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Inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster? Not for me. I don’t like having to buy pants that are a size larger than normal, or the feeling of a gun growing out of my hip. Tactically, I can draw more quickly and convincingly from an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster, and re-holster more safely and efficiently. There are downsides. For one thing, I can’t carry concealed with a tucked-in dress shirt. So when I ditch the polo shirt and jeans for a button down and slacks, I pocket carry a Kahr CM9 or a Smith & Wesson 642 snubbie. Or ankle carry.

How do you carry your gun? Inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, appendix, pocket, ankle, shoulder holster, off-body, what? Please list what gun(s) and holster(s) you marry for your carry system.

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  1. Glock 23, IWB Alessi, 3 o’clock. I’m 6’2″, 200 lbs,wear an “XL” t-shirt and all is hidden. If I have to dress nicely, black leather sneaky Pete with S&W 442.

  2. Six years ago I dropped 100lbs. and remember that afterwards one of the things I most look forward to was *FINALLY* the idea of IWB! Well you talk about anti-climatic…It was so uncomfortable that I never have (even in keeping the weight completely off which for me is one of my life’s single biggest accomplishments but I digress) gone back…Instead, I use a Bravo Concealment Kydex Holster for my G26 (took eons for them to get it to me) and there’s no looking back. I’m also not a ‘contact-lense’ type of guy so I guess YMMV to be sure. God Bless.

    • Sometimes IWB is just finding the “right spot” on your hip, or the right holster/gun combination. For me, IWB is extremely uncomfortable unless the holster is right behind the ball of my hip, at 4 o’clock or so. Anywhere else is painful (2 or 3 o’clock) or too far back for an efficient draw (5 o’clock). Everyone’s physique is different. But once I’ve got it right, my Kahr almost disappears. The right holster is an issue as well–just because one doesn’t work doesn’t mean none will work. The holsters can be a one clip affair, or one of the wide two clip/strap combinations that spreads the weight over a large are and provides a wide area of leather protecting your skin. I’ve never tried the latter, but I can see how they’d be comfortable once broken in. The last factors are cant (vertical or angled) and ride height, both of which effect how the holster interacts with your physique.

      This is why, the old saying goes, anyone who has carried for a while has a drawer full of holsters.

  3. My normal pants size with a Bullhide belt accommodates my IWB method of carry just fine. I carry my 229 appendix in a Sticky Holster in perfect comfort.
    No holster, weapon, caliber or method of carry is perfect for every person in every situation.
    5’8, 160 lbs

  4. I have both a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB and a leather OWB. I choose whichever works with the wardrobe of the day.

  5. Assuming concealed carry (which for Commiefornians tends to mean visiting a constitutional carry sate), whenever one needs to tuck ones shirt in to be properly dressed, one is almost inevitably properlier dressed with a sport coat. Which serves well as cover garment for a shoulder holster.

  6. It depends on a few factors such as weather and where I plan on going. Most days it’s a 1911 in an OWB or shoulder holster with an over shirt. Other times it’s a S&W 60LS in my pocket or ankle holster. There are many ways to carry each with pro’s and con’s, but those are my main go to’s.

  7. Hmmm… Asking a lot about my setup…. Kind of suspicious… <_<

    Okay. I carry IWB and I really don't even need a gun belt. I just clip it to my pants and it stays there just fine.

    I wouldn't even know hot to conceal my Glock 19 OWB, ankle would be too difficult to get to when I need it.

    I'm not carrying anything small enough to conceal in my pocket… And do they even make pocket holsters? I'm sure they do but I've never looked, it seems kind of dangerous to just stick a gun in your pocket…

    Appendix is not comfortable and I would need to wear a coat to carry under my arms, which is how a guy I used to know always carried.

  8. SIG P238 in a Crossbreed MiniTuck on a Crossbreed Classic belt when I’m at work with my shirt tucked in. 11 hours/day, 5.5 days a week.

    Same gun in a Remora virtually any other time.

    I don’t home carry, but since I live alone, there are guns everywhere.

