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Short and sweet because it makes an important statement regarding election week. Cast your vote, people.

“The momentum is with us, the NRA is on its heels and we think that it’s an opportunity to keep redrawing the map.” – John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety in Suburban Democrats Like Jason Crow Campaign on Gun Control Policies

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  1. The only thing I can ever say about the communists’ insipid push to destroy this country is:

    “Prepare for unintended consequences”
    – The G-Man

    • You clowns have been saying that since Obama got elected. You are not going to do anything and you know it. In the meantime, if it makes you feel good to act tough on the internet good for you.

      • Obama did nothing…so nothing needed to be done.
        Would be interesting to see how dems/libs react to house to house searches for guns and ammo…patdowns on a regular basis…vehicle stops and searches…etc etc etc

        • What would be interesting is to see how the internet warriors and minute men wannabe piss their pants and obey when the lawmen show up at their house. I don’t think it’s going to happen, most of you guys are just a bit crazy an dout of touch with society. You are just dreaming about this kind of stuff among other stuff hits the fan scenario. It’s a nonstop pissing contest “I am going to do this and that”, and most will just follow like sheep because they’ll realize they don’t want to risk their life or even their freedom. If all the smack talk was legit, thousands would have migrated toward CA, Portland, etc where “alt left” militias are frequently violating the constitutional rights of others. I think it started with Obama’s birth certificate, I remember all the “let’s march to DC”.
          Trump fooled you all like a veteran investor could play a newbie “investing” in stocks. It only took him a few rallies. Notice how all the “Hillary for prison” have gone silent? The caravan? He wants YOU to go there and handle it, lmfao, and let me guess POTUS will pay for your attorney when your butt goes to court for hurting one of these people? He is sending the military, what are they going to do? Nothing, just wait and see, these people will cross the border if they really want to, some will be captured and deported but many will go through.
          The active shooter issue? Neither the GOP nor the DNC have any credible solution. There is an obvious mental health issue in this country and nobody is addressing it. The DNC solution “ban guns”, the GOP? more guns everywhere meanwhile many republican local governments are paying their law enforcement officers like they were delivering mail Monday-Friday. It’s all a big bad joke. Both Republicans and Dems laugh at the people, they don’t care about your problems as they have the money to avoid them.

        • That isn’t correct. Obama needed to keep control of the House and Senate to pass and protect obamacare, so he didn’t want to lose seats to anti-gun votes……so he settled on appointing rabidly anti gun judges and justices to the courts….you see this on the lower courts that openly ignore and refuse to follow the Heller, Caetano decisions on gun rights…..

        • *Yawn* Let me know when you actually start knowing what you are talking about. Saying stupid things like “the GOP wants guns everywhere” just shows how out of touch with reality you are.

        • I would be curious as to what they would say when, inevitably, it will be thousands of minorities like black americans who will be ruthlessly ‘police’d’ (thats a nice way of putting it) when many proposed gun control laws are enacted.

          As always, the poor and working class will get f–ked in the ass by such laws.

          We already had prohibition earlier last century, and this will be no different. Gun controllers have no idea how ugly it can actually get.

          • I would be curious as to what they would say when, inevitably, it will be thousands of minorities like black americans who will be ruthlessly ‘police’d’ (thats a nice way of putting it) when many proposed gun control laws are enacted.

            “Impossible! There’s a magical guardian fairy that turns Klansmen with badges into freedom riders whenever they enforce common sense, sensible gun legislation.”

      • Trump got elected after Obama, hence somebody did something. Perhaps Trump isn’t the paragon of 2A zealotry, however, Esoteric Inanity (and many others) prefers peaceful elections to bloody rectification. At least while sustainable. To quote a late Nam comrade: “In war, everyone loses, some more than others”.

        • ^ someone gets it. It isn’t merely about violent insurrection. Sometimes it is the political backlash that upends the world.

        • “^ someone gets it. It isn’t merely about violent insurrection. Sometimes it is the political backlash that upends the world.”

