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Defense Distributed, makers of the Ghost Gunner desktop CNC machine and open-source providers of CNC and 3D printer firearms blueprints, has a big announcement today. Namely, that the Ghost Gunner can now finish 80% pistol frames1911s, GLOCKs, and more to come. TTAG will be publishing an interview with Cody Wilson and more photos and information shortly, but for now, we shot two finished guns hot off the Defense Distributed presses! In fact, they’re the Ghost Gunner’s very first pistols. Check it out.

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    • Hey, settle down there Mr. Universe, and please don’t marry that love-bot. We need to talk about this.

      • And be wary of anyone who shows up with a sword!
        See guns don’t kill, guys with swords do.

    • “I can’t guarantee that they won’t come after you. The Parliament. Your broadwave about Miranda has weakened their regime, but they are not gone, and they are not… forgiving.

    • What’s the frequency? Kenneth. Or should I say “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”.

      Or should I just say that Dan Rather POS (D) staged a mugging to get in on the shooting attack on Campbell Theron Montgomery outside NBC Studios at Rockafeller Center in NYC by Campbell Theron Montgomery on August 31, 1994 (which sure sounds like a cool gun-grab [Clinton Family assassination team POS (D) inside job shooter WITH AN “AK-47”])?

  1. This is so cool. Gats with zero paperwork.
    This has got to have the left loons in the .gov choking on their Luna bars.

    • Dang, yeah the safe space vacancies will be pretty slim once this gets out. But both side sides of the gun argument will be giving themselves hugs, albeit for different reasons. Liberals can always call me, I work in the mental health field if they want to talk about it…

    • Didja order it with a credit card? There’s guaranteed a record.
      Didja order it over the interwebz? There’s guaranteed a record.
      Didja order it over the phone? There’s guaranteed a record.

      If Fedzilla ever decided to make them illegal? An email to Bluffdale, and the lists of purchasers would be available in very short order.

      • “Rotary bit was dull, none made spec, all made the recycle bin” (as your alibi)

        M O L O N

        S E A R C H – A Y

        (“Come and try and find it mf”)

  2. That wasn’t a plastic 1911? It really was metal?

    I knew I picked a bad day to quit main-lining Fentanl.

    Can you zap that one, TTAG? It disappeared on me, like nearly every post does these last few days.


  3. The funny thing is, finishing up one of those Polymer 80 frames might actually be cheaper than having a reputable shop take the finger grooves off of a stock frame. Call me when they make a large frame for Ji 20s and 21s.

  4. Yawn. This isn’t news. Cody’s machine is a worthless pile of crap and his “engineers” are even worse to deal with. Why didn’t your article even attempt to cover how much money you have to pay him to retrofit the spindle on a machine so it’s “capable” of doing this? I could go on and on…

    If you fellow PoTG are so worried about being on a list, don’t go anywhere near his crappy organization. Go to your favorite machine shop and buy a mini mill and go to work.

    • Please do go on and on. This is the first bad stuff I’ve read about his machine. Please put some electrons to use and tell us why his is a crappy organization.

      And to the TTAG folks, this is still one of the worst comment systems on the web.

      • Perhaps you should read more.

        Thanks 100% to Cody Wilson’s big mouth and insane “strategy”, Cali folks now need to register their 80% before they can even complete them. There are other restrictive laws coming that are also 100% directly attributed to Cody Wilson and his profoundly moronic poking the bear with a stick before you have the bear surrounded and outnumbered.

        When you want to get rich off gypsy cabs, you keep your mouth shut until it will be really hard to shut you down. Even today, Uber and Lyft still have legal issues and could be shuttered tomorrow if the powers-that-be wanted to.

        Oh well, he got to be a youtube star, so he’s done that for society….

        • The poster I requested more information from alluded to problems with the machine and the engineers. Your post didn’t address any of that. You cried about the political situation in California as if that is somehow Wilson’s fault. The problem that California has is the same one that much of Chicago has. It’s filled with crappy people. The California legislator that made the “Ghost Gun” comments did so before Wilson released his machine. That might be why he named it what he did. There were already several people in CA pushing 80% receivers in a big way. It was a big business there long before Wilson’s machine came along. Perhaps you should do more reading about the ATF activity in California concerning 80% receivers.

          As to my needing to read more. Pray tell when will I have read enough? When I’ve read all that I read (that’s a whole lot) plus your exact reading list so that I have the exact information that you have? If I read what you read will I want to blame others for my problems too?

  5. Just a note to fellow California readers: you CANNOT finish an 80% receiver WITHOUT FIRST obtaining a serial number from the California DOJ. That serial number, plus your name and the name of the city (and state) where you live must be inscribed on the receiver in compliance with the federal standards imposed on firearm manufacturers. If your build is an AR or AK, it must be featureless or have a fixed mag. Failure to comply with these requirements is a felony. All thanks to Senator Kevin (“Ghost Buster”) DeLeon.

    So really, why bother? The odds of getting caught ware quite small, but the consequences dire.

  6. What did they use to polish that 1911 frame? That looks very professionally done (from the pics).

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