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ProSounds makes some of my favorite ear pro, the X-Pro plugs. Now they’re coming out with two new muff-type electronic offerings, the M-2 and M-4, which they’re funding via a Kickstarter page. Here’s their press release . . .

DRAPER, Utah (February 29, 2016) – SportEAR® Powered by ProSounds® continues its mission to bring the most advanced hearing protection and enhancement devices to the civilian, industrial, shooting and military/police sectors with the launch of the M-Series Electronic Muffs on Kickstarter. Consumers can receive the M-Series muffs at a discounted price for their financial support.

Supporters who back the ProSounds Kickstarter campaign will have the choice of a multitude of purchasing options. The discount rate increases along with the amount of product purchased. Consumers and businesses that take advantage of the larger packages will receive the greatest savings. The Kickstarter campaign for the M-Series muffs will run from March 1 – April 9.

“Our first Kickstarter campaign for the X-Pro Earplugs received an overwhelming amount of support,” said ProSounds President and Founder Weston Harris. “This is another opportunity for consumers to back a growing company and obtain high-quality ProSounds products at a reduced price.”

The M-Series consists of the M-2 and M-4 muffs. Each muff is based on a classic design but with a tapered body and improved protection and enhancement features. Both muff designs feature dual, recessed volume knobs with gripping ridges for easy adjustment and independent customization of each ear. An adjustable, padded headband and soft ear cups provide all-day comfort. The external, easy-access battery compartment allows for quick battery changes.

The muffs provide up to six times normal hearing levels with recessed, directional mics. The M-2 feature two mics while the M-4 boasts four mics for increased situational awareness. The muffs’ digital compressor automatically blocks out sounds over 85 decibels, delivering 25 decibels of noise reduction.

The M-Series Electronic Muffs are great options for anyone who needs quality hearing protection and enhancement. With damage to hearing beginning at 85 decibels, 140 million Americans put their hearing at risk while at work, shooting ranges, hunting trips, sporting events and more. Designed with a comfortable fit and featuring high-quality digital compression, anyone who experiences loud noises can benefit from the M-Series Electronic Muffs.

ProSounds is the parent company of SportEAR, the industry leader of hearing enhancement and protection technology, and has been helping people around the world improve and protect their hearing for over 57 years. To learn more about the ProSounds M-Series Electronic Muffs Kickstarter campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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  1. I wonder if the kickstarter nancies will “allow” the M-3 and M-5 suppressor projects?

  2. “Ear pro” (as an abbreviation for hearing protection) always sounded like some corny brand name to me (as does “eye pro”), so I avoid using it. Indeed “pro” (implied “professional”) is used as part of the brand name here.

    • $87 for good ear pro isn’t pricey.

      The set I wear probably cost me $200 a few years ago. Of course it was well worth the money, because despite being abused by being left in a car out in the same during triple digit summers, rained on, snowed on, and all the crappy conditions I put them through they are still ticking.

      • Agreed – I am still running a pair of Deben electronic muffs I bought back in 1997 and still going strong although looking a bit worse for wear. I paid over $200 for those back then when elec muffs were just gaining ground.

        I punted for the M2 on kickstarter for when the Deben set dies (if ever). At $57 it’s a steal…..

  3. My question is about water proofing. Almost all the cheaper muffs skimp on that. Personally I’ve killed a set of cheap electronic muffs with my sweat alone during the summer.

    And that doesn’t even consider the 2-3 times a year I have to shoot in the rain. Needless to say any ear pro I wear has to be at least water resistant, with some level of water proofing being best.

    • “My question is about water proofing. Almost all the cheaper muffs skimp on that. Personally I’ve killed a set of cheap electronic muffs with my sweat alone during the summer.”

      There are some aftermarket solutions for that, a PCB coating of some sort, along the lines of the ‘tropicalizing’ done years back.

      Google ‘iPhone waterproofing services’…

      • I just upgraded to better hearing protection a few years ago and never looked back. I’ve worn my MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-Xs in all conditions including driving rain.

        But these seem nice for when I am teaching people assuming they are waterproof or at least water resistant.

  4. The Howard Leight Impact Sport is essentially the same thing but much cheaper.

    If the ProSounds had a Bluetooth phone connection where you could
    answer/ignore a phone call with a button on the Muffs and talk on the phone
    using the mic it could be a winner.

    • The issue with the Howard Leight Impact Sport and you can read about in various forums or even Amazon reviews is the padding does not always form a nice tight seal and you will need to double up just in case it looses it seal while you are shooting. I don’t know how much better these will be, but a bad seal means a bad day at the range.

      • “padding does not always form a nice tight seal” Brought Howard Leight Impact Sport from Amazon back in 2011,
        you do need to adjust them on your head for a tight seal, PITB however it works. I use these for outdoor gun range at least once a month, usually twice a month. Only thing I don’t like, is it hurts like hell after wearing for 3 hours with A Girl & A Gun, Women’s handgun league. Combined with RX safety glasses, Such a relief getting back to car, and pull them off at front gate

    • I tried the Howard Leight ones for shotgun sports but they are so big I banged the bottom of the muff when mounting the gun – don’t like that!

  5. After my experience with their X-Pro plugs, I’m disinclined to purchase anything else from them.

      • Several things.

        The buttons were so stiff, trying to push them plunged them painfully deep into my ears, even with the largest ear pieces installed. The outer ear fitment piece kept sliding off when that would happen. And, perhaps worst, there was no discernable difference whether the “valves” were open or closed.

        The company’s response to me, and others who has similar experiences as posted on the Kichstarter message board, was unsatisfactory. They suggested I have hearing loss (I don’t, as per a recent start-of-employment test) as a reason for why the valve didn’t seem to do anything; they offered a discount coupon on one of their other products, as part of a bulk email update to kick starter backers. They never directly responded to me re the other issues despite several attempts to contact them at their email address, or through their website, even though that was how we were supposed to contact them if we had a problem to resolve.

        Or at least that’s my recollection. I finally gave up on them. Maybe I just got a bad pair; but based on this, I wouldnt take a flyer on anything they make before I had a chance to try it in person.

    • Thanks–those Sordins look nice.

      I’m currently using Pro Ears Gold series muffs, which I love for the audio compression, but they’re pretty chunky and I don’t like the plastic headband. My first headband snapped, although Pro Ears took care of me.

      Does anyone have experience with both Pro Ears and Sordins? How do the electronics compare?

    • I’m the proud owner of a pair of MSA Sordin Supreme Pros with the optional Gel Seal ear cups. I’ve tried a lot of hearing protection, and nothing else comes close. The gel seals provide exceptional all day comfort and performance no matter what the temples of your shooting glasses are shaped like. My first pair had a padded headband that was a bit too bulky for my taste. I opted for the thin leather headband instead, and I couldn’t be happier.

      For those of you worried about water resistance you won’t find anything better than these. They carry an IP67 rating. I’ve found the Sordin’s particularly useful when I’m wearing them under three feet of water while practicing my elite underwater shooting skillz. The SportEARS don’t rate their muffs for a reason…

      Buy once, cry once.

  6. I backed their last project and could not have been more disappointed with the quality, communication and customer service… Tempting, but not worth it.

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