          Esoteric Inanity is an astute observer and student of history. He is also a jackalope.

        • “creepy jackalope”

          Intriguing. Somewhat reminiscent of BÖC classics like The Red And The Black and ME 262.

      • Amusing. How about you lead the charge? As I’ve stated before, if I am made a criminal and pushed out of society for no reason, then I will give you a reason to regret it.

        I find your typical leftist banter most amusing in that you only see things through the lens of physical violence. You still don’t grasp why Trump won despite the cards being immensely in Hillary’s favor. People like you can’t see why the USSR or Venezuela fell either. You literally see nothing wrong with what you do. Ever.

        • Oh… no… the individual commies are far too cowardly to charge machinguns themselves. They’ll just force OTHER, “less enlightened” people to do it for them. What they don’t realize is that it would take about two dozen strike teams to completely end their entire movement in a single night. If conservatives were inclined to shoot first, there would be no left around trying to jeer them into doing so.

        • It’s quite rare that I find myself agreeing with pwrserge, but when I do, boy do I.

          The anti-2A people want to whine and complain about how victimized they are, but they clearly don’t have the remotest idea about the size of the bear they are poking. They assume they’re safe because the park ranger will come and shoot the bear if it tries to attack them, but they don’t realize the park ranger is either one of them (and is busy complaining on facebook about the microagression at Starbucks this morning when the barista forgot to put a shot of espresso into their half-caff americano) or one of us (and standing off to the side hoping the bear-mauling video they’re about to record goes viral).

      • There’s usually always an uptick in liberal trolls like you around here before each election. You want to talk about crazy? Look in the mirror. You moon worshiping left wing sodomists make even the most devout Alex Jones supporter look sane.

      • Trumpet! Speaking about talking tough! Hey, Mr. Mouth, you gonna come to my house and be a tough guy while you search for my gun? I didn’t think so, chickenshit! You might want to ask your LE friends (unlikely) the same question, they aren’t either.

        • Hey Larry in Tex/Mex, shoot me your address and I’ll come down and grab your gun (peepee) myself. Then I’ll shove it so far in my liberal balloon knot that you will think you are humping Hillary herself. After we both share that moment of bliss, I’ll backtrack and tell everyone how you sexually assaulted me!!! You will then have no guns and no chance at becoming a Supreme Court justise. Jokes on you as I can liberal with the best of them. What do you say tough guy?

      • Tell that to Pelosi and Hillary…Bloomberg and Watts…et al
        their ultimate goal is total confiscation and bans of ALL guns…

        • Like the recent change in legislation in Florida? Was that Pelosi, Hillary etc? Or the GOP crooks you keep voting for? Speaking about FL…cost of living rising, locals cannot even afford a 3bd/2ba house anymore in some “mid class” areas, Democrats from NY, Canada, IL, NJ, Mass, PA are coming down beg are laughing and buying. FHP trooper makes approx $38,000 a year, no step plan, retires at 60ish years old, many of them have to work overtime details! Teachers’ salaries are also laughable in the “Gunshine” State. Schools are bad. Crime rate is bad and not only in the blue cities. The conservative locals hate liberals because they make more in 6 months than them in a year for a similar job, they have real unions, they can enjoy a real retirement, and their kids can get a better education. Oh well, as long as you can get that 40rds AR mag for when the soviets will be showing up, keep voting for Rick Scott and the likes. After all, the FL GOP loves your freedom and 2A, except for open carry, campus carry, bump stocks, and pushing back the legal age to conceal a gun.

        • ” The conservative locals hate liberals because they make more in 6 months than them in a year for a similar job, they have real unions, they can enjoy a real retirement, and their kids can get a better education. ”

          They also spend far more in cost of living, which soaks up any advantages they may have in income, which is why they are moving to red states to begin with. Just ask any cali transplant or someone from jersey-stan. There’s no future for men and women of the wage earning working class in those states. They’re only for the very wealthy limousine libs.

