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Jason’s an operations manager. Exactly what operations he manages, we’re not sure, but he’s armed when he’s managing it. And he’s armed with a .45 caliber Springfield XD-S carried in a DeSantis ankle holster. How’s that for deep concealment? The rest of his carry gear is detailed here.

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  1. Looks like he’s got both ankles covered.

    He’s prepared if he ever has to stop a deadly threat while in the fetal position.

    • Perhaps he sits a lot? If you’re sitting, with an ankle on your lap, that gat is pretty close, without any printing while bending over.

  2. But is he a manager, managing managerially?

    An operator, operating operationally?

    Some combo? Manager, managing operationally?

    • For all what? I keep a pocket knife and moneyclip in my left front. A leatherman and small notebook with short pencil and AAA flashlight clipped to it in my right pocket, my keys are usually in this pocket too. A pair of gloves in my left back pocket and a handkerchief in my right. I’ll keep my phone in a leg pocket (usually wearing carpenters) and my watch on my wrist. Do I need a purse too? What all do you keep on your person daily?

    • I see a gun, knife, small multi tool, a phone, a wallet, and a watch. If you have a problem carrying “THAT MUCH” you might want to wear some pants that aren’t your sister’s…

    • If you weren’t wearing your sister’s pants, you could carry “that much crap” too. I know it might seem difficult to carry a knife, a gun, a phone, and a wallet.

      • You say sisters pants but you probably mean clothes that are fitted, and not autism-tier cargo pants like the style you seem to enjoy.

        But no, I’m not an idiot and prefer minimalism, and I’m not deluded enough to think I’ll need multiple knives and a firearm in an office.

  3. Why a phone case, but no phone?

    Yes, I realized after a minute that the phone was being used for photographic production purposes, but that was a legit question in my mind for a moment.

    Also, I spy two ankles, a wrist, a back pocket, leaving the front pockets with phone, notebook, pen, key, flashlight, micra, and rescue tool. Since the phone should never be blended with metal, that’s a lot of stuff in one pocket.

  4. Never had use for a notebook. All of these stages pocket dumps contain notebooks and a smartphone.
    I guess all these guys grew up watching Dragnet. Just the facts Mam, as they whip out the pencil and pad.
    The only guys I see these days scribbling in a notepad are running numbers. Are all these pocket dump submissions from bookies? If so, good idea to carry a gun too.

    • Basically everyone in my hospital carries a notepad. I burn through one or two a week sometimes. An electronic one would be nice, except for size and battery issues, and that it would definitely end up broken by a patient or something. It just depends on what you do for work. Besides, you never know if the inspiration for a new gear list will strike you at three in the morning. Or maybe you just really need to make a range map…

  5. My carry…A Hi Point C9 ( IS reliable) and a buck knife…foldable for getting slivers out of my hand.

  6. EDC is a personnel thing subject to change only by field testing and not some want a bee’s useless verbal avocations about what they think best! true EDC is varied only to requirement of situation, A note book is carried because of CRS syndrome! as far as a tactical pen never had a problem sticking a regular pen into soft body areas, some time,s it shatter,s in the wound, standard #2 pencil works wonders, also possibility of a secondary wounding with splinters and Graphite poisoning! so who gives a rats ass where he carries or what he carries! this is his stuff and thinks it is necessary to get home it is not a bug out bag, just accessories found too be needed time to time!

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