  9. Springfield XD mod2, 9mm, 13+1, StealthGear IWB holster. But I’m looking for an alternative for dressier, tucked-in shirt attire. Belly band, AIWB, pocket, ankle…

  10. I can’t remember the last time I’ve tucked in a shirt…

    Appendix carry either an FNS-9 or a 1911 in JM Custom Kydex AIWB holsters

  11. Just like absolutely everything else, there is no “on size fits all” and what doesn’t work for you, may work best for another. Further, it also depends on the environment and situation.

    I go both, just depends.

  12. IWB. Usually under just a t-shirt.
    Either a CZ PCR or a 1911 bobtail commander.
    Holsters are Silent Thunder from Garrett Holsters.
    The “big hunks o’ leather” are just too hot for me.

    • of those, the gt and the slim get it right. with the belt clip behind the slide, the gun tucks in and has less width for a belt to surround.
      i may get one for a high power, but the thought of kydex against flesh seems summer slippy.
      still, these look nice.

  13. In my undertech undercover “fancy pants” shorts. In the back, 5 o’clock position. Or in their yoga pant leggings. I carry a Sig P.238 and it is easy to conceal back there. I’ve started wearing longer, tunic like shirts. As a woman I have tried a lot of different carry styles. This works best for me. I’ve tried the Dene Adams corsets and their new compression shorts. I love the idea of both, but, neither worked for me.

  14. IWB with a 9mm shield either appendix or 5 o’clock depending on what I’m doing/ wearing. Kydex holsters that I make myself, so I can design and tune them to do exactly what I want them to do.
    More often then not, I carry my glock 29. IWB appendix, 5 o’clock is not comfortable with a gun that wide, again my own kydex. Occasionally, I’ll carry it OWB with kydex holsters of my own design.
    I’m 5’10” about 180, medium build, 34 inch waist. I either use an uncle mike’s instructors belt, or a shellback tactical cobra belt depending on my mood.
    I don’t ankle carry, as it is way too long of a grab when fractions of a second matter. Open carry is verboten, as I live behind enemy lines. I’m lucky in that I have very little “padding” around my midsection, which is why I think many shy away from IWB carry. while it’s not super comfortable for me, it’s comfortable enough for me to tolerate it. I didn’t even have to buy a larger pants size to fit my G29. There is enough room for me to IWB the gun, plus 2 mags in individual IWB kydex holsters, again, my own designed kydex.

  15. Full-size SIG 9mm carried quite comfortably IWB in a Crossbreed SuperTuck in a pair of jeans that fits me just fine. At worst I have to loosen my belt one notch. It took me a few outings to find the most comfortable position for it, and now I hardly even notice it’s there.

  16. USP .45 “tactical”, BlackArch ACE1 Gen2 IWB/ Safariland paddle holster they don’t make any more.

    Jericho 941 “Baby Desert Eagle” .40 Falco (Yes, FALco) Rototilt Shoulder Holster/Galco Fletch High Ride Belt Holster

    Glock 30: Galco Fletch/Royal Guard (old style), Galco Jackass Rig or a Serpa.

    There are some other combinations but I don’t care to figure out which holsters they are.

  17. Glock 19 / 23 / 35 in an Aker White Lightning OWB at 3 o’clock when driving and 4 o’clock when walking. Sometimes a 4006 TSW in the same manner manner but different holster. A Sig Legion in the same position with the pricey matching Kydex / leather combo holster, and sometimes a Smith Bodyguard .380 pocket carry. Sometimes Kydex OWB Sig 226.

    I like the combination of leather with a snap retention for concealment, speed and versatility.

    • Accur81,

      Does your department regulate what you can/can’t carry off-duty? Just curious, because mine did when I was an LEO. I felt more “freed up” when I left full-time and became a reserve (and now I’m out of the profession completely).

