why is he using past tense? Is this a statement that the Feds are getting ready to go in guns a-blazin? Or fire-tanks a-blazin’, a la Waco 1?

    (Edit: Ok, so on reading, I was thinking along the right track…)

  2. Watching Sheriff Dave Ward as he was gagging on his own words is all a reasonable man would need to see to know this is a cover-up.

    That clearly was a broken man choking on his own guilt.

    • Certainly sounds like it.
      At this point whether or not LaVoy wanted to go down in some sort of blaze of glory is almost irrelevant.
      The surrounding of the refuge at this point is the new concern, although unless they can show dashcam footage of LaVoy not being compliant drawing a weapon on officers etc, this is going to get ugly.

  3. “Just how the FBI and local law enforcement propose to end the occupation is anyone’s guess.”

    Didn’t we just SEE how?

  4. Yes I just witnessed this disgusting spectacle. The local yokel was getting in a Bury Soetoro weepy mode. Imagine the hue and cry if black lives splatter/occu-PEE wallstreet or free trade anarchists were murdered…and I keep hearing the malarky that none of those lunatics are armed-and “peaceful”. We know that HOW???

    • If an officer killed someone from one of those other groups, no matter the circumstances, the leftist media would latch on to it, push the story 24/7 for weeks, and spin up the masses faster than an Iranian centrifuge. Because this is “y’all Qaeda”, coverage will be minimal after the next day or so.

  5. My question to you mister FBI agent Is as follows, Why in the hell did you just leave those people out in the woods until they ran out of food Or got so tired of being out in that cold weather that they just came home to their wives and families why would you Plan an assault On armed individuals Where lethal force most likely is going to be used When you could have peacefully gotten rid of this entire problem if you would have just ignored them. This is what I’m talking about the federal government’s got its finger up everyone’s ass in this country and if you so much is going the wrong way you’re going to get jammed and that’s what happened here. Yeah they could have ended it peacefully so could have you FB I’m an! You could have left them alone in the woods until they got tired of sitting out there and they would all gone huh. But no you went after a clandestine tactical Assault you wanted to cut the head off the snake so that there was nothing left to fight you guys. That is a problem in this country The federal government is intruding on our constitutional rights and freedoms More now than they ever have in the past and it all is because of this Obama president. He’s starting a race war And a war between the civilians and the federal government and its just now starting to expose itself. There’s going to be a lot more crap to come you guys watch the internet and pay attention to what’s going on in this country and listen up real good because there is a shitstorm coming. From the federal government.

  6. Fvkc you jackboot pieces of crap, go arrest Hillary for spilling national security secrets to hostile foreign governments and selling the state department.


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