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Over at, writer S.H. Blannelberry engaged in an exclusive email exchange with John Feinblatt, the new public face of the [relatively] new gun control group known as Everytown for Gun Safety. While the format of the “interview” gave Mr. Feinblatt ample, unchallenged opportunity to do what antis do – obfuscate, change the subject, ignore the question, deploy bogus statistics, wave the bloody shirt, mischaracterize the opposition’s position, etc. – it’s still interesting to see how civilian disarmament advocates roll. Wait. Did I say disarmament? That’s libel! Because Everytown doesn’t want to take your guns. Here’s the Everytown president’s big lie statement on that key point . . .

We don’t want to take your guns! With rights come responsibilities, and most gun owners agree that kids and felons should not have access to guns. We want to reduce senseless and preventable gun deaths across the country by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Too many innocent Americans – men, women and in too many cases children, are being needlessly murdered with guns every day in their homes, their offices, their places of worship, and their schools. Just this week we released a report that shows there have been 100 unintentional child gun deaths over the course of one year, and 70 percent of those could have been prevented with safe storage.

Everytown’s Trojan horse approach to gun control depends on a simple rhetorical trick. When they say “we don’t want to take your guns” they’re saying they don’t want to take your guns. They want to take the guns of “kids and felons” and “dangerous people.” And who, exactly, is a “dangerous person”?

Back when Everytown was Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the gun control group argued that all Americans on the Department of Homeland Security’s Kafkaesque “no-fly” list should be banned from purchasing firearms. That would be the same list a federal court recently struck down as unconstitutional for denying Americans due process. So MAIG/MDAGSA/Everytown is happy to deny Americans their gun rights without due process.

Despite Feinblatt’s reassuring tut-tutting, Everytown’s definition of a “dangerous person” could easily put you – yes you! – in the frame for gun confiscation.

Accused (and only accused) domestic abuser? We want to take your guns! Committed a non-violent felony? We want to take your guns! Called a danger by a member of your immediate family? We want to take your guns! Don’t feel like you have to lock up all your guns because your kids are responsible? We want to take your guns! Hurricane emergency? We want to take your guns!

And that’s just what they admit now. At some future point, Everytown and its political beneficiaries may decide that the NRA is a terrorist organization (say, if a spree killing were somehow tied to the gun rights group). We want to take your guns! Or that owners of “assault weapons” are dangerous persons. We want to take your guns! Militia member (portrayed as insurrectionists)? We want to take your guns! Etc.

Just like most gun owners exercise responsibility when handling and storing guns, many support common sense measures to reduce gun violence. These solutions, something as simple as a background check, can reduce shootings and enhance everyone’s personal safety and security without infringing on the Second Amendment. If you are a proud gun owner and tired of daily reports of needless killing by criminals misusing guns, then please join us as we fight to reduce gun violence. We’re on the same side.

Well there’s a bunch of bullshit if ever I’ve read it. Americans who cherish their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are “on the same side” as Everytown for Gun Safety in the same sense that the National Socialist Party was on the same side as German Jewish veterans of World War I.

The fact that Feinblatt made the comment to – a pro-2a site – tells you just how dangerous Everytown is. Would I deny Feinblatt his gun rights? Of course not. But make no mistake about it: he would deny mine. And yours.

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  1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    I am glad they are out there in the public. Makes less work for winning back senate this yr.

    • “Lies, damned lies and statistics” <- The ignorant shriek of the proudly innumerate

      • Dude.. Good word, but you clearly missed the point. I would think that a person that thinks so highly of their intellect would have caught that. Hmm…

      • A. Nuran – innumerate is the basic misunderstanding of numbers. Dirk is using a Mark Twain quote about using numbers to bolster a weak argument. You know, irony, sarcasm, etc.

      • A Nuran, of the 100 accidental deaths on the Everytown list, over 90 were n the homes of criminals who owned guns. Keep them in jail and child accidental death drops 90% overnight

    • Why can’t it be called what it is? It is people control. People control guns so if you want to control guns you have to control people. Let’s see how many voters will jump on the “People Control” band wagon.

      • I’m afraid that quite a few voters would (and have) jumped on the people control bandwagon.

  2. They do not want to take your legal guns. They want to make your guns illegal, then take them.

    • +1,000.