      I normally carry my G21 or G30 in a Galco King Tuk when I need to tuck in my shirt (such as at work) as my primary, a Ruger LC9s Pro OR LCP Custom (both have the Crimson Trace) in a Crimson Trace pocket holster (gun is determined by the pants’ pocket size that day), and a backup G42 on the ankle in a Galco Ankle Glove holster. I always carry one extra full-size magazine for the Glock 21/30 in my pocket, as well as one for the Ruger.

      If I am wearing my shirt untucked, or wearing a suit (such as church), the Glock transitions to 3-o’clock OWB carry, and the extra double magazine carrier comes out for the other side of the belt. I can then carry two spairs for the Ruger in my pocket.

      IWB may be slightly slower as Robert points out, but IMHO, why should I give up my primary? It is less comfortable, but it does remind me that it is there.

  18. LCP in my pocket pretty much all the time, Lightweight commander IWB or S&W model 60 F-comp OWB if I go to an actual city instead of my small town.

    Open carry a 4″ GP100 in black bear or mountain lion country or a 6″ Redhawk in Grizzly territory.

    • Do you use a holster to pocket carry the LCP? If so, what kind? Front pocket carry always feels very awkward to me, but I’d like to do it for the convenience.

      I carry an LCP IWB at 4 o’clock in a SHTF Gear Black Arch holster or a different small quick-to-put-on one clip Kydex job the brand of which I don’t recall and isn’t written on it.

  19. Everyday with shirt untucked and jeans, S&W Shield 9 in De Santis Super Fly pocket holster with 3 extra 8 rd. mags. In addition to that, if I’m heading into Houston I’ll add a Glock 19 in outside waistband Galco Concealable with 3 extra magazines for it and just one extra for the Shield. If I absolutely have to wear dress shirt and slacks i”ll carry a Ruger LC9 in the Super Fly with 3 extra 7rd. mags on the belt. My total load out for trips into town are the two pistols with 77 total rounds of ammo. Only started doing that when the threat from ISIS became real in this country. Houston is in the top 10 cities to be targeted according to the FBI. That’s in addition to the possible everyday threats in the Houston area. Paranoid you say? I’ve been involved in gunplay with an attempted carjacker who was armed, among others as well as a LEO. Retired now.

  20. IWB Officers 45acp. Or Sig 938.
    Its slow but only way I can carry at work.
    T shirt and jeans. Untucked most of the time.
    Id prefer belt carry but I dont wear shirts that would cover often anymore here too hot.
    Or if I did wear an open or Hawian it screams gun here,
    You can pick out every plains cloths cop in Palm Beach County just by the haircut. More so by the t shirt and open button shirt.

  21. Glock 27 or 23 IWB at 4 o’clock (and I’m not thin, but it works with how I dress) and/or a Sig 938 in the pocket, depending on the situation.

  22. shoulder holster under sport coat (tweed) I have been carrying this way since 1967 and for me it has bee both the most comfortable and practical way to go

  23. 4″ 1911 always carried around the 1230 position

    Mitch Rosen under the belt OWB holster with a crossdraw cant for most outfits

    A SmartCarry holster when I’m wearing a tight tshirt or shorts

    Provides fast draw, easy access while sitting and amazing concealment. The downside is it can be uncomfortable while bent over on a motorcycle.

    • Bent over a motorcycle? Oh you must mean a crotch rocket supplied for organ donors, if you had a real bike there isn’t any bending over, just sayin.

      • If I’m guessing what you consider a ‘real bike’ (isn’t anything with two wheels a ‘real bike’?) correctly, you do all your bending over at the dealership.

        • If I’m guessing what you consider a ‘real bike’ (isn’t anything with two wheels a ‘real bike’?) correctly, you do all your bending over at the dealership.

          I don’t personally have a dog in this fight, but damn, that felt like Game, Set, and Match from over here.

        • Back in the day, living in small town Iowa, I had a brand new Kawasaki ZX9, the second fastest bike on the planet next to Kawasaki’s bigger heavier ZX11. I think there were all of two other sportbikes in the whole town. So this guy just walks right up to me and tells me if I wanted to see a ‘real bike’ to look over there and he pointed to a Harley three wheeler. As in trike. TRI-kuh. Damn, I though, so stupid he can’t even count to three!

