BREAKING: School Shooter Stopped Cold by Resource Officer in Dixon, IL

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This morning in Dixon, IL, seniors gathered in the school gymnasium for a graduation rehearsal. In addition to the students, a 19-year-old former Dixon high school student showed up, with a gun. Does this sound familiar yet?

Unlike in Parkland, Florida, this time the school resource officer challenged the would-be killer. The suspect opened fire and a gunfight ensued. In the end, the officer shot and wounded the perp, saving lives.

Credit goes to school resource officer Scott Dallas for intervening to end the threat. After stopping the shooter, the officer arrested the suspect. City Administrator Danny Langloss credited Officer Dallas with saving “a lot of lives”.  Indeed.

Sauk Valley online has the best coverage so far:

Dixon High School shooting: Former student shot, wounded after bringing gun

DIXON – A 19-year-old former Dixon High student is in custody with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the shoulder after bringing a gun to the school this morning.

The man shot at school resource officer Mark Dallas, who returned fire around 8 a.m., Sheriff John Simonton said.

The shooting happened in the gym, where seniors, whose last day of school was Friday, were gathered for graduation practice, City Administrator Danny Langloss said.

The officer was not injured, nor was anyone else, Langloss said.

Dixon Police believe that the suspect acted alone and that there is no further threat to the safety of students or staff.

“We’re lucky the officer was there. His brave actions saved a lot of lives,” said Langloss, whose daughter was among the seniors in the gym.

More as it becomes available.



  1. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Gee, for some reason, I’m hearing *nothing* about this on the lame-stream media.

    It’s almost as if they had an agenda of some sort…

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Reuters reported it. It is on the MSN feed. Meanwhile, AP reports that “multiple people are dead” in a shooting at a home in Ponder, Texas. No details, but it seems they are treating it as a murder suicide.

    2. avatar Nigel the Expat says:

      See “The Narrative(TM)”.

      If it does not support The Narrative, it does not matter. Truth does not matter, only “The Narrative”.

      1. avatar Samson Simson says:

        You know what the narrative is going to be shifted to. Instead of “look at all these dead kids because of guns,” it’s going to be “look at all these kids who were put into the line of fire because of guns.” It matters not that nobody except the perp was hurt, the supposed “prevalence” of firearms, and how the shooter was able to get one in the first place, is their issue.

        It’s a more nuanced argument so that could be the reason why most mainstream media with an agenda don’t attempt to cover successful defense stories. I haven’t thought through the rebuttals in much detail, but any insight on how to attack this argument would be appreciated.

        1. avatar little horn says:

          thats funny because everything im reading, including CNN and Yahoo, are calling him a hero. but don’t let the facts get in the way of YOUR narrative.

        2. avatar Accur81 says:

          My argument is simple: a ban against a tool that is properly used 99+% of the time is not moral or constitutional. Also, there exists a robust black (and grey) market for guns which additional laws won’t stop.

          Further, Gun Free Zones give criminals a tactical advantage. A responsible citizen who does nothing wrong, other than not being “permitted” to carry a gun can lose his job and livelihood. A mass killer will simply ignore the law while attacking because they are more concerned about a maximum body count than an exit stragegy. A defender needs to be armed all the time to be effective against an attack, whereas a psycho only needs to ne armed once.

    3. avatar little horn says:

      it had been what maybe an hour when you posted this? you have ZERO integrity.

    4. avatar Jeremy N says:

      It’s literally being reported everywhere. I’m having a hard time NOT seeing it on my news feeds.

      But I’m sure you put your due diligence in…

  2. avatar Tom in NC says:

    Gee – you mean a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun at a school? Impossible! Can’t never happen according to all the Moms and teachers unions!

    1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      That’s one take-away and I don’t challenge it. Another take-away, according to this initial report, is that the open carrier was specifically targeted first.

      I’ll just light the fuse on that “shoot me first” debate and leave it right here.

      1. avatar That One Guy says:

        That’s why the schools should have both open and concealed carriers.

        Some job duties include making a target of yourself, with resulting death a very real possibility. Making the only possible armed response also the only obvious target is just bad planning.