          Hell, anytime the working class does good, the blue coastal states and lib elites go into an autistic tantrum. Can’t have any of the ‘poors’ be independent, now can we? They just need to all take 60k worth of student loans and get good ol government/public service jobs. “Retraining!” /rolls eyes/

          Those states are absolute dumpster fires, as bad as many red states are with their god bothering and their fascination with the free market jesus.

          Ill add this: The reason why people are starting to reject lib gun controllers is because they support policies that, once enacted, would send tens of thousands of previously lawful gun owners into rape cages. And thats the ones that wont be shooting back, which there will be a lot of those.

          Worse yet, the conspiracy theorist morons who pandered the ‘they’re confiscating guns!” will be validated, and shit shows like nationwide insurrections spread like wildfire.

        • Tommy DumAss, the 40 rd mags are for hunting *you* if you are successful, not for Russians. Just to help guide you to the rope.

      • Good. Then you guys would support a Constitutional amendment that declared that all firearms, ammunition, and accessories currently privately in the possession of US citizens and any new firearms, ammunition, and accessories that have the same functionality as those arms shall forever remain privately in the possession of, and accessable to, US citizens?

        • I already said what needed to be done. There needs to be teeth added to a constitutional amendments pertaining to people. Needs to be made into a capital crime to any politician, police officer government agent or agency, private business, corporations, landlords, Etc. To infringe upon the rights of any US citizen regardless of where they are. Capital crime meaning fines and jail time. With $250,000 in compensatory damages for each event of infringement. Extreme cases, the government agent, gets frog-marched to the Town Commons, to the guillotine!

        • You cannot be that ignorant. A “capital crime” BY DEFINITION is a crime punishable by death. NOT “fines and jail time”, moron! So you start off your oh-so-superior rant by redefining an age-old term with a legal definition? You need to postpone taking over the world until you graduate high school.

      • In my experience you can spot a pseudo intellectual by the big fancy vocabulary they use… Do you use such big works when ordering your fast food or just anonymously on the internet? If you posted your edc pocket dump on ttag, would we see a pocket thesaurus instead of field notes????

        • Pseudo-Latin for false as this one recalls. Intellectual-Esoteric Inanity is not entirely certain of the word’s roots or origin. However, any laymen can recognize that said word relates to intellect or potentially intelligence.

          So is this one to understand that Slim is implying that Esoteric Inanity is a false intellect?

          Ironic no? It would have been less hypocritical to simply outright call him stupid. This one has never claimed to be an intellectual, he merely communicates in a slightly obscure, if not intentionally absurd way. Hint: look up the words esoteric and inanity in a dictionary.

          Regarding the “big fancy vocabulary” reference, this one assumes that Slim meant the aforementioned “2nd law of thermodynamics”? If not, then further edification is needed. If so, then Esoteric Inanity is familiar with the phrase in a pop culture sense rather than the literal physics terminology. Please inquire if further elucidation is needed.

          Now for the less serious portions.

          Typically Esoteric Inanity orders his meals from fast food restaurants in either Swedish or a poorly imitated Mexican accent (Think Cheech Marin). Either way one tends to receive the same bemused gazes, if lucky, otherwise saliva can become a complimentary condiment.

          Esoteric Inanity isn’t typically into the EDC type of stuff (rubber chicken excluded). Although he did have both a dictionary along with a thesaurus as a child. Both were frequently used. However, neither could properly give a synonym for thesaurus. Cipher was the closest word that made logical sense to this one.

          Logical sense is this a redundant phrase? Either way, with the advent of a smartphone, this one rarely has need of a physical thesaurus or dictionary. Also, Esoteric Inanity does make frequent use of spellcheck and on more obscure words, will verify definition from time to time. He even uses the “define” feature regularly for unknown words, a shame that more people don’t attempt to expand upon their vocabulary in such a way. Rarely though are unknown synonyms searched out as a plethora are already known. This one’s mother was quite adroit in the spoken word, growing up around such a person tends to shape one in a certain way.

