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Let’s be clear…Pat Davis’s anti-NRA commercial was very effective. The Albuquerque city councilman and former cop is in a six-way race for the Democrat nomination to run for an open House seat that’s being vacated by Democrat Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

It’s tough to rise above the crowd and be heard in a cattle call primary like that. So as we reported over the weekend, Davis (“Our Progressive Champion For Congress“) and his brain trust came up with a 15-second commercial in which the first words out of his mouth are “F@ck the NRA.”

We certainly noticed, as did lots of other news outlets. And it got Davis an invite from Tucker Carlson for a ritual beating which he was only too happy to accept.

When Davis was inevitably criticized for resorting to the four-letter fusillade, he deftly wondered at the priorities of people who are more outraged over the language he uses than they are about pictures of dead children at Newtown and Parkland. Smooth.

Carlson then got into the weeds over a claim Davis made in another commercial that a bump-fire stock-equipped AR could get off 150 rounds during the span of the 15-second spot.

Whatever. Mission accomplished. A no-name local pol has now made national news and a lot more people in New Mexico’s first congressional district have heard of him than had last week. Welcome to the new normal.



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  1. The Albuquerque city councilman and former cop is in a six-way race for the Democrat nomination to run for an open House seat that’s being vacated by Democrat Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

    But..but..the police believe in the Second Amendment…

    …the only good thing about this guy is that he’s no longer wearing a badge.

    • “But..but..the police believe in the Second Amendment”

      Hah. Many big-city caps do not want any of their little people armed. #onlyones

      While you are much more likely to find some larger percentage SOs supportive (outside of large, urban counties and liberal hell-hole counties…often the same places…) of RKBA, you’ll definitely find anti-armed citizen wankers among that group as well.

    • This idiot is not “most cops”. He’s some ladder climbing political hack retard, who probably got passed over for promotion because he’s retarded. Probably threw a temper tantrum, quit, and now is trying to make the world in his image by changing laws as a legislative politician, because changing laws as a politician cop was too much of a hastle. Screw this guy and screw his mustache.

      • Any one against the constitution is not worthy of a vote . All rights are dependent on it . With out individual choice (on the gun issue to own or not ) all is lost .

        • If a candidate speaks against our constitution then he or she should be ineligible to hold public office.

  2. I’m not worried about pictures of dead children. I’m worried about politicians whose favorite policies actually result in dead children.

    Pat Davis, we’re watching you. It’s always nice when your enemies identify themselves so clearly.

  3. A free person with a gun is perceived as a threat to the state, whether he/she is or not; free and independent enough not to run reflexively to the state for their safety. Jeffery R. Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: Public Interest Quarterly: Fall 1993 reads: “The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this Utopian (actually nanny state socialist/collectivist) zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty
    are not gifts from the state. It is to reserve final judgment whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that freedom, with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach.”

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

  4. This socialist/collectivist elitism is simply class warfare against honest American gun owners, our Second Amendment heritage, freedom, decency, and morality. Two
    commentaries of mine bear this out. They include: “Anti-gun agenda
    is class warfare” (Friday, January 9, 2009), and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, August 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily Enter “search.

  5. Tangentially to the article …

    I’m getting quite sick of the phrase “Let’s be clear…” or its variants such as “Let me be clear.”

    Former (yay!) President Obama used it very frequently.

    Every time I hear or read it, I hear what follows in Obama’s voice, and I expect it to be something I will probably find repugnant.

    • Along with any gun nonsense that starts with ‘common sense’, or wanker pols starting their diatribe with “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…”

    • It means they’re not going to be clear at all. It’s means bullshit’s a-comin’. If one intends to be clear, they will dispense with the “let me be clear” nonsense and just be clear.

  6. Tucker Carlson is a gun guy. As a news reporter I don’t see how he can ignore this FUDD running for office. Since he mentioned parkland and he is a former cop, then ask him why law enforcement are cowards, who let kids get shot in the school the police, were supposed to run into and protect????

    Finally a rude gun grabber is treated the way they are supposed to be treated.

    • Right … F a state with some of the best gun laws in the nation, and a very high household gun ownership rate (especially if you exclude Albuquerque and Santa Fe).

      Good strategy, Joe, real good.

    • I get that attitude, but this struggle isn’t about state lines or arbitrary boundaries. It transcends guns to belief systems, Liberty vs Tyranny. Many of the people in New Mexico, or California or (fill in the blank) are statist sheeple that follow the party line. Some are not. Even though I live I in a slightly more free state, we’re on the same team. Let’s not abandon our own or get cocky. “They” will not be happy as long as you are happy and will keep coming like the cock-roaches they are, so we need all the friends we can get.

      • I have one policy: “Don’t make your stupid sh_t my problem, or YOU are my problem”. If I gotta come ‘fix the problem’ some day, don’t bitch if I can’t find the time to sort out the Vinny from the Venison.

        I state my policy like this (you’ve likely seen it):


        And I (obviously) conversely expect nothing less from the rest of you.

  7. …”but you don’t know”….
    Pat Davis, what a frigging idiot. My sympathies to the good people of NM.

