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Finally a true pocket gun! Many of you have groused that while these posts are called pocket dumps, few of the pistols featured have actually been pocketable (unless you’re Richard Kiel). But here we have Kael, who describes himself as a medical professional, toting a Kel-Tec P3AT, a true pocket gun if ever there was one. See what else he carries every day at Everyday Carry.

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  1. Very nice loadout. I have a Pazoda as my reserve backup knife. Once again, I’d like to see the holster.

    • I chose the P3AT over the LCP because I liked the more aggressive grip texture and the lower price tag. The LCP almost jumped out of my hand when I shot it, the grip is so smooth. The P3AT has been 100% reliable for me. I know KT gets its knocks, but my P3AT is a great pocket pistol.

      • To the guy with the P3AT….I carry a Hi Point C9. NOT A POCKET GUN BY ANY STRETCH but I too like it and trust it. Got rid of my Bersa for it. All guns will get remarks. I get a lot of them though not on this site.
        I just smile and shoot…well:)
        Carry what you trust. Thank You for what you do. Civilian front line first MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS deserve our THANKS!!!

      • I felt that way after I bought my first one… Hated it. Hated the trigger, grip sucked, sites blew, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with the thing.. It almost found it’s way to a ‘gun buy back’ (probably the most I could get for it, by pawning my junk off to the ‘phobes).

        Then I ended up stumbling into a ‘Gen2’ LCP custom and put a Hogue hybrid LCP grip on it. They fixed the trigger on the new ones, the sites are great and the grip just makes it shine. Now it’s the perfect little pocket gun.

        Sold the Gen1 back to the store for fifty bucks. Probably the same i would have gotten from the phobes, but didn’t give them the pleasure of destroying it.

        Took about a $200 hit along the way, but oh well, c’est la vi

  2. I am totally going to submit an entry.

    Inhaler. Check.
    Allgery Medicine. Check.
    I hate the 2nd Amendment key chain. Check.
    Remote control for my robot girlfriend. Check.
    My Little Pony velcro wallet. Check.
    $2 for bus money in case my mom can’t pick me up from the mall. Check.
    Hillary 2016 wrist band. Check.
    My super sweet style. Double check.

    You guys wish you were this fly.

      • Some of these guys are full of sh!t unless they have on two pairs of pants. Some guy on here had 2 multi tools, flashlight, and knife along with a pistol and at least one extra magazine. That is not even mentioning the normal things you would need in a day like a wallet, keys, and a phone. Perhaps it should be renamed all the cool things you own that could be fit in your pockets.

  3. Come on children! If you can’t say anything intelligent don’t say anything at all!
    Most responses are pretty good on here but you Facebook and Twitter fanatics maybe on a stick to those. Some of the posts that are written on here are visible to all and it just gives the antique gun people? More ammunition against us so to speak. Lets trying to keep a civilized as well is

    • They also make a version in 32 acp if you don’t like 380.

      But I suppose you prefer the Deagle in 50 AE. Now there’s a great carry gun. They just came out with a new light weight version, probably under 4 lbs. I love me some Deagle in CoD, doesn’t weigh me down at all.

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