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Will’s SIG-ish Arex REX Zero-1 pistol is an impressive EDC gun at about 60% of the price of a P229/P229. See what else Will’s chosen for his daily carry gear at Everday Carry . . .

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  1. This is a real question, who carries with a tac light on their gun? I can understand a laser but not a full sized tac light

    • I do, in a Crossbreed holster (G19 w/TLR-1 HL). I come from the LE side and find it WAY more indespensable than a laser. I don’t believe you should carry without having some sort of flashlight. I found that on patrol, a brigher flashlight was even more important during the day than at night. You go into a building from bright sunlight, and your vision is heavily restricted for a while when you walk into a dimly lit room.

      The weapon-mounted Light is invaluable when trying to open a door with your weapon at the ready. You can do it with a secondary flashlight, but you still have to put the light down to manipulate the door handle. I carry both when out and about (Steamlight ProTac 2L-X clipped to weak-side pocket).

      I feel lasers are way more gimicky (not that they don’t have their place). You NEED a light to be able to positively identify your target.

    • I have a Glock 34 on my hip with that exact light on it at the moment. It kinda defeats the point on a compact handgun, but on a full size polymer pistol, it’s still lighter than most all metal guns.

      • I guess the utility imakes more sense when carrying a full sized firearm. As I am not LE I have never had to clear a house with a pistol, which I could imagine would be scary. I imagine most ccw does not involve a light but I appreciate the input.


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