BREAKING: Mark McConnell Video Decribes Oregon Occupier Shooting

The speaker above is Mark McConnell, one of the protestors who occupied the Oregon Refuge. McConnell was in the convoy intercepted by the FBI and Oregon State Police, leading to the shooting death of de facto spokesman Robert Finnicum. He’s recorded another video. Another occupier, Melvin Lee, also recorded an third-hand account, which reveals that the police have given occupiers a 4pm PST deadline to vacate the refuge. Make the jump for both of them . . .


  1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    So for sure he fled the stop. Ok then what is there to hide? This guy can probably say good bye to the Jeep and his guns though.

    1. avatar Charlie Odbeh says:

      If he’d followed the directions he was given he’d be alive. Suicide by cop he’s no hero, only a coward. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

      1. avatar Roger says:

        He was a bigger man than you’ll ever be. That’s one thing I’m sure of. These men harmed no on and had no intentions of doing so. They stood for something. The libs like you, and the feds, can’t deal with anyone who might be on the opposite side of an issue. Robert was a true patriot, like it or not. You could learn from such a man.

        1. avatar Dirk says:

          McConnell is a lying bastrd, if you listen to the first one, when he starts talking about the guns, someone whispers something to him. They say LaVoy charged them, but the snow was so deep it stopped their vehicle, how the he77 was he going to charge in that? He was shot in the back by a MURDERING coward. They mention LaVoy but why did they fire 16 rounds ( my count ) into the vehicle?A whole lot stinks worse than a skunk.

    2. avatar Greg says:

      All the people at the stop were arrested and charged but Mark. Released, got his vehicle back! Methinks we smell a rat? He wasn’t at the actual shooting!

  2. avatar pres stone says:

    sorry but as every scientist knows, eyewitness accounts are the LOWEST form of credible testimony.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Well unless you have a double-blinded experiment to produce we might be stuck in a situation where they are the ONLY evidence.

    2. avatar Eric says:

      These are not eyewitnesses.

  3. avatar Jimmyjames says:

    Neither person by their own accord were eye witnesses to the shooting.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Nobody typing comments on ttag was an eyewitness and most weren’t even in the state. Hasn’t slowed the wild ass speculation down a bit.

      1. avatar Chrispy says:

        Probably the most truthful comment I’ve seen since the shooting.

    2. avatar Jimmyjames says:

      Now TTAG has changed to headlines to this story. No mention of EYE WITNESS ACCOUNT now.

  4. avatar lhiii says:

    First guy says I didn’t see the shooting g but lavoy definitely charged. Second guy says what he heard from first guy. This is about as inconsistent as it gets. I’m waiting for dash cam body cam footage…

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      And wondering why it is taking so long.

    2. avatar Mr. 308 says:

      McConnel says he didn’t see it.

      “3:53 never charged you know I was very best about what he was doing after
      4:00 that was missing what they did not dismiss some way did I don’t know I
      4:05 didn’t see it I’m not to speculate on you know they brought the girl back down
      4:11 exporters up on FB i vehicles they brought back here to the county facility”

      So he’s not exactly a witness, exactly.

    3. avatar Michael says:

      Ditto on waiting for dashcam video before making any judgements. However if there is not a dashcam video (where there should have been) or for some reason it was “lost”, well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…

  5. avatar Smitty says:

    Try this from Oathkeepers
    Eye Witness Audio Testimony Here on YouTube

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Thanks for that. Posted.

    2. avatar ThomasR says:

      Now that sounds like an eye witness account. If there is no body cam or vehicle cam footage to contradict this account, then it sounds like murder. And if this is the way it went down, then there probably will be no footage released. Which will prove this account is true.

      Won’t that be interesting? As in the Chinese curse kind of interesting.

    3. avatar Alan Rose says:

      There’s EYE witnesses and there’s LIE witnesses, I can’t call on which side this lady falls. But MAYBE the facts will come out. One day. More likely if they support the government’s narrative.

      1. avatar JoeT says:

        Victoria is his daughter. She also claimed the feds took about 100 shots at the truck as it sped towards the 2nd road block and not a single person was hit in the car by any of those approximate 100 shots?????

        1. avatar Charlie Odbeh says:

          Because there wasn’t no 100 shots.

  6. avatar Blindman says:

    Are either of these guys aspiring rappers with extensive criminal records who are turning their lives around?

