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Tyson’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump contains not one, not two, but three folding weapons: a North American Arms pocket-clipped (not magazined) .22, a Benchmade 558 Doug Ritter Mini-Griptilian with AWT scales and a Shomer-Tec SHNK Covert Nickel Knife. A product name that’s awfully close to “shank” — a crude weapon not unfamiliar to the Georgia parole officer. If Tyson’s looking for yet more covert carry he could opt for . . .

a knife hidden in a belt buckle, a Para-Claw wristband knife or a hidden hat gun. Have I missed anything? If I have, that’s the point! So point me in the right direction.

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    • I own the 1 1/8” .22lr NAA. The cylinder is the widest point and I believe it’s about .75” wide. The frame and barrel are about 3/8-1/2” wide. This gun fits perfectly in jeans 5th tiny pocket.

  1. Getting kinda tired of still not yet owning a NAA revolver or two… what sold me on the idea was the keychain fob accessory. Hell yes, I want a gun dangling from my keys.

    • I have recently been considering one myself for ultra-deep concealment.

      And yet I question how effective that platform would be in a life-or-death self-defense event. Would I really be able to unfold the handle, pull the hammer back, aim, and pull the trigger during a hands-on event? I doubt it.

      I think a tiny double-action revolver would be a much better choice. Does anyone make one? Otherwise, I am thinking a Ruger LCP or Taurus TCP would be a better option.

      • As a practical matter, a LCP2 really is a better “I’m only wearing a Speedo” gun.
        If we’re still thinking of a rim fire gun and a semiauto pistol just won’t do… my first thought was the High Standard double action derringers from a while back. Available in .22LR and .22 WMR, they were known to be well made as well as tiny. Some dude on GunBroker is out there Cerakoting them and jacking up the prices on them, if not for him we might be able to get one for less than $300… maybe hit the pawn shops and gun shows and try your luck.

  2. The nickle knife is new to me. Seems like one of Jim West’s less useful items.I suppose it’s neato factor and size may make it fun to have. I suspect that I’d lose or spend it. Do parole officers have to deep conceal their weapons for some reason? I hope he knows not to use the earbuds walking outside.

    • The nickle knife generally is seen as an escape tool.

      It’s like concealing a plastic handcuff key on yourself, lacing kevlar cord into your shoelaces or carrying a plastic lapel dagger.

      • Yeah, I figured it was in case of capture or semi-capture. I can’t fault a fellow for thinking that far ahead especially with that NAA as his gun – he ain’t going to shoot his way out.

  3. A pocket revolver as a primary? For the LULZ?

    It’s a great gun if what you want is for the cops to be saying “Well, he almost got his gun into the fight…” while standing over your corpse.

    As a BUG I get it. As a primary it’s paint-chips-for-breakfast stupid. No sarcasm: A push dagger is a FAR better choice.

    • Pocket revolvers are reasonable CCW firearms.

      AirWeight S&W, Ruger LCR, SP101, Taurus 85, Rossi 461
      Even a 9 shot H&R .22 snubnose would probably work ok.

      These SA .22 NAA revolvers on the other hand don’t cut it.

      For ultra deep CCW, a micro .380 is as small as I go LCP/P3AT/TCP.

  4. In some situations I almost think no gun is better than the mini revolver. By the time I could unfold the grip and start shooting .22 bullets in single action at ~700fps, I could have ran a good distance or dealt heavy blows with fist and feet and knives.

  5. Parole officer , what’s a parole officer do any way? Another do nothing government parasite , but yet they look down on a welfare recipient when in fact they both get paid by working people’s taxes.

  6. I have bad orthopedic problems. Can,t carry much weight on my belt. I carry a NAA .22 mag edc. Not best, I would rather have my LCP or LC9. BUT way better than nothing.

  7. When looking at careers, Parole Officer doesn’t immediately leap to the head of the queue. If we consider the recidivism rate for parolees, this must be the most depressing career on the planet. The biggest danger would appear to be restraining the urge to put a gun to your own head. With the clumsy ritual of unfolding this NAA revolver, there is at least a chance that sanity would prevail before the trigger had been pulled. Any more convincing firearm is more likely to be seized by an angry criminal and used against you. Good luck and glad I’m not you – today.


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