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Anti-gun state senators in Massachusetts recently passed a sweeping gun-control bill that reads like a wish list for gun-ban advocates.

The measure, S 2572, was approved by the Senate on Feb. 1 and covers a lot of bases, all of them bad for lawful gun owners in the state. First, it would broaden the ban on common semi-automatic rifles that Massachusetts citizens are already under. If the new legislation were to pass, nearly any semi-auto rifle and many semi-auto shotguns would be outlawed.

S 2572 would also expand Massachusetts’ already restrictive “red-flag” law. The legislation redefines the state’s “extreme risk protection order” as: “an order by the court that orders: (i) the immediate suspension and surrender of a license to carry firearms or a firearm identification card which the respondent may hold; (ii) the respondent to surrender all firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, weapons or ammunition which the respondent owns, possesses or controls at the time of such risk protection order; and (iii) the respondent to refrain from applying for any new firearms licenses or identification cards; provided, however, that an extreme risk protection order shall be in effect for not more than 1 year from the date of issuance but may be renewed upon petition.”

If passed, the measure would also expand the number of areas where possession of a firearm is forbidden. The bill’s language adds any state, county and municipal building to the list of areas where any gun, loaded or unloaded, is permitted.

Additionally, the measure would mandate serialization of legally owned firearm parts. Among other things, it would ban firearms, rifles and shotguns (Includes completed or unfinished frames and receivers.) that are not imprinted with a “valid serial number.” Additionally, unfinished frames or receivers must be serialized before they exist.

Senate President Karen Spilka pushed the measure through the Senate without even a public hearing, showing Democrats’ disdain for state gun owners.

“Today the Senate came together and acted on gun violence—rising above the divisiveness of this critical issue in the name of protecting our residents from gun crime, modernizing our laws and supporting communities who have been torn apart by unnecessary violence,” Spilka said in a statement. “I’m proud to lead a body that is committed to building on our Commonwealth’s record as a national leader on gun safety.”

The bill, which is the Senate version of one passed in the House last year, next goes to a joint committee for working out differences in the two restrictive measures.


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  1. It’s really amazing how the smartest people in the room are gonna tell you there’s no reason to vote. As your civil rights are being taken over away from you.

    And those same people will scoff at the idea of you, taking up arms to protect your rights.

    When they tell you there’s no reason to vote or you can’t vote. You’re prevented from voting. But to these people. It’s no big deal because voting doesn’t matter.

    They don’t believe that the question “the Ballot box or the cartridge box?” Has any possible negative consequences.

    But they do believe that if you leg @lize drugs all the crime will go away.

    You just sit back and enjoy the legal butt sex and drugs.

    “Why it’s Ok to not vote.” Catherine Mangu Ward. A great libertarian. Video 50 min long.

    • You can beat your head against the wall until you understand, but the “smartest people” are smarter than you for good reason. If you had been paying attention during the national elections of 2020 and 2022, you would have to come to the inescapable conclusion that voting is an exercise in futility. It’s nothing more than a charade to make you think that you can achieve your political objectives by voting. Elections are the circuses that entertain you while you enjoy eating the bread of legal butt sex and drugs.

        • The only reason Trump won, is because Hillary and the leftists didn’t cheat hard enough, figuring the fix was in…

        • I also “conveniently forgot” the elections of 2012, 2008, 2004, 1896 and 1788. Because in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a “new normal” of the reality of elections. As another commenter has pointed out, the 2016 election was an exception that actually proves the new rule.

      • It is the libertarians. And anyone else who will tell you voting is a waste of time. These people scoff at the idea that they have any civic responsibility.

        And that is why we are in the mess we’re in now. As i’ve said before, they only care about leg@ lize butt sex and drugs.
        That is the extent of their civic responsibility and how they see it.

        But now they want “free” medical marijuana. And a “free” Injection center so that the “free” government doctors can monitor them. So they don’t die of a drug overdose. From the fentanyl and other drugs they voluntarily put in their bodies.

    • “But they do believe that if you leg @lize drugs all the crime will go away.”

      Indisputable truth/fact is: Law is the root cause of crime; eliminate law, and crime completely disappears.

      • Perhaps I need to remind everyone what I have previously said. And i’m surprised no one’s brought this up.

        I’ve said leg @liz ed drugs. But I’ve also said that the welfare industrial complex needs to be ended. So that the government, using my tax dollars, will not enable drug users.

        But the drug leg@ liz@ tion crowd does not support that. They support and want the government to enable drug user.

        Also. They are against allowing property owners to kill if necessary to protect their property. Protect it from being stolen, in order for these drug users to pay for their drug habit.

  2. Funny coming from the place where Americans rode through the night to warn that the government was coming to seize arms and ammunition sparking the worlds greatest civil and natural rights exercise.

  3. There are 17 states in the USA that the Demorats have control of all three branches of the state government. Every single one of them will have a bill like this passed in the near future (some already do).

    • Gun Control is the one remaining agenda in America that is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…Problem is few Gun Talkers dare mention that to Gun Control zealots and there lies the problem. And the reason Gun Control zealots feel emboldened to stick their butts in the faces of zipped lipped wimps.

      • Coming from experience in NY they utterly do not care. I imagine the other states have similar amounts of concern so other ideas are needed.

