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“The Jack in the Box on Meridian Ave. S. in South Hill was busy Monday afternoon, and there was a long wait at the drive-thru,” reports. “When the car in question got to the window, the teenagers copped an attitude with employees.” Wait. What?

According to someone who “cops an attitude” is attempting to “show that he or she is more important or better than other people by behaving in a rude or unpleasant way.”

How do we know the teens thought themselves superior? I reckon they were simply hangry, uncivilized brutes. Like this . . .

After she got her food, the 19-year-old woman who was driving said workers forgot her drink and didn’t give her enough nuggets. She then said there was something in her drink and threw the cup through the window at an employee.

In retrospect, the JIB employee would have been well advised to put a fast-acting tranquilizer in the teen’s drink. Or something . . .

The employee closed the window, and the driver and a 14-year-old girl who was a passenger got out of the car and began punching the window and cursing. A group of employees finally went to the window to see if the car had left, and the passenger pulled a handgun and pointed it at them.

The employees dived to the floor and the car left, but witnesses had written down the license-plate number.

The police eventually rounded up all the delinquents and charged them with a variety of offenses.

No doubt our judicial system will mete out appropriate punishment and rehabilitate the youngsters involved. Either that or they’ll end up complaining about prison food. What are the odds?

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  1. Not possible, RF, neither was old enough to have a handgun. That problem has been all taken care of, see? “Nothing to see here, folks, move along.”

  2. “…the passenger pulled a handgun and pointed it at them.”

    They should pass a law, making that sort of thing illegal.

    Oh, wait….

  3. “Either that or they’ll end up complaining about prison food”

    Er… if they were unhappy that they didn’t get ENOUGH “nuggets” from Jack In The Box (of all places), methinks they’ll be plenty happy with prison food.

  4. They were on their way to school/collage and needed to be fed so they could earn that degree! That chicken nugget was important. No problems here. Move along. #ChickenNuggetsMatter

  5. This report must be false. Washington State has a UBC law. I can no longer share my firearms, with trusted family and friends, at the same shooting session. This prevents other people (who I have no idea that they even exist) from breaking the laws of our state. Infringing on my rights prevents crimes perpetrated by others. Fake news!

      • Not entirely. She suffered a significant concussion and memory loss of the event. That punch could very well have been fatal. And I fear that she will have long term effects. Furthermore, had there not been objects behind to break her backward fall, she would probably be in a coma right now. Come to think of it, her small size was probably somewhat of a blessing because her whole body could reel backward more easily and reduce the trauma of the punch. (A larger person’s significantly increased mass would resist moving backwards and force their head to absorb all of the impact.)

        I hope the prosecutor charges that guy with attempted murder. What he did, given his weight and size and the victim’s size, was no different than smashing a brick into someone’s face.

        • Attempted murder is a specific intent crime. You have to prove that the guy intended (had the goal of) killing the girl.

        • Definitions of a crime can vary widely from state to state. Look up manslaughter for instance. Or assault with or without intent.

        • “The term, attempted murder states that the defendant performed actions with the specific intent of killing someone.” That’s a quote from Gentry, Smith, Dettmering, Morgan, Schnatmeier & Collins, LLP’s website. They’re a Georgia law firm. So Georgia’s law is still the common law and not something weird.

          I couldn’t find a specific statute on attempt from Georgia within a couple of minutes of googling, so I quit trying.

    • Gee, I really hope they don’t try to resist arrest when they are finally found, because scumbag, psychopathic, violent child punchers’ lives matter. Yes, they do. They matter, all right. Sure hope they don’t cop an attitude when they get stopped. Yes, sir, I hope they behave. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to solid citizens like that. Yep.

  6. No one ever pulled a gun on me when I worked drive-thru but I certainly got my share of asshats. Everything from people claiming orders were screwed up when they weren’t to people shoving a finger through a sandwich and then returning it claiming we did it (freebies) to people trying to covert you to their religion over the box or at the window to people trying to fight through the window.

    Lots of weirdos out there. Lots of lazy, hungry, weirdos.

      • I wouldn’t know how it’s affected the drive-thru biz but I’d rather deal with a stoner than a drunk or an angry religious zealot.

        To be fair, at that time in my life (high school) I may or may not have been high out of my mind specifically to deal with those people.

