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In a further indication that New Jersey’s Chris Christie still harbors presidential ambitions, the Garden State governor today vetoed legislation that would have banned all magazines over ten rounds and made verboten a large number of garden variety semi-auto .22 rifles. The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs‘ celebratory press release after the jump . . .

Today Governor Christie vetoed A2006 / S993, legislation that would have banned firearms magazines larger than 10 rounds and would have banned an entire class of popular .22 caliber semi-automatic rifles.  The veto marks the end of the road for this legislation for the 2014-2015 session.

“After months of intense battle over this misguided legislation that won’t stop another crime or prevent another tragedy, we are grateful that Governor Christie has heard the voice of the outdoor community and ended the discussion,” said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. “The Governor clearly recognizes the difference between legislation that punishes violent criminals vs. legislation that targets the rights of law-abiding citizens.”


Please thank Governor Christie today for his veto of A2006 / S993. You can call the Governor’s office at 609-292-6000, write him at P.O. Box 001, Trenton, N.J. 08625, or send an email using the online contact form (select “law and public safety” from the drop-down menu, then pick any sub-topic).

And thank YOU for weathering this months-long storm of attacks on gun owners along with us. It is because of YOUR actions, YOUR calls and letters, YOUR attendance at hearings, and YOUR refusal to give up no matter what the odds, that today’s outcome was possible.

Although today’s action marks the end of a long and very arduous battle, the fight is far from over.  Lawmakers will be back after the November elections, and will continue their relentless attacks on legal gun ownership – and it will be up to gun owners to continue to defend freedom.

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  1. Good job for the Governor. It is sad, however, that this news. It should have never gotten this far. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Very true. When a republican vetoing retarded gun legislation becomes ‘headline-worthy’, it makes me want to have another “boating accident”.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy this happened, but…if he clearly recognized the difference between legialation that punishes violent criminals and legislation that targets the rights of law abiding citizens, aren’t there a few other bills he would’ve vetoed?

    • Christie still has a looooong way to go before I ever trust him in the Oval Office. Chumming up to Odipshit for as long as he did, he still has a lot of explaining to do.

      He’s either on our side or the Globalists’ side. Which is it? He needs to get off his ass and make a commitment because the time for waffling is over.

      • If he ever made his way into the Oval Office, the first mass shooting that grabs headlines, we’ll start hearing phrases such as “reaching across the isle”, “non-partisan effort”, “common sense reforms”, “do the right thing”, and “make us safer” come from his administration, which is never a good thing for 2nd Amendment rights. The guy is a RINO through and through. He probably ran as a republican to avoid corrupt New Jersey primaries and be able to claim that he’s different. He’s not a Republican, he’s not affiliated with the Dems, he’s not conservative, libertarian or even (idealy) just a statesmen/civil servant. He is a career politician out for himself He’ll make what ever deals seem expedient and serve his own interests. I wouldn’t trust him with in mile of the Oval Office or congress.

    • All any Christie competitor has to do is show him holding hands with Obama.

      Christie threw away any hope of being a national candidate after Sandy, I wonder if he miscalculated or just panicked.

  3. Yay for the law-abiding folks of New Jerseystan, but the gov is still a RINO, at least from the things I’ve read.

  4. I still wouldn’t vote for him. His track record is very antigun. One good deed, likely calculated to make him look pro gun does not make up for his fundamental misunderstanding of the meaning of the second amendment.

    • But that’s just it, this isn’t a victory. What exactly was gained? Nothing that we, or NJ, didn’t already have. This is just a strategic feint on his part to establish street cred with conservatives. This guy’s role in the political and metaphorical battles for firearms freedom is purely as a fifth columnist. Don’t even think about trusting him, his judgment, or taking anything as sincere.

  5. Good for him. I would vote for big Chris over Hildebeast. Better a RINO than the bride of Satan.

    • Well, I for one am glad the Obamacare fiasco happened on his watch instead of a Republican President’s. I can’t imagine the vitriol spewed about how Romney had the obamacare website sabotaged to keep poor democrats from getting deserved healthcare because America hasn’t been fair or provided equal outcomes for everybody. On the flip side Romney might not have signed a sporting rifle ban had he been given the chance…maybe.

        • The point is in most instances if there is going to be a liberal democrat doing liberal work, I would rather them have a D by their name than a R. Rino won’t ever be prez. Romney 2012 and McCain 2008 couldn’t surpass Bush 2004 in popular vote. Of these three and Christie, which one is least like the others.

    • Amen to that. Anyone who thinks he is anti gun needs to do more research. He was against banning the 50 caliber rifles previously, stating simply that doing so did not reduce gun violence. He is probably the strongest republican candidate for the Oval Office right now, if you don’t like him, you will hate life with Hildebeast as Prez.