          On an aside: Esoteric Inanity endeavors to use the words nematocyst (jelly fish stinger), synecdoche (type of metonym), blatherskite (Esoteric Inanity lol), vicissitudes (paradigm shift) and epicaricacy (morose delectation)as often as possible. Admittedly, the opportunities are few, especially for nematocyst. After all, how often does the topic of jellyfish stingers arise in conversation?

          Please explain what “field notes” are. Esoteric Inanity is uncertain of the context. Apologies, but growing up in a rural area he envisions a trouble shooting guide for tractors, livestock and fencing.

          In truth Esoteric Inanity isn’t a “pseudo-intellectual”, infact he isn’t even an intellectual, Esoteric Inanity is just a plain ol’ dumb country boy with an affinity for apocryphal texts, cryptic words, America and his fellow countrymen.

        • I’d like a double cheeseburger with extra thermodynamics and a nematocyst on the side, please. With fries and a Coke.

      • I stand corrected… You’re not a pseudo intellectual at all… You are the mythical jackolope!!!! Please forgive my transgressions as I am merely a simple minded grindstone operator…. Carry on mighty jackolope! God speed…..

  2. The DemoncRATS keep promising violence in the streets if the Republicans win big on Nov.6.
    First, the Left will destroy the Blue shit holes they rule already. So, that means THEY will suffer.
    Second, the Right will defend itself with firearms. So, that means more Leftists will die.
    Third, I am not sure I see a problem with either 1 or 2…

    • Except we used to be American first, party second… so no matter who wins this week, we’ve all lost already.

      Doesn’t mean we can’t get back to reality, I just don’t know what path that will take.

        • Irish Catholic or Irish Protestant? America was once about cohesiveness while retaining individuality, no? Ask not what one’s country can do for them, but what they can do for their country? United all stand, divided they fall? Or is it now all for one and one for none?

          Can one not agree to disagree with a comrade on issues of irrelevance so long as they shall stand together as brothers in arms and ideals? Does one’s origin dictate their destiny? Can one’s self perceptions overrule a noble and altruistic nature?

          Does peanut butter not complement jelly perfectly, or was that chocolate? Do not accidents at times yield perfection (something about peanut butter in chocolate and getting chocolate in peanut butter: probably a filthy euphemism anyhow)? What was Esoteric Inanity’s point?

          No matter, everyone knows that there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s (disregarding peanut allergies).

        • They cant convince the wage earning main street of americans to vote for their candidates so they want to replace the citizens with groups of people who will. Hence, their complete about face from 2008 when it pertains to immigration that went from “no, lets enforce the law” to “let them come here!”

    • Third, all you are doing is talking, and talking, and talking some more. Same b.s since Obama in 2008 “we gonna do this and that because America, hell yeah!”. The west coast is blue, the main cities and a big chunk of the coast in FL is blue, Charlotte NC is blue, some of the main cities in TX are blue. Liberals from NY, Mass, IL etc have absolutely no fear to visit your hardcore Billy badazz red states during the winter season. Keep talking, it’s really entertaining.

      • and those blue areas are where a lot of the gun crimes happen…by blue leaning people…hmmm

      • Um…. you might want to check your electoral map kiddo. Illinois is a sea or red with a tiny pocket of blue.

        But please kiddo. Try to confiscate my property. I have killed far better men than you for far less.

      • So your political observation is that large cities (where most people can’t wipe their ass without instructions on their iPad) are blue, therefore, aggressive statists should not fear repercussions from telling people what to do? A bit of a stretch, but okay.

      • The average American is lazy and complacent, so much so that voting is a bother. The most faithful fancy themselves to be dyspeptic subjects and incessantly bitch and complain while remaining torpor.

        The average Republican voter will work through their hangover to get to work on time. Then run traffic lights to get to the polls on their lunch break. The most faithful take a sick day or vote early.

