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Today’s EDC includes a GLOCK 19 in an Alien Gear Modular Holster. The GLOCK 19 is nothing short of a classic – who among us doesn’t own at least one? – and the hybrid holster, well, that bears discussing.

Food for thought: when comparing the different holster material options such as leather, Kydex, and hybrids, I’ve found the some hybrids tend to have failure points and issues long before the others. Malformations and cracks have been an issue as has complete separation of the Kydex or metal holster from the leather back.

This isn’t a negative commentary on a specific brand, it’s just a commentary on materials based on experience. Does that mean your hybrid will definitely become either unusable or unwise to use? No, but it’s a definite possibility depending on what you buy, especially if you do carry on a daily basis. The last thing you want is a failure at the wrong moment, right?

Okay, guys. Thoughts? I’m sure you have them.

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  1. I don’t own a 19.

    I am considering a Glock 32. Does that count?

    This loadout looks tidy and well-reasoned. The holster looks a little bigger than it needs to be, but the owner may have more room to spare in their waistband than i do..

    Just ordered a DARA holster for my wife. She finally decided that on-body carry is GOOD. Yay!

    • No Glocks here either though I have a nice collection of Italian and American guns, none of which are striker fired. i have no intention of ever getting a glock and the only striker fired i’d consider is a Hudson.

  2. Do you actually ever contribute anything there, Kat?

    Just going to skip your meaningless posts from now on.

  3. Remember when this website had a daily digest that was one of the better parts? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  4. Most of what Kat writers is pretty bad.
    This site has gone downhill. I for one miss Robert F. & the Daily Digest.

  5. Talking about hybrid holster possibly having a failure. Most of the better known companies offer a lifetime warranty on them.
    As far as owning a Glock nope.

  6. I don’t own a Glock. I don’t own any plastic framed pistol. I’ve shot Glocks, as in, “Hey that’s a nice 1911, would you like to shoot my Glock?” Then I do and they don’t like me anymore.

    • the only plastic I have is a Px4 compact. Love the way it shoots but not a fan of plastic overall and it’s likely the only gun like it I’ll ever have. It was also my first gun that I purchased new (so there’s a small emotional attachment there), all firearms own before were inherited, mil surplus, or bought used.

  7. The first holster I bought was an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck. Before that, I carried without a holster(Mexican style) because that’s what my dad the State Trooper did his whole life.

    Nothing at all wrong with the Alien Gear product. Materials are of high quality, retention is good, it’s comfortable, and the customer service is fantastic. But I don’t use it at all. Why?

    Because it’s too big, and putting it on is a pain. I’d much rather just use a simple single clip Kydex or leather holster.

  8. I’ve carried that $20 dollar Bushnell light for 2 years now and use it everyday still doing maintenance and it’s not missed a blink, highly recommenit for those on a budget

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