      Best succinct articulation I’ve heard yet of gun grabbers strategy.

      Nailed it!!

      • Well, MAIG stands for mayors Against Illegal Guns. What they do not state is that they will slowly make many guns illegal for most civilians. Thus MAIG actually is not lying, they are just against illegal guns of which most if not all will be illegal for “dangerous” civilians. Of course all of this does not apply to the ruling elite.

  3. You can tell there is major concern about that this year. The “public” rhetoric has been dialed down, and they’ve left the heavy lifting to the bloggers and talking heads. That way, when they show up at a rally to support an anti-gun candidate, they can pretend that they’re just after safety, not gun confiscation.
    But time’s out on that game. Enough of them have shown their true faces, there just isn’t enough doubt left to hide their intentions.

  4. Man that is truly a feat!!! To have his head so far up his own a$$ and he can still manage to breathe and speak (although higher cognitive functions seem to have ceased) this is amazing this man deserves applause!

    • He has his head rammed home so deep you couldn’t pull it clear with a John Deere tractor and a logging chain.

      • His head is so far up his @ss that he’d need a glass rectum just to see where he’s going.

        I can do this all day . . . .

      • We’re not asking him to remove his head from his rectum, only that once in a while he spread his cheeks to see what is really going on.

  5. “We don’t want your guns. We just want his guns and her guns and his guns and on and on and on . . . . And when we have all their guns, only then will we come after your guns.”

    • Bingo.

      Seems like a good place for this one; hope all the rabid anti-open carriers watch:

  6. Don’t pay any attention to FineB*tt’s blatering, go watch “Things to Come” (1936) and you will see Everytown…

  7. Guilty of owning a child killing semi auto .22 with a trigger made from the souls of dead puppies?
    Take that too!

    With their logic, as long as one person has access to firearms, they haven’t restricted the rights of anyone.

    • And as long as Feinblatt’s owner, the Mighty Midget, has armed guards, people will still have guns. See how that works, kids?

  8. The same farcical no-fly list that is just a list of names without any further qualification? The same list that has toddlers detained as suspected terrorists (a dirty nappy could be considered a WMD) along with the family as “accomplices”?

    It sounds silly now but it will be tragic when these toddlers grow up to be teens and adults.

  9. “Just this week we released a report that shows there have been 100 unintentional child gun deaths over the course of one year, and 70 percent of those could have been prevented with safe storage”.

    Dear Fineb*tt,

    How many children died from, abuse, neglect, accidents like drowning in a pool, in automobiles, falls, etc., etc., etc. during the same period???

    • 100 in a population of how many millions upon millions. Over a whole year. Heck, how many do swimming pools account for in a month?

      • Now don’t start forcing the Antis to put their statistics into the proper context. You know that completely destroys their usefulness. We can’t have statistics in context!
        //sarc off//

    • How many were gang/drug related. What was the age cut off for these victims, 21? Why not focus on drugs, maybe call it a War on Drugs, see how that works. Start in places that have “good” gun laws, like DC and Chicago, see how it works, then spread out from there. Just an idea 😉

      If Bloomyberg wanted to help, why didn’t he offer to purchase gun safes or offer a big refund for a purchase of a new safe for gun owners? Offer free gun safety classes for the public and in schools.

      • Here in Baltimore EVERY SINGLE ONE of the accidental child death by firearm in the past five years were gang related or from a drug dealer living in the same home.

        • And who is the responsible party in those cases? Where are their mothers? They are responsible for the safety and well being of their children, nobody else. If they choose to live with, associate with, procreate with these violent and irresponsible people, the death of their children rests squarely on their own heads.

  10. Give them an inch they will take a mile. Sure they say they don’t want our gun..only to pass “sensible laws”. When those “Sensible laws” don’t work, they will push new laws and soon they will have taken everything. They can push their snake oil ideals elsewhere

    • They and the Moms are real concerned about the unborn children who got zapped with abortion because it’s just “a choice” , aren’t they???

      • And there you have it. If their real concern is lives lost due to violence and their “for the children” meme then they should be more vociferous about the brutality of abortions and especially ones done at full term. “We don’t want to take your babies, we just want common sense solutions to this senseless slaughter of your innocent sons and daughters”

        • + 1000 to both. In their minds, better to kill babes with needles. If you can’t see them, they’re not real…

  11. “…most gun owners agree that kids and felons should not have access to guns.”