        While the average Democrat voter needs to be roused from their drug induced coma to get on the bus to literally be bussed to the polls, and then constantly reminded who to vote for by staffers. It has been said that if Jesus were around in modern times, he would vote democrat. This is exemplified in the most faithful of the Democrat party’s voters. They have Christlike qualities, and won’t even let death stop them from getting to the polls to cast a vote.

        • LMAO. DUMBAMA sheep ready for slaughter. At least be original. Mid school graduate trying to sound smart.

      • 😂 right. And you white blue moon bats are too afraid to even go into the hood in your own cities.

      • They have no fear moving to those states, bitching about the cost of living and taxes incessantly, then proceed to vote for the same policies that turned their home states into absolute dumpster fires.

        Hilarious. And also moronic.

        I see these f–king assholes everywhere when I visit Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and other heartland states.

      • @ Tommy dimwit: YOU want us to keep talking and not doing anything because when we shut up and do what we need to it will turn-out very, very badly for Soros Parrot useful idiots like you.

      • If somebody told you that conservatives were going to attack you when you visit, that would be your people trying to whip up your fear factor so you vote against the boogeyman. Of course you are welcome here, glad to have you. Might want to keep your liberal bullshit to yourself, but if not, knock yourself out! Orange Man forever!

    • “First, the Left will destroy the Blue shit holes they rule already. So, that means THEY will suffer.”

      You don’t understand how it actually works.

      Step 1 – Destroy their homestate.

      Step 2 – When conditions in the homestate become intolerable, they will migrate to low tax states. When they arrive, they will vote like they voted in their destroyed homestate.

      Step 3 – When conditions deteriorate there, they will migrate again, ruining more states.

      Leftists are like cockroaches, they will eat a little of you food, and then contaminate the remainder, rendering it inedible for human consumption…

      • What I understand runs in parallel with what you are saying in the broader picture. I think the Left’s promise of violence in the streets will start in their own Cities, which they will severely damage and exhaust Law Enforcement Resources, which is what they have done so far.

  3. Cast your vote people, your 2A and freedom is at stake. If you are in FL make sure like a good clueless bigot you are voting for gun grabber Rick Scott, because GOP rules! Thanks peasants, the “conservative” and “patriotic” elite appreciates your effort. Mega MAGA Hillary for prison, build the wall, deploy the marines and the tanks at the border, open carry everywhere all the time, and no shoes no teeth. Bwahahaha!

    • Dems/libs destroying their own base…600,000+ abortions a year…but harp on guns.
      I am pro-choice AND pro 2A…BTW…
      Wish there was a viable independent option…but there really is not.
      Gillum will raise taxes…and not just for businesses…that would be a certainty. Might call them “fees” instead of taxes, of course.
      You do you…but don’t complain if you get what you wish for and then regret it.
      We need to get rid of the 20-30M illegal aliens…maybe set up a working system for temporary work visas…
      Need better education…enforcement of current laws…investment in infrastructure (tax increases solely for those would be OK)
      dems/libs want open borders…free travel for all (including terrorists)…
      claim to be diverse and inclusive…until you like guns…then you are a racist or bigot
      dems/libs are against personal responsibility…always blaming someone or something else for crimes instead of the suspect
      just my opinions, of course…yours may differ

      • Gillum if he gets in won’t do anything. He will be more worthless than Obama was. The legislature will not go along with his socialist agenda. Expect 4 years of same ol same ol.

        • “Gillum if he gets in won’t do anything.”

          He’s already stated he will ban semi-auto rifles and large capacity magazines by decree if he is elected…

  4. They are 100% correct and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

    Our side is too fractured. Too many people willing to sell out because they own a piece of plastic they think is stupid.

    The NRA is broke. We know that from the lawsuit in New York. They’ve betrayed us yet again with bumpstocks and inaction on getting progun reforms moving. The Republicans aren’t any better, promising us HPA and Concealed Carry reciprocity but gave us FixNICS and nothing positive in return because of optics in the public eye. And that’s not even what the supposed progun Republicans did in the state’s like Florida.