    If not I just can’t find them credible.

  7. avatar Ted Unlis says:

    After watching video of a news interview of Robert Lavoy Finicum, aka “tarp man”, I must say that it was hard to watch and realize that a 55 year old man could be so deluded and consumed with such gullible ignorance.

    Finicum obviously had a death wish which he very clearly articulated on camera by announcing he would resist arrest with deadly force using a firearm if an attempt was made by law enforcement to serve a warrant for his arrest.

    Yesterday the FBI and Oregon State Police granted the poor dumb [email protected][email protected] his wish. Thank God no one else died.

    Finicum’s death amounted to nothing more than an incredibly foolish long drawn out and complicated way to commit suicide by cop that was a selfishly cruel ordeal he chose to put his family through.

  8. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    If 3 people say the exact same thing I’ll believe it(without coaching)-or post a clear video…

  9. avatar Big Jim says:

    You can say whatever you want about this incident. I’m a big supporter of law enforcement And I have many of friends including two godparents who are law enforcement here in the state of Florida. But I do not understand Yan armed man charging a armed police officer multiple police officers Was shocked And not simply put into custody And handcuffed since when is it general policy if somebody runs at you to open fire on them??? That’s against the law you can’t just shoot somebody because they run at you in a violent manner. Unless They are Arms With some sort of weapon such as a vehicle a knife or a gun or a baseball bat. But I have heard nothing describing This individuals Armament that he was carrying all I’ve heard Is that he was emotionally distraught And very upset With the law enforcement there on the scene. Which in no case Makes it okay for them to gun him down If he had a weapon that would be one thing but if he was simply running out of the vehicle That is another. I wasn’t there so I can’t say things about it but what I can say is if you charge one of our local officers in a traffic stop you’re going to be slammed on the ground and handcuffed and put into custody you are not going to be riddled with bullets in the fucking story!

    1. avatar Jjimmyjonga says:

      Right or wrong, I believe it will be argued in this case that the LEO reasonably believed that all passages in the vehicles did have guns on them, and were, by previous statements, aggressive towards law enforcement, so that is how a “charge” will be justified as a likely threat.

    2. avatar JoeT says:

      If that were true Travon Martin could not have been shot. His armament consisted of a bag of Skittles. This guy Finicum told officers he would never be taken alive while brandishing firearms. If I’m an officer and he comes charging out of a truck at us after he has already blown through one road block I’m not looking for a taser nor am I looking to have a cup of tea with him.

  10. avatar Alan Rose says:

    I’m not real big on taking on the Feds (you will lose, duh) but I sympathize with their cause. That being said, their tactics sucked. Why go driving off the fort? Stupid. Confronted with overwhelming force? Comply.

  11. avatar dave s says:

    Dont think FBI wears body cam?

  12. avatar chad says:

    wait a minute, you just said, the bundys are dummies for posting information on social media basically saying that that their downfall is posting on socialmedia… yeeeeet your on youtube posting on social media… lol I smell a fed…… anyone else think so?

  13. avatar Deep Thoughts says:

    Does any of this really matter? Ammon Bundy is to be blamed for this death. He and his “patriots” executed an armed takeover and indicated they were prepared to die for their cause. He clearly stated that if asked to leave they would, yet when asked Bundy and his ilk weren’t quite ready. So here we are, one person dead and quite possibly, without leadership and a lot of hatred still occupying Malheur, many more.

    You can’t proclaim “to the death”, then whine and blame the other side when it happens. You have your villain – look to the main wearing plaid.

    1. avatar william says:

      He was in his Vehicle when they were being stopped for No Reason, So they must have left the refuge !!! You Put quotation marks on your Word Patriot, like you have something against One, Such discontent for your Citizens HuH ? Wake Up !!!!!!!!

  14. avatar Louis Marschalko says:

    Too bad we can’t post pics! I’d post pics of the BLMers trashing police cars and looting businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore.

    1. avatar Real Damn Patriot says:

      … and a bunch of people were arrested in Fergusen, even though they weren’t armed. What’s your point.

  15. avatar Bob R says:

    A guy like Mark McConnell should know to not answer any questions from law enforcement including saying “no” to “are you a member of a militia?”. What an idiot. He is very lucky he didn’t get arrested and charged with some bogus charge.

