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Ace is someone we want to be with if things ever get really hairy. We’d guess there’s a backpack involved in toting all that gear around on a daily basis, but who knows? See everything he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Definitely using a backpack, messenger bag or a laptop bag.

    Four mags might be excessive… I’d swap out two for a quality home-built IFAK.

  2. Guys carrying this amount of kit must be doing so for a job, and thus I don’t think these are examples of “Everyday Carry”. If this is indeed the everyday carry of a guy working at Kinkos, it’s just another example of fantastical thinking over practical reality.

    • His bio says that he’s a service engineer. I don’t really know what that entails.

      I carry a ton of extra stuff off my person because I roll with a backpack five days a week. So on top of my EDC pistol/knife/flashlight/wallet/keys/spare mag I have a laptop, books, paper, pens, calculators, a watch, an IFAK, second flashlight, spare batteries, ITS urban kit, thermotabs, rain shell etc.

      Once you have to carry a bag you have a lot more options in terms of what you can bring with you discretely and the extra ounces don’t matter that much as compared to trying to carry that stuff in your pockets.

  3. Ace has a 17″ c0ck which he holsters in 3″ diameter PVC pipe running down his gargantuan, rock-hard thighs. His harem takes turns swallowing their daily protein rations, while lying prostrate beneath this American Colossus of Rhodes.

  4. Here is my typical daily carry: 1 gun with a spare magazine for a double stack and two for a single stack. Wallet and keys.

    When I had a job you can add a folding knife and not more than two multitools carried in the smallest 5-11 backpack or a briefcase. I wasn’t going to war.

    I did have a large go bag with clothes, toiletries and some meds in my car just in case I got “The Call”

    Edit: Forgot to mention the First Aid kit.

  5. what ammo is that? It looks like TC Lead hitek coated bullets,

    If that dude believes he encounters a reasonable risk where he needs all that stuff every day I’d ask him to re-evaluate life choices. I say that in all seriousness not a “golly I sure am jealous he carries all that cool kit” but “bro, why would you do that to yourself?” kind of way.

    The good news is there is no mag in the gun, so he only carries 3 extra magazines, it appears.

    • If that dude believes he encounters a reasonable risk where he needs all that stuff every day I’d ask him to re-evaluate life choices.
      That’s the argument that anti-gun people make all the time, that an average person doesn’t have a reasonable risk to carry a firearm, hence only bad people are carrying.

      I don’t expect to use many items that are everyday carry or in my vehicle. I’ve never had to draw my firearm on anyone, and I’ve never had to use a fire extinguisher in my vehicle, nor have my airbags ever been deployed.

      EDC, by definition, include items that are fall back when exception circumstances occur, not just remedies for what you think you are likely to encounter on any given day.

      • This is a false equivalence. It is not similar to antigunner comments to simply say carrying 4 magazines as part of your everyday kit is extreme overkill. Not even soldiers in sustained firefights use that much ammo. This is the supplies a man would need if he was single handedly fighting multiple attackers, trapped for hours on end- and if thats what he faces, he’s dead anyway. I would say that he doesn’t need this much crap except in a war zone- but he wouldn’t even need this much in war zone either. It’s a feel good measure not based on actual threat.

      • Nail on the head. It is the anti gun equivalent to complain what a total stranger “needs” in their daily life. I know many stories of cops carrying standard full sized service autos with two reloads and running out of ammo. It’s rare but it happens and he as an American has the right to prepare for the worst of the worst scenarios. It shouldn’t be criticized or equated to hyperbolic illusions to “war” nonsense. Some you guys are your own worse enemies…..

        • @AJ187 – what is the role of an armed civilian? What is the purpose of engaging with a handgun? Protracted gun fights are rare for LEOs and even rarer for civilians. I recognize this is nuanced, but holding up extreme examples of violent encounters as justification for a daily load out is not reasonable. It’s probably worth mentioning the whole “violent encounters” thing by and large is extremely rare on it’s own, before even considering the ones that spin up into protracted gun battles. I can personally justify all of my poor decisions with isolated anecdotes. yeah, he can carry whatever he wants, but I can also make fun of him for it because it’s not reasonable (even from an informed perspective).

          I could put mud tires and a lift on my Jetta because somewhere in the world someone has used a Jetta to flee drug cartels/terrorists/crooked police/whatever and had to drive offroad, and I’ll bet ground clearance and traction was a major issue from them. That’s hardly justification for me rolling with my Jetta like that to and from work every day where I have a snowflake’s chance in hell of popping up on a curb for overflow parking, let alone actually needing to do spirited driving in the absence of asphalt. It’s an unreasonable position to structure my life completely around an exceptionally unlikely scenario.

          Lots of “new” guys think they can buy skills, I get it. I went through that phase as well. At some point you realize you can’t “buy” proficiency with what you carry, and extra mags don’t cover that up. They might be a hedge, but you truly can’t miss fast enough.

      • From a firearm’s perspective, he has more rounds than a patrol officer. Don’t mistake my ridicule of his evaluation of his personal risk and the tools necessary to address it for some anti-gunner crap.

        Click through to the other site and read the descriptions of his gear. He lists the 3 year apple care warranty on his laptop. Homeboy clearly takes pride in his toys,and enjoys the attention talking about them brings.

        I get it, I carry a double stack “compact” with a spare magazine that I likely will never draw every single day. My left front pocket is wholly consumed with a mag in a mag pouch every single day. You are conflating my point that he doesn’t need that much gear in a civilian role, (or a LEO role, or potentially a war fighting role).

        He’s playing GI Joe, which is fine, as the only person he’s harming is potentially himself. On the whole, the more proficient a person with firearms is, the less “stuff” they need. Homeboy has lots of stuff. It’s obvious he doesn’t actually like handguns, or he wouldn’t carry a Glock.

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