        • On second thought up…Get off your behind and you ask random people to Define Gun Control by its History and report back…Let’s see what they say and let’s see if you care.

        • I don’t (care mostly but also don’t waste effort on futile endeavors) because it’s an ideological dead end. You can post your screeds and insults but it’s just noise seeking relevance as you have strongly established.

  4. In many ways you could argue the Soviet Union won the Cold War what with the US and other allegedly non-commie nations adopting the surveillance state apparatus of the Stasi and blowing all their wealth on pointless conflicts around the world and you could argue the fascists actually won WWII since the US brought them all over here and installed them in high levels of government, education and many corporations after the war.

    I suppose you could look as Massachusetts and argue that the British actually won the Revolutionary War. There seem to be more anglophile, royal-simping weirdos here than over there.

  5. Leftists are in every jurisdiction, and they’ll never give up their grandiose world domination scheming. Even the feckless couple of leftists here in medium town Ohio are always throwing pasta against the wall. They meet at one of the local taverns, because that’s the only place where they’re known by name, and they’re there every Thursday for “happy hour” even though they’re seldom happy.

  6. “Today the Senate came together and acted on gun violence—rising above the divisiveness of this critical issue in the name of protecting our residents from gun crime, modernizing our laws and supporting communities who have been torn apart by unnecessary violence,” Spilka said in a statement. “I’m proud to lead a body that is committed to building on our Commonwealth’s record as a national leader on gun safety.”

    How, HOW can these filthy bastards sit there and say shit like that with a straight face?! How’s that drug war working out? Guess all those “communities” that you either can’t or won’t name should be completely drug free right?

    Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem. MY ASS.

  7. “Additionally, unfinished frames or receivers must be serialized before they exist.”
    How do you serialize something before it exists?
    How do you engrave a serial number on a non-existent frame or receiver?
    Magic? There must be something hallucinogenic in the water these Taxachusetts legislators are drinking.

    • “How do you serialize something before it exists?”

      Which law or sentence in the Constitution declares that a “law” is invalid/null/void if it cannot be complied with?

  8. They voted this bullshit in to office so now let them live with it. All these state senators need to be in prison for treason but they were allegedly lawfully voted in so the people are stuck with them until they wise-up and vote these tyrants out of office.

      • Cool now you gonna stop voting in reps that vote to bail us out every time a too big to fail (insert issue here) comes up? Our issues are enabled by everyone at some point and I would like to see a hard crash so we have some reality to work with.

        • Be careful what you wish for. Because I think we’re on the direction to have another “great depression” or something very similar to it.

          The problem now in the 21st century is that we are less and less of an observant christian nation. We were a very religious people in the 1930s.

          It was churches and a tight community that helped people survive during those years. It was not the government. The government was the problem.

          Everyone needs to learn to live within their budget and start to conserve everything. Because difficult times are coming very soon.

        • Been getting ready for hard times and we have set the stage here for some nasty issues to come when the rug is pulled out. Worst case there are a few states that can be moved to but those would be more worst case issues. All I can say is don’t stay in NY if you are over 60 and can help it.

  9. ““Today the Senate came together and acted on gun violence—rising above the divisiveness of this critical issue in the name of protecting our residents from gun crime, modernizing our laws and supporting communities who have been torn apart by unnecessary violence,” Spilka said” Cut and paste for what Newsom has said and Hochel. They are all the same, fanatical, arrogant sociopathic, elitist, scum who only have disdain for laws and gun owners. More of the same crap!!!!!! SCOTUS will rule this sh_t unconstitutional a year or so from now, but it’s just an arduous process for us to have to go through to overturn this garbage.

  10. It’s astonishing to see how the tables have been flipped. Whereas the white liberals from Massachusetts went down south. To work for the civil rights of other people.

    But also told the folks who lived in the South. They needed to be disarmed. And there was no reason for them to have guns.
    Because where they were from Massachusetts, and “nobody had guns”. And there was no reason to have guns in Massachusetts.

    I remember the “school bussing battle” in Boston. Back in the 1970s. When an american flag pole was used as a weapon.

    Now the former Confederate States of America have Constitutional Carry for everyone. Regards of race, creed, color or national origin.

    Someday someone’s gonna write a book about how the former slave states found freedom on their own.
    And how the states that fought to end slavery are now enslaving their people.

    • You can be sure the black/”of color” felons of MA are armed in support of the “civil rights” of their betters.

  11. This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with the power to enslave. These Marxists are lying through their teeth.

  12. out of all the bullshit, the state is a mess, all i can say is iam so glad i move from that state,, born there an grow up there, love my guns my NFA items my AR15s everything been here for 13 years now an lov my freedom with my guns thank god for FLORIDA

  13. They can obviously pass the bill but only a fool would believe that it magically makes all the guns disappear. The population of Massachusetts will still have semi-auto shotguns and rifles. Certainly the criminals will still have them. Then there is whatever challenge to this will inevitably be put forth.

  14. While we’re discussing Assachusetts, as a citizen and voter of said democrat cesspool, I’ve reached the fuck you, come and take em. Excuse me some illegals are knocking on my door.

  15. Is possession of a firearm to be allowed on Lexington Green or Concord Old North Bridge? Brown Bess or an AR15?

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