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As James writes, “Gat and gatteries go in a shoulder rig. Knife clips on the pocket, dia-sharp goes in the wallet, wallet also goes in a pocket.¬†Keys not shown because my keychain has its own gravity well.” Check out all the details at Everyday Carry . . .


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    • I carry a sharpener daily as well… easy to throw a few passes on it during periods of heavy use than to wait til later

    • Class-some people have it, others understand they may not get the gun back after a dgu. I heart my 1911, easily the most accurate (for me) handgun I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. That said, I’m currently debating the finer points of the m&p vs the xd because of gastons damned grip angle leading to an unnatural point of aim (for me) I don’t feel like training into. Cool factor on wielding a 1911 is an 11, but way not practical for me either.

      • It’s a Rock Island so it’s not particularly expensive, honestly, it’s about the same loss as a Glock if I don’t get it back. It ain’t a Sig or Les Baer or something ridiculous.
        Also, it is by far what I’m most accurate with, and I’ve also done quite a bit of shooting with a Glock 20, with and without a ported Lone Wolf barrel. Between the lot, I can keep a tighter grouping with this, likely because the steel frame helps with the recoil. Once I start trying to double tap or rapid fire, I can’t hit much of anything with the Glock 20.
        Not so much a question of class as simple utility.

        • didn’t realize it was an ria, haven’t seen any trimmed out in anything other than parkerized finish, let alone 10mm

      • Also, for the record, I’d go with the MP over the XD, the trigger on the latter leaves quite a bit to be desired, even in the reference frame of polymer striker guns.


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