    Most gun owners I know couldn’t disagree more. Kids SHOULD have access to guns — supervised instruction to familiarize them and educate them with these tools. Supervised access to firearms is crucial to teach children about safety with firearms. Duh, Feinblat (or whatever your name is since I’m too lazy to scroll up and check, but not to lazy to type this out explaining my laziness.)

    Also, the only felons who should be denied access to guns are those that are too dangerous to be released into the public in the first place.

    Howzabout this guy, and all other antis, sign a form pledging that neither they, nor anyone associated with them, will carry or own firearms of any type. Put your money where your mouth is, ya bunch of hypocrites.

  12. This was the top post when I logged on. Spit my tea all over everything. I can not believe the brazenness of this group.

  13. “….We want to reduce senseless and preventable gun deaths across the country by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. ”

    First, who is defining ‘dangerous?’

    Second, don’t buy into their elitist BS. These people very much like guns, they just don’t like *you* having them. The Police can have them, and as the ruling class the Police work for them, so they can have the power a gun represents without getting all that gun oil and stuff on their clothes or conscience.

  14. And hey! Everyone! It is NOT JUST GUNS!
    Capt. Obvious here, just to remind everyone that there is not ONE right they want to take, but ALL of them, for our own good.

    • Yes.
      But they have a very serious problem: they no longer have 100% compliance with the agenda as they once did.
      It is going to get really, really ugly, and VERY bloody before all this is over with.

  15. I have a question. Why do the anti’s keep bleating about background checks? Every gun bought in a store (vast majority?) has a background check. Gun show loophole not a major factor. Never mind, I can answer myself. It’s to create the semblance of an issue that doesn’t exist so there can be no solution, thus more laws, right?

    • to eliminate the private sales “loophole” that allows guns to be essentially traded without government knowledge, the ultimate goal being a more complete registry (face it, 4473s are collected by the government, in order to form a rudimentary involuntary registry) so that when the time comes to forcefully take certain types of firearms – if not all – there will be a more complete accounting of who has them.

      sadly, enough people are fooled into the idea that UBCs will do something about most of the 15K or so murders that are majority gang-related – and gangs are well-known for buying guns legally (sarcasm)

  16. We don’t want all of Europe, just this little piece of Czechoslovakia…okay well all of it, and Poland…but that’s it. Okay may just Belgium, Holland and France….but that’s it..really…

  17. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive.

    Little Johnny is not just a lying propagandist, he is an incompetent lying propagandist. How can he not understand that his fabrications and exaggerations must be reserved for the ears of the ignorant? When he is confronted by anyone who knowledgeable about this issue, he just looks like a buffoon.

  18. Dear Gun Grabber,

    For Safe Storage: How about PSA and Federal Tax credits of to $2000 a year for 5 years for 100% USA Made safes. This would promote safety, create jobs and promote USA made goods. 3 wins!

    Ask NJ to repeal it’s stupid Childproof Handgun Law of 2002: Nobody will even consider a smart gun as long as it is mandated

    Fix FOPA Nobody with a valid gun permit from any state should go to jail because they got a flat tire, had a medical emergency or because they had to pick-up their gun because a flight had to make an emergency landing in a NJ or NY airport.

    Do those things first and then we can talk. You want something, you give up a few things first

    Your methods will never work because we are tired that “its for the children” meme when it is simply an excuse to create more gun laws that are not effective. When you take something away you simply come back to take something else away. You only go to liberal states with single democratic majority government because it is easy to implement more gun laws on top of gun laws. You want Federal Laws simply so you do not have to deal with other states — simply use an iron fist approach. We don’t want to hear your BS because it is all about control and taking away our guns. We simply do not believe you because you have done nothing that has been honest

  19. We want to reduce senseless and preventable gun deaths across the country by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. And all civilians who own guns are terrorists and thus dangerous per Hillary.

  20. When you consider that Shannon defines any firearm that can shoot more than 10 rounds in a MINUTE (H&R Topper, anyone?) an “assault weapon”, you have to wonder just how expansive their other definitions are… However, I do think it is telling that they feel like they need to engage in this kind of subterfuge, no matter how transparent it actually is.