      2. avatar Jeremy N says:

        For what it’s worth, the shooter came into the gym, fired a few rounds directly into the ceiling, and THAT’S when the SRO approached him. The shooter ran, and SRO pursued him. Shots weren’t fired at the SRO until the pursuit began.

    2. avatar Jeremy N says:

      A large majority of students, teachers, and parents respect and appreciate officer Dallas. Many of the interviews that are popping up are quick to say so. He’s being hailed a hero by the community at large.

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

  3. avatar MIO says:

    Good for that officer!
    and before the der her “cops cant shoot” crowd tries to jump in cause he was hit in the shoulder you know nothing of the details like angles, range and placement due to the crowd so give them their props and support so our kids will have a chance.

    1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      Cops’ rounds hit their intended target about 33% of the time. If that target is itself firing on cops, their hit percentage drops to about 16%.

      Cops can’t shoot and this cop having hit his target are not incompatible propositions. There is that 16%, after all.

      1. avatar New Continental Army says:

        Those are actually pretty good percentages.

      2. avatar AZgunner says:

        What was your hit percentage in all the gun fights you were in?

        1. avatar scott says:

          Mic drop .

        2. avatar Accur81 says:


        3. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

          Way less then 10 percent. Suppressive fire is a thing to behold.

        4. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          zero. works in more ways than one.

        5. avatar Casey says:

          100%, thanks for asking.

  4. avatar Paul Mcmichael says:

    No I just saw the same story on a local media web site. Salute to the S.R.O. Job well done.

  5. avatar New Continental Army says:

    This officer is a hero. Glad to see him Do His Duty and fight to save the lives of innocent children.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Doing your DUTY does NOT make you a “Hero”.

      1. avatar New Continental Army says:

        Actually, in this day and age, it does. Consider all the anti violence, anti self defense, anti defense of others, pacifism, and other weakling crap kids and adults are brainwashed with these days by the loony left and MSM. Not to mention, the mob rule mentality against the police for legitimate uses of force by the media. In days past, a cop shooting an armed aggressor would be a simple and “no shit Sherlock” task. But these days, anyone wether LE or not, can be taken to the woodshed by the leftist media for daring to protect ones self or others. This officers ability to not second guess himself in the face of such circumstances proves he is a real hero. And mark my words, soon school shooters will be painted as “victims” of the evil gun lobby by the left wing media. Just watch. They already tested the waters with this tactic after parkland.

      2. avatar burley says:

        Unless, of course, your duty is to protect the lives of children.

      3. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

        Above and beyond. It was a thing in the day. How is it defined? Instead of hiding behind his cover he engaged the enemy and saved lives.

        Works for me.

      4. avatar Anon in Ct says:

        Showing up every day to walk the beat does not make you a hero.

        Winning a gunfight, and ensuring no loss of life among the kids at the school? Yeah, that’s heroic.

        1. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

          Some jobs are more heroic then others. I am not a cop it seems like a shitty job for low pay, but even if it were super lucrative putting your life on the line for others seems heroic to me

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          plus all the free apples.

  6. avatar Antoua says:

    Media won’t touch this “unsuccessful ” story. If there were students’ lives lost media would be all over it, but in this “unfortunate case” the lunatic with gun was stopped by…ahem…GOOD MAN WITH A GUN!
    No, we don’t wanna spread any news of life-saving gun use, this story cannot be aired….

    1. avatar RidgeRunner says:

      THey’ll touch it. It’s not as big a news story as multiple people dying, but it will be covered.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m happy that the SRO wasn’t trained by Scot Peterson.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Or Scott Israel.

    2. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      I read that his salary on the job was $102K per year, but that his cowardice-induced early retirement pays a pension worth $104K per year. Supposedly, there’s a review underway to determine whether he’s even entitled to a pension, given the circumstances.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        A school resource officer’s salary was $104,000 per year?????

        That seems excessive.

        1. avatar Tile floor says:

          I’m an SRO and I make $52,000 with 7 years in the department. He’s the exception, not the norm. Our max salary, which only one officer (who has been here since 1978) is at, is $82,000.

          So yeah, 104k is a bit much.

        2. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          they don’t mean dallas.

  8. avatar TommyG says:

    The story is on Fox News.

