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  1. I’ve seen her earlier videos. If she can hide a Ruger LCR with a Crossbreed IWB (and the tight clothes she wears), I’m pretty sure anyone can.

    • As long as she doesn’t bend over for any reason (hey now) or even stoop down incorrectly.

      Many of the rigs she was showing remain concealed only if she was standing or walking. Once she sits, I’d place damn good odds on seeing at least a chunk of holster and a distinct print. Except with the inside thigh and a mid-length dress. This may or not be of concern to her, not sure of her situation.

      Ankle holsters are always a last resort. If you have nowhere else to go, might be better than nothing, but every opinion I’ve heard over the years make it the place for the ‘absolute last chance’ weapon. If she’s a dancer she might be able to get to that ankle quickly, if not, a dangerous fumble-fest just may ensue.

      The gf is about the same height and bit less curvy than the woman in the vid, so she sticks with (a much higher) inside thigh when the occasion require a tiny clutch. She also several jackets with custom pockets added providing an underarm crossdraw – not much more expensive than many decent holsters. Pretty much invisible.

      As with anything, you have to figure out what works for you. YMMV…

  2. Hmmm, the girlfriend cold benefit from these videos with her new p3at.

    I didn’t even know those thigh holsters existed.

  3. Well, it’s not everything I always wanted to know about women’s conceal carry. But it’s close.

  4. Senior moment Kozak. We already posted this—and walked into a wall of flak from the model herself for daring to to suggest that the material had salacious content. Here we go again . . .

    • Oh, does that mean I’m not the only one saying that.

      Brad, what percentage of the “intelligentsia” is women? You’re like the guys in the car repair garage who have the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue out there for the female customers to get bathing suit tips.

      • Actually, MikeB, we don’t have any stats on the gender of our readership any more than you do on your blog (but you probably already knew that). We don’t track it because A) it would be impossible to detect if someone is falsely representing themselves as something they are not, and B) because if we attempted to track everyone who reads the blog, we’d be guilty of the same sort of crap the ATF wants to pull on the public.

        For the record, I have a 13-year-old daughter. She watched this video and found it informative, interesting, and not at all “yucky.” Also for the record, she’s not allowed to watch MTV, VH1, and other sources of ‘entertainment’ that degrade and debase women, nor is she allowed to listen to music with negative messages, including those about misogyny, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and/or promiscuity.

        Like virtually everything else you post, you seem to have a knack for taking exception with something innocuous and blowing it up way beyond proportion, while overlooking real issues. To put it in terms in which you might understand (i.e.: a pop culture reference or two), you’ve got your Reality Distortion Field jacked-up waaaay past ‘eleven.’

  5. I’ve got four daughters about her age and I’d be darn proud if I was her Dad. Sounds like a young lady with a lot of common sense. She sounds like a Texas woman if I’ve ever heard one! And Mike, be a gentleman son.

    • Jeffrey, I think I’m being quite gentlemanly when I question if you’d like your daughters on a predominately male web site showing off their garters and panties. How about that first minute or so when she was practically saying, “Ooh, look at my breasts?”

      Is that OK for your daughters really?

      • It would be fine for my daughter. But if I found my son doing what you’re doing, mikey, I’d send him to bed without his supper.

      • Mike,

        The girl in the vid is in her mid 20s. She has all of her clothes on.

        How many years of incarceration have you spent so as to find ANYTHING sexual about that video?

        Regardless, were you an Italian living in Italy as you earlier claimed, you’d see nudity on broadcast television ads all the time. I haven’t met the European under 60 who holds the prurient view that nudity is somehow inherently sexual.

        • Dude! Porche! They don’t allow porn at the Vatican. Naked women are evil incarnate! Bring on the alter boys however… suo buono!

      • So apparently according to MikeB, women should wear burquas if they’re ever to appear on cameras.

        I guess that’d simplify the “how do I conceal this” question…

        • Buuurr,

          I’d betcha a nicely tuned 951 that if you were to raid the Vatican laptops, at least half would have pron. And at least half would be PedoBear friendly.

  6. Actually, I did a little reading up on the woman who produces these videos. And she’s got a pretty interesting story. She lives out of her van, in an attempt to reduce her footprint and live off the grid as much as possible. I could care less about “footprint,” but living off the grid does have a certain appeal. She prefers to remain anonymous, and I respect that. But in looking through her videos, I find NOTHING remotely titillating about them. Grant you, I’d like to see her shoot more without holding the cell camera in her hand, using a mirror, but aside from that minor gripe, she does an outstanding job.

