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Will’s a man who likes his blades. And carbon fiber. Check out all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. A good looking carry combo. I told myself that if I broke one more watch / watch band at work, that I was going to get a Casio G-Shok. Thankfully my Luminox 3954 and 2nd band are still together.

  2. Nothing says “low class” and “white trash” as quickly and clearly as vaping does. Its funny…its almost like people want to be the real-life materialization of stereotypes, kinda like crazy people, you can spot them at the store real fast, they’re the ones who brought their dog. Anyway, back to my point…it takes a special kind of stupid to observe vaping, and then conclude “hey, I want to get involved with that”. I must admit, the 1911 is a perfect accoutrement to the vaping equipment.

    • That sounds incredibly judgemental, but I LOLed so hard. Thinking about the people I know/have met who vape, doesnt give me much to counter with tho.

    • agreed…nothing more laughable than watching someone sucking on a “douche flute”

      seriously though it is a sad thing for your life to be controlled by an addiction to a chemical (nicotine)……

      I for one prefer my addictions to to burn gasoline and go fast or be finely machined metal parts that go bang.

    • Vaping was the thing that helped some friends of mine, a couple who were long-time smokers, quit once and for all. Get off your judgmental horse and keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say. Nobody’s going to force you to vape. The scornful attitude against vaping and the increasing number of public anti-smoking prohibitiions that include it, just make life harder for people who are trying to use it to wean themselves off cigarettes.

      • This, vaping got me off a 20-year, two-pack-a-day cig habit, I could care less what some uninformed judgmental asshat thinks about it. Just shows himself to be an ignorant douche.

        • You just exchanged one addiction for another. How about go to the doctor and getcha some Chantix. How about man-up and put the cigarettes down. Ignorant douche? Hahahahaha, you retard. Its takes a special kind of stupid to read my wise words, and then conclude that I was wrong. Worst of all, you did it in public.

  3. I have the same WE 607A fixed blade. Awesome blade, made from S35VN. They were an OEM manufacturer for mid/high end production blades for other brands and branched out with their own designs and doing collaborations with a number of other custom makers, like an the upcoming Ferrum Forge Crux.


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