    The lefties aren’t stupid despite what a number of people who post here think. They know we’re not united, they have momentum thanks to TDS and what do we have? Can we really believe the Republicans when they say they’ll protect our gun rights when they’ve so far done more than Obama did to restrict them?

    • Yeah Republican’s suck. Dumbocrats suck more…what’s your point? Give up and live on massa’s plantation?!? Some of us are pro-baby human. Democrats love to murder babies. This “election” is about more than your gat…

    • Yeah…well voting democrats into power isn’t going to help….while voting for Trump supporting Republicans is a step in the Right direction…..and after Tuesday we can start the process of primary voting all the anti gun republicans out of their offices….I know of several here in Illinois who need to go…but I will vote for them Tuesday to deny democrats power…..then we vote out the anti gun republicans…….

  5. It won’t happen this election, or the next, but it will happen. The American public will be disarmed. The people that want us disarmed are playing the long game.

    • Ban did not work for alcohol…has not worked for illegal drugs…
      Maybe drive gun ownership underground…but hard to eliminate it altogether…especially as technology advances and makes it easier and easier to make them.
      Criminals will always find a way to get them, of course.
      would only be the law abiding that are unarmed

      • That’s the whole idea. Criminals, especially state sponsored criminals, will always have access to firearms. The law abiding public will be disarmed in the medium to long term. Count on it.

        • Maybe. But if so, the “law abiding public” at that time will be around 10% of the size it is now. And if LE is even interested, which I doubt, they will be faced with the question of how to arrest 50-60 million people, just for starters. Which, just BTW, would collapse the economy entirely, when they did not show up for work the very next day. It’s called “Venezuela!”

    • Make no mistake; they are NOT stupid…. They are dishonest and corrupt… Ignorance can be remedied; dishonesty is a character flaw…

  6. The most important thing to do right now is to vote on Tuesday to keep out democrats from office, at every level of government. Any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment, in whole or one gun, bullet or piece of equipment at a time…. they will not stop until all guns are banned and confiscated. That is why they have changed their rhetoric from “Assault”weapons to all semi automatic weapons, as you saw at the CNN Town hall…… they need to be stopped at the ballot box……

    • What good will the ballot box be when eventually all choices lead to disarming the public? We’re headed that direction, by design.

    • But, but……there is such a thing as a pro 2A liberal, Esoteric Inanity has seen one……she was riding a unicorn while wearing the golden necklace Brísingamen and drinking firewater with a leprechaun.

  7. Truthfully, the anti -freedom forces play the long game better than we do. When we win one we tend to relax, but anti’s are unfazed by defeat because they already have 3 more plans already in progress.

  8. “Keep redrawing the map.” It ain’t about representing you or even what’s good for you. It’s about grabbing machinery there to do stuff for you, to do stuff to you. The fact that they’re doing it to you n you hate it is the real payoff.

    Anything goes to get what they want … like last-minute polluting comment sections dragging the only viable opposition.

    Suddenly, the comments here are full if transparent vote-discouraging. “The R’s will do the same thing, so why bother voting for them?” How about: “I’m a shill for the D n getting u to not vote is as good as securing another one for us. Let me tell you how much your alternative sucks.” There FIFY.

    No surprize that the “They suck too.”-chorous shows up under a quote that shows the choice so clearly.

    This is a gun interest site. Vote your interest. That is all.

  9. Just an FYI… In case you fail to realize how badly the left wing has gone off the deep end, I was threatened with arrest by a DNC election judge over a hat this morning in violation of a SCotUS ruling directly on point just last year. Come Monday, I’m filing a criminal complaint with the Illinois Board of Elections.

      • The man obviously didn’t know who he was talking to or he wouldn’t even have approached serge without S.W.A.T. backup.

      • Sadly, it’s illegal to record inside polling places. I did get the GOP rep to witness the incident in question.

