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Check out Chris Heuss’s first impressions of F.A.B. Defense’s RAPS stock here. F.A.B. Defense has just announced the new RAPS-C version of the stock for carbine length buffer tubes . . .

F.A.B. Defense is pleased to announce the collapsible Rapid Adjustment Precision Stock (RAPS-C) to the lineup of AR-15 style rifle stocks. The RAPS-C is in full production and is now available to dealers world wide.

The RAPS-C is designed for the precision minded shooter who wants a full featured adjustable precision rifle stock with carbine functionality. The RAPS-C was designed in a response to customer feedback that in turn gives added functionality to the already popular fixed rifle length RAPS stock. Shooters who prefer compact precision rifles will now enjoy an integrated cheek rest and adjustable length of pull (LOP) in a traditional carbine style collapsible stock.

The RAPS-C features a Patent-pending 1 latch system that locks both LOP and cheek rest height with one lever that can be configured for right or left-hand shooters. The RAPS-C also has a LOP memory feature that once set, the adjustable butt-pad will spring out to the same length every time.

The RAPS-C also features a concealed Picatinny rail at the bottom of the stock for use with a monopod, a heavy-duty rubber butt-pad with height adjustability, and a retention bolt for determining optimal fit on MIL-Spec or Commercial-Spec Carbine buffer tubes.

MSRP: $260

For more information please visit:

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  1. …”and a retention bolt for determining optimal fit on MIL-Spec or Commercial-Spec Carbine buffer tubes …”

    that’s another way of saying “we didn’t feel like making different ones for both MIL-Spec and Commercial-Spec, so we made it one-size-fits-all and leave it up to the user to forever mess with it because it really doesn’t fit either MIL-Spec or Commercial-Spec.”

    Its like buying a pair of on-size-fits-all shoes, they cover your feet and you might be able to walk around in them but they don’t actually really fit properly.

    MSRP $260 ! Seriously?

  2. I just picked up the fixed version of this for my POF P308 SPR AR-10.
    Whoops, that AR-10 term is owned by Colt. Some first time poster yesterday informed everyone on TTAG that we can’t use that term to describe a larger upper/lower AR that shoots 308W/7.62×51. 🤪
    Hope I didn’t offend the padantic loser.
    Well, whatever.

    • Colt doesn’t own the term “AR-10”. They own the intellectual property rights for the design and manufacturing of the AR-10 and AR-15. Colt doesn’t even own the “looks” of the AR-10 and AR-15.

      The terms AR-10 and AR-15 can be used ubiquitously by anyone except on another manufacturers firearm product as a designation for the product. Similar “likenesses” of the AR-10 and AR-15 can also be manufactured as long as they are not designated AR-10 or AR-15, which is why some manufacturers use their own version of the branding, for example, Anderson Manufacturing uses “AM-15”

      • 👍
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who originally brought up the AR-10/Colt connection goes around correcting anyone who call facial tissues Kleenex. 🤪
        That has to be in the running for the most pedantic first post to ANY forum in the history of the interwebz.

  3. I found the non-adjustable one on sale for about $100 recently. Mounted it on a 5.56 Springfield Saint Victor with a higher scope mount. Trying anything for these old eyes. The case did get REAL tight without the ability to collapse the stock.


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