  21. Feinblatt.

    I must be going nuts….

  22. “We don’t want to take your guns!”


    And if anyone with half a brain believes that, I have an island for sale… cheap! 😀

  23. Yeah, they don’t want to take our guns. They simply want to make it illegal for us to own them…

  24. He’s right – THEY, meaning Everytown for Gun Control, doesn’t want to take your guns. They want the government thugs to take your guns.

  25. Just how is it that background checks will reduce gun violence? Have they ever answered that question? Or is the answer, “It’s just common sense.”

  26. If the “100 unintentional child gun deaths over the course of one year” is accurate, it is 17 less than the number reported by the CDC in 2012.

    Of course, that pre-supposes that anyone actually knows what the f-k a “child gun” is.


  27. Americans who cherish their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are “on the same side” as Everytown for Gun Safety in the same sense that the National Socialist Party was on the same side as German Jewish veterans of World War I.

    But the Nazis did show German Jewish veterans of World War I more consideration. They were allowed to travel in first class carriages to the death camps while wearing their medals, not in cattle trucks like all the others.

  28. I just watched Charleton Heston’s 2000 speech to remind me of those most important 5 words, “From My Cold Dead Hands!”

  29. Good, put it to a litmus test. If they support licensed gun ownership then get behind a bill to allow New York to issue non-resident licenses.

    Wanna bet they would oppose such an effort?

  30. With rights come responsibilities… I don’t need a license or a test or a waiting period or limit my words to 15 or less to exercise ANY of the others in the BoR.

  31. A “simple rhetorical trick,” eh? I suppose we should be flattered that they even bother with tricks, seeing as how their first post Sandy Hook tactic was to say “a gun ban isn’t a gun ban, it’s a good first step.” They were emboldened enough to literally tell us “oh YES WE CAN tread on you, and it still won’t be enough!” Now they’re being all polite and saying pleasant things… I suppose the proper thing to do is to respond with some rhetorical tricks of our own.

    “We’re not against ‘common sense’ regulations, we simply think you lack common sense.”

    “We’re not in favor of gun violence, which is what the government would have to do to take our guns.”

    “We don’t want the violent and mentally disturbed to own firearms, we are just aware that in your opinion all people are inherently violent and mentally ill.”

    “We don’t ignore the fact that other countries have lower rates of gun crime, we merely resent you for assuming it excuses your lawless abuse of our constitutional rights”

  32. These people only have about half a dozen oldies but goodies in their threadbare bag of dirty tricks. I’ve seen them, learned them, discredited and countered them all a million times over. Nothing new to see here. Their propaganda doesn’t even merit minimal entertainment value. Pass.

  33. Anti gunners like to use “children” because it is ridiculously ambiguous and can cover someone aged 3 or 15. Most kids 10 and up (if raised correctly and all children vary) can be trusted alone around firearms that are not secured. A 3-5 year old should never be trusted to be left alone with unsecured firearms, no matter what.

    • “Anti gunners like to use “children” because it is ridiculously ambiguous and can cover someone aged 3 or 15. “

      Correction. When they use the term “children,” it can mean anyone up the age of 20. Or, did I read something recently where they actually included some folks in their 20’s in some stats about “children?”

      I do know it has become common accepted vernacular to call college age adults, typically 18-22 or 23 “kids.” The social conditioning of the restructuring of the language began a long time ago.

      The emotional response folks have to “children” is toddlers. But that most certainly is not from where the “children and guns” statistics the anti’s use come.

      • No, the cohort they are using for “children is in fact CDC’s cohort of 0-24 years old

      • And 26 year-olds now being dependents under ACA, one could even slyly include up to 26 years old as “children” in statistics.

  34. Bullshit. If all they wanted was to train people and reduce gun accidetns, then they would give their money to the NRA and become certified instructors, because that;s’s a lot of what the NRA already does and thanks to the NRA gun accidents have been going steadily downhill for a long time.

  35. That old gag…

    No, we don’t want your guns, we just want to make them illegal and ban them.

    Which will make them unattainable to future generations, thereby over the course of time making the weapons fewer and fewer, until there are no more.

    So, no, you don’t want “my guns”, you want my kids and grand kids guns.