        • Seriously, if you’re cruising down the road to oblivion at 180mph and you hit a saguaro cactus the only thing your liver’s going to be good for is braunschweiger.

      • At 67 I still ride an 09 R6. And every day year I take off on a 2,000 mile trip to some where. I carry a MP Shield in a shoulder holster under my jacket. Can’t say it’s the fastest draw but it’s comfortable and it’s always on me.
        I wear dress slacks and a tie at work and find the shoulder holster works well there too.
        When not at work or on the bike it Stealth Gear IWB.
        If your waiting to see a real bike I’ll stop and wit for you to catch up.

        • The R6 is nice.

          I still think my next bike will be a FZ-07 for commuting though. Decent enough gas mileage, pretty cheap as bikes go, fast enough and not obnoxious like a Harley.

        • I ride a 08 Kawasaki Concours14… Normally I ankle carry but not on the bike. I will have to investigate the shoulder carry option.

        • I carry on the hip. Currently on a ’15 Triumph Speed Triple. Works just as well as it does in my truck.

        • fz-06: “the 270 degree crank provides linear torque development in response to the rider’s throttle input.” nice of them to let you control it. i’ll take a 120 degree laverda triple, thanks.

          having wrenched yamamahas at touhy and california in the early eighties they quickly became fuckin yamahas.
          water jackets and chains notwithstanding (deal killers for me) the fz-09 being a triple has the 100hp/ sub 400lb thing going.

          amtrak is dumping me in new orleans in about five hours where i’ll be loaned a 2012 speed triple (1150ish?). any bets i can touch 160 on the twinspar across ponchartrain?

        • Cycle World said 150mph on the S3 (1050cc). Not really set up for top speed with either no fairing or just the little fly screen. Plus it’s not all that easy to get in a full tuck. Tons and tons of low to mid-range torque though. Cloverleafs are a blast.

      • Honestly, I can’t imagine there is much bending on a sport bike, your legs go behind you and you are lying on your belly almost. I don’t ride sport bikes though, but I do have forward controls and lower height bars (no windshield so I like to get under the wind some).

        Nothing against sport bikes or big tourers though, all bike lives matter.

        • It’s a lot like a jockey on a thoroughbred. Comfort is a distant second to control. Stirrups high, sharp bend in the knees and hips, torso leaned forward. It’s not at all uncomfortable at speed for an hour or two. The wind holds the weight off your wrists – around town they’ll start to get sore in 10 or 15 minutes. The machines are made to do insane feats and make them feel ordinary. They handle at 175 like your car does at 75. If it wasn’t for the power polls zipping by so fast… Sub 10 second quarter miles on short wheelbases meant for extreme corner speeds not dragstrips. 0-100mph+ in 2 city blocks. 60-160 and back to 60 in less than half mile with just a single downshift.
          Horizons looking more vertical than horizontal. Truly amazing machines and still cheaper than your average cruiser.

        • Yup.

          I have a couple Aprilias and a little Honda CB twin (which in my world would be my version of a Civic or Prius or something…). I don’t drive– the only Kahr I have is… oh wait, the joke finished itself I guess. TTAG snapped my EDC pockets some months back (so I don’t have to list my rigs, rounds, and retentions again ha…).

          Guns, guitars, motorcycles, and fishing– who even has time to do anything else? And yet, there is much more, so I hear….

          Be safe.

    • I carry IWB in the summer when I’m wearing cargo shorts and I use the same holster inside the belt but outside of the waistband in the winter. I just never got around to changing jeans size, but the belt being outside the weapon keeps it tucked in to my side.

  24. I carry loaded and chambered, lately either my xd45 service model, or my sccy cpx-2, iwb, owb, tucked in the jeans, hip, small offers back, pocket for the sccy, or a fashion holster for the xd45. Several different holster brands and styles for both, just depends what I wear that day, and how heavy I want my piece to be. 6’0″ and 155lb. Things hide easy as I wear xl-2x shirts and pants with plenty of ball room.