    And after a year online and literally thousands of stories, I think I can be forgiven for unintentionally recycling a video. Think of it as my contribution to taking advantage of the wholesome goodness of 100% recycled electrons.

  7. I am a woman and I found this video very interesting and it showed a good variety of concealed carry choices. Regarding the salacious of the video. All that shows is that men find pretty young women attractive with clothes on or without. She showed off a variety of clothing choices and they all were attractive as most women try to be. I did notice the thigh holster showed her under wear but I also noticed she went with the more overt bra choices under a thin white shirt.

    The girl was petite which is a problem with many of us and she is young so she wears tight jeans. This is great because it shows to many young women they can be armed and still look sexy and pretty.

    It is not soft porn but there is so much hard porn out, it is hard to define soft porn anymore.

  8. I have one, works as advertised, carries a full size glock with a laser and two extra magazines, and is absolutely positively concealed.

  9. I am not a gun owner, but a strong believer in 2nd amendment rights. I enjoyed the video; there is nothing salacious about it. The young lady did a great job.

    Mike, I think you have to “get a grip”. I’m old enough to be her grandfather and I’d be proud if she was.

  10. I’m a man and I am not generally in favor of concealed carry, which in most situations I think is unethical; it is in the realm of criminals and assassins and not legitimate self-defense. However, for a woman especially who is concerned about her safety and who may feel for various reasons that open carry is not an option, I recognize that concealed carry may be the best alternative.*

    This video was very informative. Thanks for re-posting as I would not have seen it had it not been picked up by Instapundit. The young lady did an excellent job of reminding viewers that most of these carry options are not ideal, but may be better than nothing. The admonition regarding on-the-body carry is spot on. Obviously the solution is to include lost of draw-from-holster training on a regular basis.

    However, I abhor the young lady’s choice of firearm! Ruger has a HORRIBLE record on gun rights. Since Ruger says “No honest man needs more than 10 rounds,” I propose that no honest woman – many of whom have to resort to smaller calibers than this lady’s .38 and NEED high cap mags – should ever carry a Ruger. And gentlemen, let’s support our girls in their right to carry as many rounds as they freaking well please!

    The fact that this woman has a very fit and attractive body does not in any way make the video obscene or sexual. Any impropriety is certainly in the eye of the beholder. mikeb302000, you’re a dork.

    * That said, ladies – an open-carry firearm is an attractive accessory to any outfit. It says, “I’m a girl who values my body enough to be prepared to defend myself,” – which is pretty darn hot.

    • I’m an extremely petite woman (not even 5ft tall) and carry a Ruger because quite honestly the LC9 fits my small hands well. If the gun fires dependably and is something I can control and operate comfortably I don’t mind whatever comments they might have made about “honest men” or anything else for that matter. I purchased their hardware, not their opinions.

  11. Chevalier,

    The main problem with open carry is that any would be goblin now knows what to plan around; it’s not at all guaranteed to slow him down a bit. It also helps reinforce stereotypes among the non gun cognoscenti that people with guns are braggarts, showoffs, etc, rather than serious people with serious concerns.

    The idea that carrying concealed for defense is unethical simply means that you think criminals should be given an advantage.

    As a man, you may be large enough that no one bothers you, openly armed or not. As a man, interested in defense of myself and my loved ones, I will give up no advantage at all, if I can avoid it.

  12. Very well done, and done in good taste. I sent links to my daughter and daughter in law who are in the same age range.

    Whoever raised that young lady did a fine job.

  13. No offense but I just can’t see where/how an ankle holster would ever be useful.

    “Please Mister Mugger/Rapist/Murderer please wait for me to bend all the way over, which would be very unusual position for a victim to take but that’s shouldn’t make you suspicious of what I’m doing. And please also allow me the time to lift my pant leg and then remove the firearm from my ankle which will be extremely obvious one I roll up my pant leg. And then if you could give me even more time to move from that position to even a sitting aimed stance. Thanks Mister Mugger/Rapist/Murderer for playing along!”

    Only as an extremely backup weapon does the ankle holster make sense… me at least. I’m open to suggestions on how it’s not the above.

  14. Gents, MikeB302000 above is a United Nations employee, he lives in Rome and is paid by the United Nations to blog against our 2nd Amendment rights; he’s an agent provocateur who works online to improve his g00gle rankings to better promulgate his lying crap, because he is a lying weasel I think it best that he be exposed for what he is….Long Live the 2nd Amendment!!

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