What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cell Phone Edition

[HTML1] Before anybody else says it, lemme be the first: We need to find this, take up a collection, and buy one for our resident Tr0lls, to help them shoot their mouths off. There. I feel better already. Not the most stylish of phones, there, but then again, it’s probably Luddite-ready, Luddite-approved.

Die Cell Phone! Die!

How many of you have ever wanted to shoot your cell phone? I know I have. Remember what life was like before cell phones? Getting in your car meant “windshield time,” where you could be alone with your thoughts. Being “off the grid” wasn’t unusual back then – you could have hours at a time […]

Cell Phones & Guns Don’t Mix.

Color me stunned. And allow me to be the first to offer up a bad pun, namely that this brings a whole ‘nuther dimension to shootin’ one’s mouth off. About the only saving grace of what has got to be one of the most stupid, irresponsible, and yet simultaneously and oddly fascinating ideas I’ve ever […]