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How many of you have ever wanted to shoot your cell phone? I know I have. Remember what life was like before cell phones? Getting in your car meant “windshield time,” where you could be alone with your thoughts. Being “off the grid” wasn’t unusual back then – you could have hours at a time where you couldn’t be reached. I call mine my electronic leash. And I like my cell phone. (My cell phone company on the other hand…)

Anywho, there are a lot of people that have had dreams of destroying their phones. Above, you’ll find a video where someone did just that. But rather than just shoot the thing (which wouldn’t last even a fraction of a second), these guys shot the phone in slow motion. How cool is that?

Not sure what they used to destroy the phone. I’m guessing a .22, largely because the phone doesn’t just disintegrate¬†as it would if you hit it with a high-velocity rifle round, or smash into a million little plastic pieces, if you hit it with a hollow point .45 ACP.

I see a series here. I mean, if people will watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and Deal or No Deal, why wouldn’t they tune in to see personal electronic devices shot in slow motion?

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  1. A local scout master took a group of Venture Scouts up to the wilds of Oklahoma for a week-long "high adventure." He and the other leaders strictly forbade the boys from bringing cell phones, iPods, handheld video games, or any other electronic devices. The scout master told them that if they did, he would confiscate the offending device and shoot it. Sure enough on of the idiot kids brought a cell phone. The scout master was true to his word and put the phone on a tree stump and put a 5.56 mm NATO round through it at 50 paces.

    Good for the scout master for enforcing the rules, I thought; hopefully the kid learned an important life lessons. But the delinquent's parents didn't see things my way. In fact, they were downright furious about it. Long story short, the family moved from the community and the scout master is no longer the scout master.

  2. You know, to me this all comes down to this "victim card" mentality that had overwhelmed our society. Nobody takes personal responsibility for their own actions/mistakes any more – "Society is to blame…let's arrest them, instead."

    My daughter takes her cell phone to school. That's okay – as long as she keeps it in her bag. If a teacher catches her using it, they confiscate it until the end of the school year. I told her, "if they take it away from you, then YOU are buying a replacement, and you don't get a phone back until you come up with the money." She's been VERY good about keeping it safe. A lot of kids aren't so disciplined – I hear the school has a bunch of cell phones locked up in the office.


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