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I have to admit that I’d never heard of American Jeff Foiles before his recent introduction to the Canadian justice system. I now know that Foiles has a series of bird hunting videos called Fallin’ Skies [above] celebrating the sport of game bird hunting. Just like the Motor City Madman, Foiles likes to document his hunts with little regard for legal niceties. As reports, the hunter violated the Canadian Migratory Bird and various criminal codes as they apply to the practice of waterfowl hunting . . .

Environment Canada laid 10 charges against Jeff Foiles in January under the Migratory Birds Act and the Criminal Code. Foiles, who makes commercial videos of his hunting trips, pleaded guilty Wednesday to six of the charges in an Edmonton court.

The charges included shooting more than his daily limit of ducks and geese during hunting trips in Alberta between 2004 and 2007. He was also accused of failing to immediately retrieve migratory game birds he had shot and failing to immediately kill birds he had wounded.

Foiles included wounded ducks in film sequences in which he wrenched their heads around and made quacking noises, plugged off their breathing and asked them “ Is this how you want to die?” Sprinkled with a little waterfowl face-slapping and duck call whacking. It was a Moe Howard moment with no sense of comedy.

The cameraman is heard urging Foiles to kill the duck in a tone that suggests he doesn’t think what is happening is funny. Foiles abuses the duck for more than four minutes before killing it.

Speaking of cartoon characters, Elmer Fudd was never this cold-blooded with Daffy, although he had many reasons to despise Daffy. Foiles just appears to have an abnormally cruel streak in him that he likes to document—even Perry Mason would lose this case.

Foiles faces US sentencing as well for his guilty pleas in Illinois to charges under US federal wildlife regulations. His duck hunting days may be curtailed for a while because he may get jail time for those charges.

The biggest problem with this guy and his video: his portrayal of bird hunters will gain a lot of traction from anti-hunting factions. Foiles will become a poster boy for all that’s wrong with the sport—despite the fact that he represents bird hunters even less accurately than Mr. Fudd.

A spokesman for the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Association in Canada said, “Foiles gives ethical hunters a bad name.” Martin Sharren went on to say, “Unfortunately, people will look at this guy and say, ’that’s what hunters do’ “, closing with, “ I can’t reiterate enough that this has nothing to do with hunting.” “It is just out and out breaking the law”.

Foiles faces a Canadian sentencing on Oct.19 in Edmonton Alberta Canada, ironically right in the middle of duck hunting season. No word on whether Daffy Duck will make a victim’s statement, but this guy’s “ bird hunting videos” will do the trick in his absence.

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  1. What a sick man. Anybody who thinks such behavior is benign is a fool and I’m glad to see you action being taken against Mr. Foiles. Time and time again cruelty towards animals often is a precursor to cruelty towards man. Animal cruelty and and the act of killing animals, in a manner outside of the norms of society, is often found in the histories of people suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder. There are numerous cases of single and serial killings where the perpetrator had a history of animal cruelty. Foiles needs help. Serious help.

  2. **Phew**

    For a second there, I thought this had to do with one of my new favorite sci-fi shows on TNT, “Falling Skies”.

    Still, this guy gives all gun owners a bad name. This should have gone under the “Idiot gun owner of the day” section.

  3. His issues must run pretty deep, but several months in jail (and a long firearms ban) should sort them out. Thanks for giving all hunters a bad name, douchebag.

  4. I can’t abide cruelty like this; I always avoid people like this because, as Ben Eli said, I believe with some it doesn’t stop at animals. There’s nothing even remotely humorous about this. Unfortunately, it’ll propagate the stereotype.

    As Daffy would say, desthpicable.

  5. I would like to wrench this guys neck and block his breathing while taunting him at the same time. What a piece of garbage. Somebody shoot this waste of skin.

    • Umm, speaking of irresponsible comments that fuel ridiculous stereotypes… Did you just advocate vigilante execution in the comments section of a gun blog?

  6. I had a trapping buddy years ago. When we ran traplines, we would split up to make it quicker and then we shared the work of skinning, etc.

    One day, I cleared my traps and made it back to where we were to meet. He wasn’t there, and so I walked his line to see if he needed help. I came up to his last trap, a snare. He was hovering over it and I heard growling. I saw him poking the raccoon with a stick. I watched just long enough to see that he was tormenting it. I walked over, got between him and the raccoon and gave it a coup de grace with my .22.

    He was furious. So was I. We parted ways that day. I couldn’t abide the cruelty.

  7. I do not understand and do not respect people who allow themselves to abuse animals because they cannot protect themselves. This is happening in different parts of the world and you need to think about how to deal with it. I was amazed by the article which gives tips on how to stop cruelty to animals. I ask you not to forget that any contribution can relieve pain or give a being a chance to live a life of dignity.

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