        Fast food is that easy. That’s why I laugh at the people who want $15/hour for it.

    • I once had a barber try to convert me. That barber only cut my hair once.

      I don’t hide my religion (or any of my beliefs), but I don’t push it on people either. That is until they try to push their beliefs on me.

    • I worked a 24 hour drive thru at Taco Bell. Just across the street from us was an empty field. A carnival set up there and I had carny folk walking up to my drive thru at 3 am.

      Lots of fun.

      • I would bet they’d be polite and chill. People who work hard and get shit on tend to apprecaiate other people who work hard and get shit on.

        • 3 am at a drive thru you get some warning when a car is pulling up. But when the carny folk walk up to your window your first warning is when you look up and there’s the tattoed lizard faced boy grinning at you. Gets your attention.

  7. Fake news. This has to be fake news. They’re not old enough to have guns. This is why we need stronger gun control laws throughout the world so things like this don’t happen where gun control laws are too lenient. — OR — Use common sense and make every state shall issue and allow employees to be armed.

    • Right – because guns are never stolen – like the perp’s 9mm. And just what we need – similar teenage jackasses shooting people from a drive up window. Think of the cars behind waiting for their nuggets, will ya? At least hand grenades would clear the lane . . .

    • Xanax (and other benzodiazepines) can have a paradoxical effect if you take too much or mix it with other drugs. Instead of turning you into Sleepy Rodriguez, you’re the Tazmanian Devil. I’ve had some experience in this and was the one instance in my life where I probably would have been justified in shooting someone.

  8. After discovering the 19 year old driver hiding in a garage attic, police spotted the male passenger, who ran, and the 14 year old girl, walking nearby, and cuffed and put the girl in a police car. “Eventually, a deputy tackled the man after he tried and failed to jump over a fence, and the sergeant found a stolen 9mm handgun with 14 hollow-point bullets in his pocket. The man was booked for unlawful possession of a firearm and resisting arrest.

    The girl in the back of the police car grew angry as all this was happening and tried to kick out the car windows. She screamed and cursed at deputies and told them “none of this would have happened if the Jack in the Box people had just given them the correct order and not run their mouths,” according to the post.

    She was booked for assault, possession of Xanax and resisting/obstructing law enforcement.”

    Solid citizens of the future, there. This is what happens when you raise snowflakes and then short them on nuggets. Damn those Jack in the Box people – it’s all their fault. The FBI needs to investigate – Nuggetgate!

    • Maybe if she had just politely asked for a refund instead of attacking a restaurant and waving a gun around…

      Stupid people need to die off.

      • Are you kidding? Their nugget rights were violated! It’s unconstitutional! We should march in solidarity, riot, burn businesses, smash windows, and loot! Turn over police cars! No nuggets, no peace! Attica! Attica! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I think they were triggered by “new” fake Jack, and the lousy ads they have now.

      They dumped Dick Sittig (the voice of Jack) and his marketing company Secret Weapon after 20 years of doing Jack In the Box creative.

      I don’t know which is worse, the “Crave Van” campaign, or the poor schmuck trying desperately to ape Sittig’s creation.

  9. Gee willickers I was shorted at a Taco Bell. I had pulled away and got out to tell the kid. He was apologetic and actually passed it through a window of a couple of teens. Of course this was in a small town (Minooka,I’ll). Don’t think I’d bother in Chiraq…

  10. Want to know what’s really annoying?

    I can just about guaran-damn-tee you that these criminals will not be charged with a single violation of the weapons laws the assholes put in place via false advertising during the initiative process.

    Watch. You really ought to do some follow-up on this, and observe what they do for prosecution. I’ll lay long odds that the weapons violations are pled out, and they never get charged with any of that crap.

  11. “No doubt our judicial system will mete out appropriate punishment and rehabilitate the youngsters involved. ”

    They’ll be given photo ops with their local progressive politician, print time for how they were discriminated against at the drive thru, issued new balaclavas and pointed in the direction of their local BAMN group as new insurgent recruits. *grin*

  12. Holy crow!

    I literally worked at that JIB 24 years ago. And I noticed THEN how unreasonable and stupid people were over their food orders. I left when a customer threatened to climb over the counter and beat my senseless over ketchup on a cheeseburger.


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