Being a field service engineer, we imagine Matthew spends a fair amount of time out and about. Hence the IWB-carried G19. See what else he totes at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. I have that tdi knife as well. I carry it weak side to defend against a gun grab. it makes me look like a tool but I Oc anyway so I already looked like one :p

    • I’ll admit, I thought the TDI was a bit of a joke. But I bought one anyway for the IWB carry possibilities. I thought I’d only carry it when I couldn’t carry my pistol. However, I’ve found that it carries in the front pocket like a dream. I’ve removed the belt clip and now it rides in my front right pocket everyday. It pushes my little flashlight right to the edge of my pocket and keeps it upright and easy to grab. prints like a wallet or a money clip when the clip is left on. I work in a corporate office. I’ve never once created a concern carrying like this. And its easier to deploy as when I was carrying IWB and tucked. Conceals just as well in snug fitting Jeans too. Yea,.. I wear my jeans tight. Ladies request it. 😉


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