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Some people carry more gear around on a daily basis than others. Clearly Brenodo can’t cram all of what you see above in his 5.11’s. Then again, he wears a lot of hats. He’s an IT professional, EMT and CERT. We’d guess that M&P Shield carried in the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 is awfully comfy and conceals well, too. Click here to see what else he schleps around to be sure he’s always ready.

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    • Yes, pager still exist.
      Pagers get reception where cell phone do not. So they are quite frequently used by people who absolutely need a method to reach them.
      This is usually medically related, such as being medical personnel or being on a transplant list.
      Nothing worse than being on a renal transplant list, then not getting the notification of a matching kidney because you were in an area without cell phone reception.
      While you could get the message when you get back to cell phone coverage, time is of the essence in medical areas and even a few minutes, much less hours, can make a huge difference.

  1. I heard he likes backups, so he has backups for his backups.

    I’ll definitely vouch for carrying a good first-aid kit, but having that much paper with you is just silly, especially when you can store pdf files on your phone. How many pocket knives does a person need?

    With all of this EDC business, a person has to remember the advantages of light weight in case you need to RUN from danger.

    • With all that gear everyone can find something repelling. Some of it might even repel an aggressor. Now, if he wanted to do some rappelling, then he’d need some additional gear. And probably another tactical purse as well.

    • I recently carried my maxpedition versapack for 10 straight days in the Caribbean while on a volunteer trip (camera, first aid, and food/water). By day 6 it stunk like funk and I sprayed it with antibacterial spray. It was comfy though.

  2. Interesting how the clips are attached to the holster. Looks like he’s wearing it cross-draw (handle forwards, gun on support side) or some sort of weird appendix carry way rather than your typical IWB at like 3:00 which is really what the holster was designed for…

    Anyway I gave the Cloak Tuck 3 a great review and it’s a very comfortable holster, but it’s also a hell of a lot of holster for a tiny gun like the Shield. The gun could have this teeny little footprint, but instead the giant holster is more than tripling it. A little job like the Cook’s IWB is better suited to a small gun like this. Heck, I’ve been carrying a G19 MOS in one since November and it’s great.

  3. I don’t think we have seen any pills in these dump pictures. Am I the only one who carries pills?

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