  36. Everytown is run on Bloomberg money, and he’s made his agenda publicly clear in the past.
    Even if Everytown’s message was reasonable and agreeable, we can not afford to trust them or give them an inch, because they are just one tool in one rich Liberal’s goal of total civilian disarmament.

  37. If a background check is all that is needed to reduce violence then let’s do away with all the magazine capacity restrictions, cosmetic restrictions, etc. While we are at it let’s get rid of the month long and expensive procedure to acquire suppressors and SBRs in favor of a simple background check.

    If they are that confident something (that is already in place) is going to help then throw away all restrictions state and federal laws have implemented. I’m not one for compromise, but I am OK with that one.

  38. The cohort they are using for “children” is 0-24 years old. The great majority of the “accidental deaths” in that number are above17 years old, ie prime gang membership demographic

  39. Dear Mr. Everytown Guy,
    We too are concern about the safety of children.  I think in the spirit of safety and reaching that compromise in common sense regulation you so desperately seek, there is a way forward.
    First, have all supporters of your organizations (Everytown, MDA, etc…) who fear that gun violence will take their child, bring their children to the nearest law enforcement office.  There you will be given a $200 Target gift card in exchange for your child.  The children will then be placed in caring homes with responsible gun owners who will raise them to become healthy, responsible, emotionally mature and self-reliant individuals capable of functioning in society.  This will relieve you of the oppressive angst you must live with daily.
    This is a win-win for all.  You no longer will be burdened by this irrational fear for your children, and thus feel the need to try and strip citizens of their Constitutional rights.  The children will be raised in angst-free homes, and armed with self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. Plus…you get $200 per kid to spend at Target!!!
    This is a reasonable compromise. It is after all based on your reasonable, common sense model….no?

  40. Read my lips……we already have background checks! Do you realize only law abiding citizens will legally purchase weapons and go through a background checks where as “bad guys” get their weapons in other ways? Why is this so hard to understand?

  41. I just wonder i somewhere, there is a listing of all the leadership of these anti-gun groups. Maybe I will sit down and collate all this info and post it on FB….you know, for when SHTF, we’ll know where our enemies are.

    I’m sure someone has already done this though. I would like to know where all the media kings reside also so they may receive the attention & accolades they so much deserve.

  42. “We don’t want to take your guns (we just want to make it impossible for you to use them).”
    –Everytown guy

  43. Everytown is so full of it. They wouldn’t be taking Bloomberg’s money (a man who thinks it’s dumb to have firearms in the home) if they weren’t anti gun. These people seem to think that we as people who are pro gun don’t use both sides of are brains. Here my words Everytown, WE ARE NOT FALLING FOR IT, KICK ROCKS!

  44. 1,000 children drown a year, over 200 ingest poison like drano or pills, 120 fall out of windows and die….all because of irresponsible parents not watching their children and child proofing their home…a child in this country is 100 times more likely to die in a backyard swimming pool than by a firearm….These are all facts!

  45. I think everyone should take the time to read the minutes from a 1993 Handgun Control Inc (now the Brady Bunch) meeting which shows there ultimate goals. They even broke it out in a 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and 15 year plan along with detailed notes. It is very sobering.

    • +1

      Ah yes, the 1990s… it’s the same stuff over and over again. I posted a comment sometime back that I was watching an episode of All in the Family (“Archie And The Editorial” Episode 38 September 16, 1972) and it struck me that some of the same anti-gun arguments are still being used even though they have been successfully countered again and again. They’re trying to grind us down and they’ve done a effective job at it with the masses, IMHO.

      From the bottom of the page at your link:

      A Quick Guide to Arguing With The Gun Zealots

      There is also a page on Handgun Control stationary titled “A QUICK GUIDE TO ARGUING WITH THE GUN ZEALOTS” which lists strategic points to remember for public speaking. It points out that the general public is confused between semi-automatic and automatic weapons and that this confusion can work in HCI’s favor. Constantly dropping the words submachine gun, fully automatic, machine gun, military weapon, and high tech killing machine are good debater’s tricks used to instill a sense of dread over these weapons. Other points include a discussion on semi-automatic weapons, endangerment of children, enough is enough, and there are too many guns in the U.S. There is also a brief listing of “Points of Victory in the Past Ten Years”.

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