    1. avatar Special K says:

      Publishing two videos after the fact was not bright. He would be wise to STFU and get out of Dodge.

  16. avatar Bob R says:

    Mark McConnell – you didn’t see the shots so you don’t really know he wasn’t gunned down (murdered) by the police. He probably wasn’t, but you don’t know for sure.

  17. avatar Owen R kelly says:

    Mark McConnells assessment of the shooting is utter bullshit. Cliven Bundy released a statement contradicting this video and several other Bundys have spoken with Unfiltered that contradict this video. McConnell was a mile away from the shooting. How can he be so detailed. It is utter bullshit

    1. avatar JoeT says:

      So McConnells comments are BS, but Cliven Budny’s are legit???? LMFAO, wow you sure can create “facts” to fit your narrative out of thin air, LOL

  18. avatar SteveO says:


    “I didn’t see the shooting” – his own words.

    Then why is he running his mouth?

    1. avatar JoeT says:

      Hearsay. Because according to him both Cox and Payne told him Finicum was shot while charging the officers. Lets hear what Payne and Cox have to say themselves.

  19. avatar This guy is a plant says:

    He was
    Wasn’t close enough to witness the event. WTF Yet he keeps going on and on. Oh what a surprise he isn’t saying the same thing as everyone else. He was arrested and let go. Suspect yes!

  20. avatar william says:

    He Charged , Pfff, So What !!!! Did he have a Gun Out an Pointed At Them ? NO , I mean even Bulls fkn Charge and they only use a sword to try an stop them from Simply Running, LMAO, Total Hypocrites ,Lets Take away peoples Guns , But We will Go Around Now Shooting Everyone, WHY Is it SO NORMAL For Police and Gov that we pay taxes to hire , Are allowed to just Shoot People ???? What Ever Happened To Taser Guns and Batons ???? Its Reality Now That The Authorities are So Brainwashed into thinking they are Above the Law Or Better an Have More Rights then Us, The People Who Elect and Pay Them with Our Taxes… An the Pres wants to restrict our Ability to have Guns,, What a Joke !!!!

  21. avatar F U payme says:

    If a minority were to try the same BS this guy tried (charging a roadblock, jumping out the vehicle, then reaching for his waistband), they would be shot & all u sticking up for this guy would say they deserved it. Hell minorities are shot for simply running away from police. This guy did all the things he needed to do to get shot by police. Lets call it what it is. People are only sticking up for him because he is white. Even the other guys said his actions were stupid. Watch the video. Justified shooting in my eyes.

    1. avatar mikrat says:

      How about a retired cops view on the matter –

      This was not justified in any way.

  22. avatar mikrat says:

    Mark McConnell Lie’s and is a Fed or Fed informant.

    He was in the Jeep with Bundy and 1 other ARMED Body Guard – Mark McConnell was also ARMED. That Jeep was stopped at the first Fed Stop and did not continue when Lavoy left – Mark McConnell was in no way able to see what happened at the Road Block.

    Watch the FBI’s own video and you will see how far back the Jeep was with Mark McConnell in it.

    And funny how He was the only of the 3 in the Jeep released even though he was ARMED too.

  23. avatar Brian says:

    This guy is an FBI agent.

  24. avatar HIDE BEHIND says:

    A name is unimportant, the keys tell their own tales to those who listen.
    Of course by now the imaginary Drivers license records end tracking of Mark McConnell andvwhat is sad is he is well paid to betray those who believe in the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Recognize the very same causes of concern the early colonials had towards the British government in their police states.
    The feds and private securityforces wanted a fight , and when they could not instigatea shootout at Burns because of too many people, they included the next county sheriffs and town police to draw the Protestors away into no wheres land of no prying eyes .
    That failed asnot 1 protestor fired or raised a weapon but the die was cast and somebody was given the kill order.
    Sad that non violent protestors are such a threat that war is declared. Upon them as ifthey were foreign terrorist.
    Not just at Burn but in all American cities and if anyone had a right to attack police and property in Missourri it for damn sure was the right of Black and Brown people of Ferguson and 23 otherlocal legal jurisdictions.Police killing, abusing both verbally and physicly while intimidating that they, the police, will arrest him any damn time they want, the man of color until he protest in rage or fearand then they beat down, strangle or shoot them.

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