  9. avatar rdsii64 says:

    Somebody go tell Scott Peterson THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!!!

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      He’s getting over $8000 per month in a pension after like 32 yrs. I think he’s already showing us.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Scott Peterson conducted a “tactical withdrawal under fire” to a covered position while simultaneously using his trousers as a field latrine.

  10. avatar Kalvin from WI says:

    Good shoot. Hopefully the kid will get some mental help. It’s stuff like this that prove guns in schools are a good thing.

  11. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    A Cop with a gun. In a school no less. Now that is a novel idea.
    This is the 1st Ive heard about it.
    Wonder why it hasn’t been on any lamestream media yet??

    1. avatar Det. Nick Valentine says:

      It was all over the media on both sides of the aisle.

      1. avatar Jeremy N says:

        What he said… I can’t NOT find this all over my news feeds.

        I’m sure you guys are doing your due diligence before you post comments on extremely biased message boards, right?

  12. avatar Larry Macneal says:

    Didn’t Illinois just propose a law doing away with armed resource officers? I believe the law will provide funds for schools that do away with the officers as an incentive to get rid of the officers.

  13. avatar Scoutino says:

    This is exactly why Illinois Dems want to give grant money to schools which will get rid of their armed guard and hire some shrinks instead. They feel left out – everybody else is getting school shootings to help them push their disarmist agenda and Illinois didn’t get even small one yet.

    I can almost hear them crying in frustration: “Damn, so close!”

    1. avatar Hasty Burford says:

      Remember the one at Northern University in DeKalb a few years back?

  14. avatar former water walker says:

    All over the newz I watch(which is Chicago)…good job officer!

  15. avatar Survivordude1090 says:

    Good shooting Officer.

  16. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    How long before the now routine revelation that this would-be killer was (all together now!) “Known to the police”, and possibly to the FBI?

  17. avatar Joe R. says:

    $0.25 / square?

    Any prescription drug ones left?

  18. avatar Texican says:

    Scott Israel is probably pontificating about his amazing leadership somewhere! Someone should let him know that as a leader if no one is following you then you’re just out for a walk.

  19. avatar FedUp says:

    If this is true
    Dixon Police believe that the suspect acted alone and that there is no further threat to the safety of students or staff…

    then why are you doing this?
    All Dixon schools are on lockdown while the investigation proceeds. Peoria Avenue is closed.

    1. avatar scott says:

      Google “believe” versus “know for sure”, and get back to us.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        Did we know for sure nobody would try to shoot up a school yesterday?
        Then why weren’t all the schools in the district on lockdown yesterday too?

        1. avatar Det. Nick Valentine says:

          Because they will get in deep do-do if they say everything is all good and then something happens the very same day.

  20. avatar Media Coverage says:

    Most of these headlines were from stories posted several hours ago.

    CBS News: “Countless lives were saved:” Officer hailed for confronting gunman at Dixon High School

    Time: Officer ‘Saved Lives’ by Shooting Ex-Student Who Opened Fire at Illinois High School, Chief Says

    USA Today: Police: ‘Heroic’ officer thwarts mass shooting at high school in Dixon, Illinois

    Chicago Tribune: ‘Things could have gone much worse’: Ex-student shot by officer during gunfire exchange at Dixon High School

    US News & World Report: Illinois Officer Shoots, Wounds Armed Suspect at High School


    Yahoo News/Good Morning America: ‘Heroic’ resource officer hailed for stopping armed teen at high school, saving lives

  21. avatar J says:

    Illinois will go straight down hill if the Chicago Democrats win the governors election in the Fall. This is really stupid law that has already passed the Illinois House by Chicago Democrats recently in the Illinois House to remove resource officers from schools. A really stupid idea, but Chicago Democrats are running Illinois to the ground.

    House Bill 4208, The bill would award grant monies to districts that did away with armed school resource officers and replaced them with social workers.

  22. avatar Jason somers says:

    Was the killer wannabe packing a dicks sporting goods AR-15?

  23. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    this came over an alert feed on my mdt yesterday as it was unfolding. the pop- up decribed an active shooter at a high school.
    it did not however describe the rock river as “beautiful, where the women love their dixon.”

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