  6. The point of this is to congratulate him for making the right decision. The opposition will bitch and moan for a few months, and he is still a possible presidential candidate. Don’t make the mistake of writing him off as anti-gun and ignoring his right decisions.

    Politicians are supposed to represent the people they govern, and we can’t afford to let him think this was a bad choice.

  7. Yes, he’s a RINO. Yes, he can’t be trusted. But compared to any NJ Democrat, who will screw over every gun owner in a heartbeat, Christie is a godsend. And that’s the sad truth.

    • I live across the creek from this guy. I don’t trust him. But I have to agree with you, if he’s the choice we could do worse, unfortunately. It shows the importance of the primaries and not killing ourselves in the process of selecting someone who is a good candidate that isn’t just a lesser evil.

      • I’m glad something political on the East Coast finally went our way.

        We just finished the Primaries here in the Formerly Free State, Maryland. We got to pick which of Satan’s Democratic demons will ruin the state for another four years. The turnout was appallingly low, which I hope reflects the election being held during vacation season. There were lots of candidates running unopposed, which is a very bad sign.

        I just pray the General Election is different this time, and the Politburo is turned out on their ear.

  8. I applaud the Governor for his veto. I just wish NJ gun owners would recognize the fact that post-Christie we will have this stupid bill and more crammed down our throats by the Dem controlled legislature and the Dem governor we’re sure to get. I bet you will wish for a return of the RINO when that happens.

    • As I’m reading the news over at, I see a quote from state senator Codey (D), who is quite vexed that Christie is “against meaningful gun control.” Say what? NJ has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, no legal carry is allowed, which only leaves cops and criminals carrying guns, and this Codey schmuck thinks we’re lacking gun control? If the next governor is a Democrat, we’re done.

  9. Happy for you Jersey guys that you didn’t lose any more ground.

    This was an easy one for Christie to veto though. He’s no friend.

    Can you imagine the heartburn if he was having to decide to sign or veto a shall issue change in the law or something else’s of the sort?

  10. I have never been Christie fan but this should demonstrate to everyone there is a difference between the Parties on gun control and as well as other issues. Those who sit home because they think Republicans are the same as Democrats need to grow up. As ADM Sergei Gorshkov once said better is the enemy of good enough. Remember that in November.

      • And I should add New Jersey and Massachusetts aren’t Texas or Wyoming so don’t expect Republicans to campaign and govern like they are. They couldn’t get elected. In Romney’s case he ran and governed as far to the right as he could and still get elected. If he ran in Utah you would have seen a different program. It seems that many of you would prefer to lose your rights than support a less than perfect Republican.

        • Exactly, and it is stunning that so many people fail to grasp this simple concept. Elizabeth Warren would have no chance in Texas, just as Ted Cruz could never win in Massachusetts.

        • The fly in your argument’s ointment is Scott Walker. He became governor of a blue state and has moved things decidedly redder.

          Still, though…your point that each state is unique in terms of culture (and government to match) is a very good one. That idea should be repeated loud and often.

        • Your point about Scott Walker is well taken but Wisconsin is really a light purple state. The reason that someone like Scott Walker can win is that there are still a lot Reagan Democrats in the state. They aren’t any happier with many of the polices put forth by today’s Democrats as are true blue conservatives. Right now Scott Walker is my preferred candidate in 2016 but I am sure the Republican Kamikaze Brigade and the faux Libertarians will be branding him a RINO before the year is out.

  11. The Star-Ledger (or Star-Leftist, as I call them) editorial board over at is at this time having a collective heart attack. Good.

      • And this is why this nation is screwed. Republicans think that the way to beat an anti-freedom Democrat is to be even more anti-freedom. It’s the battle of the retards.

      • Hm… aside from the following heartfelt typo:

        You’re alternative to RINO Christie is a Lautenberg Democrat. Wake up.

        you meant “youR”… right? You meant the possessive, not the contraction, right??

        That said, I do so never tire of those who are self-righteously indignant. xD

        ‘Cause apparently, I’m not the one who needs to wake the F up, or keep up with the news; NEWSFLASH: Lautenberg died, last year.

        …and that he was a Senator, and Bacala a fat fuck governor who wastes Hurricane Sandy relief money on promoting his own non-salad eating morbidly obese ass, whom he’s counting on the taxpayers to take care of his medical expenses, not to mention…then there’s that whole “Bridgegate” bullshit.

        If you actually think that an alternative to drinking acid, is drinking cyanide, you may want rethink the whole ‘I keep up with geopolitics’ thingy.