  25. Walther PPQ in an AlienGear 3.0 holster. I’m 6 foot, 160 lbs, athletic build, and under an untucked medium t shirt that setup conceals perfectly.
    Rarely I will dress up, and when I do, I either off body carry the PPQ in a bag, or I carry a PPS in a pocket holster (I won’t list the brand due to the fact that I don’t appreciate the attitude the company gives me when I email them).
    The PPS also comes along with me on runs in a fanny pack designed for a gun. I’m guessing I am one of a short list of people who have run a marathon while armed.

  26. I never bought new pants when I started carrying, and have never been accused of wearing clothes that were even remotely baggy; still have no trouble concealing a Glock 19 IWB at around 4 o-clock with a pretty agressive cant (maxed out the adjustment on my G-code INCOG). That position lines almost perfectly with the natural contour of my hip, some pants require a little sucking it in if the pistol is already on my belt, but I have no trouble stuffing a holstered pistol in there if I button the pants first, so I guess I am lucky.

    I have a long torso so OWB carry is completely out of the question if I want to conceal, as shirts that fit dont drop down low enough to cover the whole rig if I am doing anything other than standing perfectly still.

  27. Always pocket carry my TCP .380, and sometimes IWB a 9mm when I’m not wearing a suit. In the winter, off hours, I OWB a full size .45 or my G20 just because I can. Granted, as long as I stay out of downtown Minneapolis, I’m unlikely to need anything…

  28. I carry one of those easily concealable AR-15 pistols IWB. It’s super effective and you can conceal it in the summer or winter.

  29. My Ruger p89 OWB and my Barretta 21a inside my pants pocket. For me carrying a gun is not the problem. Its carrying a spare magazine. Waist belt horizontal or vertical carry magazine holder? I’m a work in progress. I POGO, pants on gun on. I wear my guns from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I even wear my guns around the house. If my wife and I have company I wear the 21a inside my pants pocket.
    No. It was normal for American to carry guns everywhere they went. Even children would carry a gun everywhere including school. I’m researching guns in school historically in America. The first school massacre was in the 1600s by Indians. My school paper is on school carry at all grade levels. Any helpful links would be appreciated.

  30. IWB every day. I’m not even the thinnest guy around and I find it perfectly comfortable. I can tuck my shirt in, too. Never been made.

  31. XD Sub 9mm in a Cook’s AIWB. I forget I’m wearing it. Fall asleep on the couch all the time with it on.

  32. In NYS, you must carry concealed, I normally don’t tuck in my shirt. So, usually OWB, Ruger LC9s in a DeSantis scabbard. If not possible, a Taurus TCP in a pocket holster, front right pocket. Occasionally, if clothing permits, a Ruger American Pro Duty in 9mm OWB in a kydex holster.

  33. Storm holster IWB with either a G30 or G33 is what I’ve used for the past couple years. I’m planning on getting a nice leather OWB holster with a thumb break for my CZ97 (my Sunday gun!) or SIG P220 (maybe both) since I can legally open carry now.

  34. Shield 9mm w/ Desantis Sof tuk IWB @ the 5 o’clock position. Thee most comfortable setup yet for me.

  35. xds 9mm
    Leather and kydex from
    Mostly IWB, though sometimes I use the same holster for OWB. Depends on what pants, how they fit and where I’m going, and time of year.
    Very rarely, OEM xds paddle holster for OWB
    Bigfootgunbelt with the steel insert
    Snagmag in left front pants pocket with extended mag

  36. I carry IWB a Bersa BP9CC in a Remora #4 at 9 o’clock under an untucked shirt. T-shirt or something appropriate but more formal. It is not visible, comfortable and handy. I’m 5′ 5″ and 140 lvs.

  37. AR-based, suppressed 300 BLK pistol on 3-point sling, under a long black leather trenchcoat. Two, Beretta M9’s with extra mags in right-and-left handed shoulder rigs. A 1911 on each hip, OWB.