  8. Dead children? Why is this [I can’t think of any suitable description of this guy I’m willing to put into print] trying to use the horrific deaths of children to destroy the “security of a free State”?

  9. Saw it live! What a goofball. Could Jerry Miculek shoot 150 boo-lits in 15seconds?!?😄Why oh why does this ex-cop think that makes him an “expert” and worthy to share his idiocy? Tucka’ for the win!

    • You can easily dump a 100 round shurfire mag in 8 seconds with a slide fire. And you can do it for about 5-10 magazines before heat becomes an issue. One of the major channels on the Full30 USED to have a lovely video on the set up. Funny how the video is no longer on the site, but you can still find it on YouTube if you know where to look.

      Even JM can’t keep up with that ROF. For short bursts he can, but there is always the danger or outrunning the hammer and getting a light primer strike. There are some very good belt fed AR uppers, so reload times are a non issue.

  10. He’s proud to be a turkey from Albuquerque. And in a country that’s too stupid to know the difference between fame and notoriety, he’ll probably win.

    “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.”

    — Joseph de Maistre

    • In a true “Democracy” governmental leaders are hired to ‘lead’ the government, they don’t lead “the people”. We don’t need ‘leaders’, government does. We send our reps to our state houses and D.C. to protect us from the tyrannical assholes you [generally] sent, and from the UN.

  11. I’ve seen Tucker issue severe beat downs on his guests before, but he took this one to a whole new level.

    I was almost embarrassed for Pat Davis.


    • Pat wasn’t speaking to people like you. He was speaking to the youth and mothers. He is likely in a better position after that ad and the Fox interview. It was a next level play that young Democrat voters will like. Donald Trump had a similar strategy.

      The music video “This Is America” used such a strategy to get 130+ million views in a week. Outrage gets you views. Views gets you fame/celebrity. Americans like big numbers and celebrities; they vote in the rich and the famous. Just make sure to come off like your on the side of morality, you don’t actually have to be, just sound like it.

      • “Americans like big numbers and celebrities; they vote in the rich and the famous.”

        That’s why I fully expect a Democrat ticket like Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey for President in 2020…

  12. I think we should start calling semi-automatics, self loading. To easy for the gun grabbers to confuse semi automatic with automatic. Self loading rifle has a better ring to it if you ask me

  13. In the time it took to create this message, 150 illegal aliens crossed the border (I text slow). At least 10 of them will commit crimes against American citizens. (Source: the same BS source that says any one but Jerry Michulak can shoot 150 rounds from an “assault weapon” in 15 seconds even if they do have an 150 round magazine).
    Build the f@$#%¥g wall; MAGA.
    I just felt that being polite and using facts wasn’t getting anywhere so I made s$%t up like this guy.
    Why, when our side has the guns are we the polite ones.
    One more thing; ZERO!!!!!
    The number of NRA members who have committed mass shootings since congressional candidate douche bag could not answer Mr. Carlson’ question.
    I now yield the floor to Ms. Waters for further discussion.

    • “150 Illegal aliens just crossed the boarder as i write this…”

      You forgot that 150+ of those illegals will be per capita in various townships and states will be voting illegally in U.S. elections for the same Socialist/Marxist, Progressive DemoCommies….The ones were fighting against seizing our government and gutting our U.S. Constitution-Bill of Rights….

    • With a slide fire 100 rounds take 8 seconds. Anyone can do it in about 20-30 seconds with a typical AR ( With finger fatigue you would be lucky to get off more than 2 magazines at that rate, not an issue with the side fire). 20 seconds for 100 rounds is a .2 second split, hell I can do that with a pistol.

  14. Great beat-down by Tucker, one of his best! By the way James, if you don’t like the NRA, okay, don’t become a member. If you’re not a member and want to say Fuck the NRA, Fuck you! You don’t have shit to say! Troll bitch!

    • No, fuck you. And yes, fuck the NRA. And fuck anyone who supports that bunch of ignorant pissants. Fuck Olly North, as well. Goddamned traitor piece of shit.

  15. BTW, Pat Davis is a drunk who was caught and blew a .16 (double the limit). As a result, he was bounced from his position as chairman of the Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers. Ironically, when he was with Crime Stoppers, he claimed to be a hard-core opponent of drunk driving.

    What a POS he is.

    • I saw this too.
      I did a google search and he rear ended a car which is how he got busted for the DWI.
      Tucker did a outstanding job of humiliating this guy.
      He absolutely crushed him
      I get so pissed off watching these idiots on TV getting interview and no on calls them on their lies or stupidity.
      But this time, we had a win.
      I think his chances of getting elected just to a big hit.

  16. Waiting for an answer to “How many NRA members have committed mass shootings?”.
    Still waiting.
    Still waiting . . . . . . what time is it?
    Still waiting . . . . time’s up.

    Thanks, Pat . . . for zero.

  17. “nominated to attend the FBI National Academy”

    Never attended…..So you got nominated for something, big whoop..

    “Davis lives with his partner Christopher, a cat, and a recently adopted puppy in District 6”

    Ahhhh, ’nuff said….

    Just another professional politician who has never done anything outside of government nor achieved anything worthwhile….Also known as a bum…


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