        Frankly, I’d question the sanity of anyone who actually ‘thinks’ that a Dem commie would be the sole, automatic ‘alternative.’ Worse, in the year 2014, anyone who actually thinks that those two parties are actually different…in the aggregate.

        Such cognitive dissonance would really be the reason why this country is in the state it is in; the self-appointed informed voters…aren’t that informed, at all.

        Besides, ever heard of Diebold??

        Yeah. Bobby Bacala? Fuck him.

        Long deceased Lautenberg and his political progenies? Fuck them, too.

        And, the electorate who keep voting in the ‘two different’ type of same assholes in, repeatedly, while not being able to see through an unprincipled, baseless, philosophically vapid, politically expedient maneuver when they see one, and worse: almost takes angsty glee in giving horrible advice/telling off others/inferring how that’s a ‘good’ thing (worse, if one mentions that it’s the “lesser of two evils:” you mean like lesser of two crimes: like rape…vs. murder??) ?? Well, Fuck them, too, three times.


  12. Seems to me if a political opportunist like Christie decided he needed to veto this bill, it was either a spectacular overreach by the gun-grabber crowd or, as some here have maintained, the gun-grabbers as a whole really are losing. Almost certainly the former, hopefully the latter too.

    • I wonder if Chris didn’t set it up right out of the gate so he could veto it. That would be Machiavellian.

      • He did… over a year ago. Post Newtown when NY went with their insane SAFE Act, Christie put together a committee to study what would actually be effective. Not surprisingly, they concluded that reducing the limit of magazines from 15 to 10 would be wholly ineffective. Well, that didn’t stop the State Legislators with a (D) next to their name from drafting up a ridiculous bill that would make the SAFE Act look positively pro-2A. Christie vetoed it because it went directly against everything the committee reported in their study. Then he added something along the lines of “If you bring this bill back to me piece by piece, I’ll veto those, too”. And so he did. Why it took him 40 days instead of 40 seconds is beyond me. We know he’s not pro-gun, but just on his word alone of vetoing the bill broken up into parts, he simply could not sign it.

        And Christie in a way has more power than the President, because NJ is the only state where a veto can’t go back to the legislature for an override vote. So the mag cap bill is well and truly dead… until the next governor comes in and blow it all up.

  13. There could definetly be better choices than Christie, but at least he did this, that’s better than Romney, who signed a full on AWB in glorious splendor.

  14. sure i’ll thank him.. wit tears of joy.. for doing what was only politically expedient at the time.. absolutely.

  15. OK, all together now in full Chris Farley ease …. “fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat …….”

  16. I swear to God, I’m going to smash something if I see a gun owner claim “SEE! HE’S REALLY PRO-GUN!”. This was simply a plow to get low-intelligence voters to think that he won’t push gun control if he sits upon the throne.

  17. Oh, just one more thing: #GunSense 🙂

    Yes, I think we should all feel free to spread the news on social sites, hashtag “GunSense”

  18. This is nothing but a cooked up scheme to give this candidate cover in the GOP Presidential primaries. He’ll point to this and the .50 cal ban rejection and say “See! I’m one of you!” If you idiots fall for it, like you’ve done with Hagen, Landrieu, Pryor, Begich and Manchin, for examples, then another gun grabber will wriggle himself into major office and set us back a generation or more in firearms freedoms.

  19. Though Christie made a politically calculated decision, I am glad he did, though the stupid legislators are groveling to the anti-Second Amendment lobbying efforts.

    Hopefully, any presidential nominating process will never get to Christie, with so many core conservative governors out there who are more than just “tight” so Christie hopefully will never be seriously considered, but I will be looking carefully after seeing the Haley Barbour fiasco with Thad Cochran, probably there is nothing much past the statist Republicans.

  20. Well he did say there was nothing wrong with New Jersey’s gun laws, perhaps he meant they didn’t need any more? That or he knows that not vetoing the bill would put another nail in the coffin of his presidential aspirations.

  21. Ermahgerd, he’s slightly less of a d-bag than we all thought he was. Still don’t trust him more/further than I can throw him.

  22. This act doesn’t mean he is pro-2nd Amendment, but he knew he’d never have a shot in hell at the presidency if he signed this.

  23. And our next gov will likely be dem and we will get this plus worse laws and I will follow none of them. NJ gun owners need to ignore these laws, not roll over and obey them.

  24. Christie cannot be trusted. For political expediency, he just threw us a bone. If elected, he will obliterate our Second Amendment rights. For those of you patriots who care, the treasonous SOB carries water for our nation’s enemies – the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

  25. If you had to choose…..this guy or Hillary?

    Hopefully Republicans will run someone worthy of the office.


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