  38. I have a Kahr CW9 which is actually pocketable with the right sized pockets, and I used to carry that way with a Remora that was useless anywhere else. I have a Kirpatrick OWB leather pancake that is beautiful and functional, and fairly recently I got a High Noon Down Under IWB which has a powerful metal clip, a reinforced throat for reholstering, and the smooth side of the leather is inside protecting the gun. Since the Kahr is a pretty short pistol, the Kirkpatrick is completely covered by an overshirt. I switch between the two depending on where the loops are on my various pants

  39. Makarov PM IWB with a DeSantis Softuk holster. Sometimes remove the belt clip and carry in the pocket, but I’m mostly IWB.

  40. Most days I carry a Beretta 92 in a leather pancake holster at the four o’clock position with an untucked polo or t-shirt covering the pistol. When I have to dress up and tuck in my shirt I always wear a sports coat and carry a Sig P239 in another leather pancake holster.

  41. IWB full size M&P9 in a hybrid at 4:00 most of the time. Daltech double thick belt makes this quite easy. When that does not work with my attire, IWB Bersa .380. Both holsters picked up from local gun show vendor who molds them on site and will tweak them to user preferences. Occasionally, add in the sub 2000 in a computer bag.

  42. IWB in the winter for my ruger SR40 full size. Big jackets and sweat shirts conceal the full size gun well. I use a pug holster its very comfortable made out of the same material as under armor so it wicks the sweat away. In the summer I carry my Glock 19 slightly smaller firearm I use the same holster for that as well. Both at the 3 oclock position.

  43. I carry a 3 1/2″ M1911 in a tuckable IWB:

    1. I HATE untucked shirts. I almost always wear tucked polo shirts. I rarely wear an untucked polo shirt. I’d no more wear an untucked button front shirt than I’d wear a pink tutu or a sheet with eyeholes. I leave “Greek fisherman’s” caps to Greek fishermen and Hawaiian shirts to Hawaiians.
    2. I don’t wear superfluous “cover” garments not dictated by the weather. Nothing screams “I have a gun!!!” like a “photographer’s vest” on somebody not carrying a camera.

    • i once trapped a yellow jacket under my greek fisherman’s cap while snag fishing for spawning (dying) chinook and coho. the old railbirds told me to place some spit from my chaw tabac directly onto it and damned if it wasn’t a stingkill. i have had wasps caught in my leather jacket while riding and subsequently searched the highway shoulders for a discarded navy cut to make a polstice.

  44. OWB Serpa with a shirt long enough to minimally conceal. And yes, it prints. All. Day. Long. Fact is, all the people you think are going to notice actually won’t or don’t in reality. But then again, deep concealment isn’t exactly a priority for me in the AZ.

    • Oh my…a S-S-S-SERPA??? Do you shoot yourself pretty much every time you draw your pistol, even just to put it away? Don’t deny it, the internets told me it’s true.

      • LOL.

        My index finger naturally falls along the side of my XD when the button is actuated, not the trigger. In fact, you have to make a conscious effort to move your finger down into the trigger guard for those sort of shenanigans to happen. Suffice to say, I haven’t contracted glock leg yet 😉

  45. I use Galco tuckable holsters when carrying IWB with my LCR or LCP. I also have a pocket holster for my LCP that I use occasionally. Like many others have mentioned, about 4 oclock is most comfortable.

  46. Threat level LCP: Desantis Superfly (without flap) in pants pocket or IWB Galco Triton at 3 o’clock.

    Threat level SR9c: Stealthgear Ventcore IWB Mini at 4 o’clock. Best summer IWB holster ever. Really, try it.

  47. Ruger SR9c, OWB, Black dog Concealment Kydex holster. Two 17 round mags in Kytex mag holsters, OWB, weak side.

  48. Appendix, iwb, s&w shield, with an outbags leather holster. I’m a chubby guy with some love handles so 3 o clock sticks out and looks obvious. The outbags holster in the appendix position is extremely comfortable for me and as I lose weight it gets more comfortable still.