      • I held my ground long enough for somebody from the mothership to call her back and tell her to stop breaking the law. Still going to press charges. She’s an election official, it’s her job to know the law, not intimidate her political opponents.

        • Well, you could have simply informed her, that just because she’s on her period, doesn’t give her the right to be a douchebag or something equally offensive and funny.

    • I would love to be able to claim I’d have invited him to try to have me arrested, but afraid it’s not true, my wife and I were both armed at the time, keeping a low profile otherwise.

  10. Possums are not allowed to vote. If we could We’d vote for every gun grab we could, and pitchforks too.

  11. Meaningless, left/progressive/right vitriol only serves to awaken the leaderless resistance, which is properly feared by all. Once unleashed, it cannot be contained, only spent. All sides are closer to turning loose that what can’t be controlled than in any of our lifetimes. Please think, not of political outcomes, which ultimately satisfy no one, think instead of the irreversible tide of unintended consequences. Please, then think again. Civilization = toothpaste, once squirted out of the tube there is no getting it back in. -30-

  12. I continue to predict that the dems net loss of 3 in the senate and a dozen in the House. The dems will see next week (but not learn) that they can not buy the legislature.

    2016 demonstrated that Americans are NOT past hope.

    Sure a lot of Soros paid trolls here today. More prog money attempting to buy an elections. Demonstrates they have some much cash they don’t know how to effectively use it/ Really spending at TTAG is going to get you what?

    • I hope you’re right. My more modest prediction is 5-6 seat swing in the Senate with a wash in the House. (The Senate races are where the DNC is REALLY getting hammered.)

  13. I recommend Pat Condell’s YouTube video “I vote against you”. If the Republicans aren’t worth voting for, there’s plenty of people to vote against.
    A vote for Republicans is a vote against the mendacious media.
    A vote for Republicans is a vote against antifreedom billionaires.
    A vote for Republicans is a vote against academia, that is brainwashing our children.

    I could go on and on, but you can get the point. Believe me Republicans have disappointed me too, but the Dems terrify me.

    • Not always good enough. If you’re in FL, that leaves you *no one* to vote for either in the senate or the Gov. race. Just vote straight GOP, there are no Dems who support your rights, and all will march in lockstep against you. We can toss out the GOP members who will not defend 2A in the next primary. But now, we need control of the Senate, and control of the House would be nice.

  14. Yeah, you go ahead and keep telling yourselves that. I will dance another jig and down another pint watching you melt down, AGAIN — just like you assholes did in 2016 — when you not only fail to take the House but lose ground in the Senate, as well.

    Your tears will still be just as delicious this time around.

  15. They apparently learned nothing from the post Sandy Hook push back from proposed gun control measures.

    If there is a quick way to drive people to the republican party and energize gun rights organizations, its to start talking about banning AR15s and magazines.

    I wish republicans would abandon some of the more idiotic ideas, like banning abortions or overturning roe v wade or pandering to christian dominionism, so that they can transform away from the rotten corpse party of reagan and the bushes to something that actually values liberty.

    Because the democrat party no longer values liberty. That boat sailed long ago and they no longer to pretend to GAF about workers either. They are the globalist, open borders, interventionist, corporatist party.

    • You should be against Roe vs Wade and not because of abortion. It was a badly decided decision that violated the 9th and 10th amendment similar in scope to the fugitive slave act.

      • Yup, agreed, and there’s been 45 years to introduce an Amendment to correct that wrong, but no one has even tried, because everybody agrees with the result. If the decision had gone the other way, I am convinced that we would have had an Amendment guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose for several decades now. With my financial support and my vote. Mind your own business.

  16. Really, only the local propositions are worth researching and giving thought to prior to voting. I always look them over and do some digging on the internet for more information before writing Y or N on a sticky note and bringing it in to speed up the process. As for people, there’s the Republicans which will do a decent job, in the worst circumstances, or the Democrats that will do a mediocre to poor job in the best circumstances.

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