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Rob describes himself as a flight crew member. From shooting one, we can attest to the Arsenal Strike One’s supreme shootability, though that orange paint seems like a questionable choice to say the least. Check out what this fly boy carries at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the victim was shot to death with the defendant’s Boba Fett Edition Strike One pistol. The prosecution rests.”

      • It’s actually a valid concern. Remember the police shooting where the officer was indicted because the dust cover of his AR had “your f$cked”? All you need is an anti gun lawyer and a dumb enough jury to reach the conclusion of, “he was living out his fantasies as a vigilante bounty hunter”.

  2. Maybe a side benefit of the paint is that responding police officers may be less quick to perferate you after a definsive shooting.

  3. A $1,000 watch. Is that really necessary? I am not that familiar with watches, as I quit wearing one more than 20 years ago. I just can’t imagine spending that kind of money for a watch.

    • Watches are like guns in many respects.

      You can get an inexpensive one that does a fine job.

      You can spend a LOT of money for incrementally improved performance, appearance, or both. And it’s very easy to dump cash on what many people would consider, how shall I put this, in questionable taste with zero impact on performance.

      But in the end, past basic functionality it comes down to personal tastes, wants and budgets.

    • Depends. I have a radio synchronized Citizen Eco-Drive that’s set me back almost that much. It also never needs charging, winding, or time updates. The aviation slide rule on the bezel is also a nice touch. It’s all about what you think you need and how much you are willing to spend. Right now, my everyday watch is a sub $100 Citizen field watch that just tells time that way, I won’t cry if I ding up an expensive watch when I’m working.

    • That watch has a high quality Miyota automatic movement. With a Miyota quartz movement, the watch would be half the price or less. If it had an comparable ETA- or Valjoux-brand (owned by ETA) Swiss automatic movement, the watch could be 50%-100% more.

    • Depends on what you want.

      My dive watch is over $1000 but it’s also a backup dive computer if my main one takes a dump while I’m in the drink. It also never needs a battery or to be wound up.

      Watches run the gambit from useful tools to man-bling. Man-bling and high end precision watches are expensive. Those like my dive watch combine a lot of expensive components to make a really, really nice watch that’s also a live saving piece of equipment in some cases.

  4. Am I the only one seeing a crummy-looking paint job? Or is this one of those things where people pay out the asshole for furniture that’s been beaten with chains for a ‘rustic’ look?

  5. #1. Most pilot and aircrew have always worn expensive/precise watches–not for style or looks or wealth, but for precision in navigation, take offs, scheduling, etc. For example, look at all those Rolex and Breitling chronometer ads.
    #2. 99% of potential jury members, and prosecutors, and cops, would swear that the orange muzzle was expressly painted that way to intentionally deceive law enforcement–regardless of any expert testimony to the contrary–thus poisoning any prospective jury against our defendant/pilot. “Bobby Fett Edition”??? What kind of phony made-up BS nonsense story is that (says, thinks, and swears our jury and DA)!!! Deplorable DMD

  6. Ugh what a stupid color, who the heck has anything but black ‘field notes’?

    Oh, and there’s the gun I guess. Looks like it’s painted to appear as a toy and I would not be surprised if any prosecutor worth his salt bringing a case would hit that hard. Not smart to ‘carry everyday.’- a range toy if I ever saw one.


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