    A little naa guardian 32 is pretty neat in the pocket when I’m going to be raising my arms above my head or something similar that would show the shield if it were in the belt line.

  49. i edc a 938 in an r.grizzle horsehide rough n ready iwb, 4 o’clock.
    more summerier the same goes in a horsehide recluse front pocket.
    more colderer is full size 75b in a horsehide freedom tuck iwb. that last one may become a p-01, but either way a good (better) belt is required.

  50. Tanfoglio BTA-90, 13 +1, safety off. 3 to 3:30. 15 round mag and Gerber folder 9:00. IWB Galco until 1 Jan 16. OWB semi-ridgid nylon paddle with thumb break.

  51. Strange to criticize IWB carry for speed of draw but then admit to ankle carry.
    And what’s the big deal about wearing pants one size larger? One size. I can’t think of a better reason to buy more comfortable pants than to better conceal my gun. Most people wear pants two sizes too small so you should be going with one size up anyway.
    I only OWB carry when I open carry.

  52. Concealed, OWB in an L.A.G Tactical holster about the 3pm position. On the occasion I want something a little deeper cover, I use a Remora or Sticky Holster with one of a couple of smallish .380(s). IWB is just too uncomfortable for me and I don’t; want to change pant’s size.

  53. LC9s pro in Elite holster front right pocket. Extra mag in back left pocket or front left thigh pocket it available

  54. Bersa Thunder 380 in a pocket holster, covering hammer with my thumb on the way out to avoid snagging. It’s muscle memory now.

  55. I’ve started carrying around a Policeman; those bumper stickers are wrong, if you have the right holster, Steve doesn’t bother me at all. I mean you have to feed them donuts and everything, but that’s ok.

  56. G19 with 2 spare mags in a Miami classic (the original, not the II). I love the way it rides, and it conceals well, while allowing me to move fairly normally. It hides under a suit coat (my Mon to Fri work week clothes) or a sports coat, and in hot weather it really shines under a light, loose over-shirt. Ive carried various pistols in various holsters all over my belt(s) for years and never came close to the comfort and concealment of a pistol this size in a Miami classic. Coupled with a SW .380 BG in a Tagua leather ankle rig and my EDC pistols are good to go, well concealed, and so comfortable that I routinely wear them while pursuing our side business, where I load and unload furtiture from a truck and trailer all day, and drive many hours. This rig let’s me comfortably conceal and carry enough gun, everywhere, with no pain. I’ll never look back.

  57. I carry either an HK USP Compact or P2000 in Black Dog Concealment IWB holsters, Bravo Conacelment or Black Dog Concealment OWB holsters, or a G-Code paddle holster.

  58. I use bum bag AEGIS (Czech made) for carrying CZ P-07 (compact) and even P-09 (full-size). It is rather comfortable with the use of additional bearing belt over my shoulder. The bum bag is tested in really tough conditions. Though it conseales the gun completely, it enables to draw the gun quickly as a flash. You can believe my recommendation.

  59. Beretta Cougar 8000f IWB in a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. When I need thight concealment. Springfield XDS 3.3 in a Kydex IWB.

  60. IWB, Ruger SR9e [for now], roughly between the 5 and 6 o’clock positions, in an AlienGear Cloak Tuck 3.0 [formerly a 2.0, but it was time to replace it]. So comfortable that I honestly can almost forget it’s even there.

    Planning to upgrade to an SR45 soon, but will just get a new shell and use the same holster. Considered switching to a 1911 platform for the added slimness, but if I’ve had no problem deep-concealing the wider Ruger SR series for over two years now, there’s really no reason to. I’ll get one anyway because I want a 1911, but for EDC, the SR series has won me over.

    • When I OC, it seems like I keep bumping into things with my gun. IWB carry keeps it out of the way.
      People who say IWB carry is uncomfortable are just not used to it. Wearing a hat is uncomfortable. Underwear. And what about shoes? Give a cave man a pair of shoes and he’ll have them off in no time.
      I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa with my Glock 19 IWB and I didn’t notice it was on me.

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