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The GLOCK 34 is a big EDC gun, but in the right holster slung on a good belt, you can tote almost anything. Check out Will’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Having upgraded to a Glock 34 myself, I can say that the gun is surprisingly light. (Far lighter than compact all metal guns.) Not sure if I would do as well with an IWB holster, but it rides quite comfortably OWB. Interestingly, even with a Surefire X300, it comes in at almost the exact same weight as my P229.

  2. Not knocking the persons carry choices but that can be an easy walking felony multiple times over in a number of states. Possession of metalic knuckles,out the front automatic knife and possession of burglary tools for the lock picks. These of course depend on the police,prosecutor and the person. If he is a one armed man/woman, is a locksmith he would still be looking at felony charges for the metallic knuckles. I wonder what state allows all of the items as a regular joe with no question and no risk of arrest with the strictest interpretation of current laws?

    • You raise good points. To further question the wisdom of those “utilicards,” those picks are borderline worthless. So you’re risking a felony on tools you can’t even really use. And a sheet metal arrowhead? I’m assuming this is some kind of “survival kit” type card. I wish this fellow the best of luck with getting legit results from them.

    • As a matter of fact my edc consists of either a Microtech OTF knife or a Paragon Warlock gravity folder (the coolest knife on the planet btw) along with my pistol.
      WHEN YOU LIVE IN FREE AMERICA YOU CAN DO THAT! Don’t knock the guys back up knuckles just because you can’t carry them or they might be against the law in some less than free states. Instead knock your local and state reps for allowing your freedom be infringed. A good OTF knife is a GREAT tool to have.

      • I personally wouldn’t carry an OTF even of I could legally. All linear force is going right into the actuating and locking mechanism, whereas a folding knife is putting that force into a (usually) much stronger pivot. Price is usually scaled with quality on knives though, so a $200 OTF may be significantly better than a $40 folder.

        I also don’t like the feel of OTFs in my hand, too bulky in the wrong places.

      • Ed check the batteries in your reading comprehension hat I think they are dead. The very first words I typed were “Not knocking…” Until the rest of us get to live in Your free America it doesn’t hurt to point out possible risks in EDC choices for those that care or travel outside their state.

        • I guess you can knock the whole post as long as you say “not knockin” first. Kinda like saying ” nothing personal” before you insult someone. By the way, I made a choice to MOVE to free America at a hefty cost so I could enjoy some of the freedoms we all should have, even those who are kinds slow on the uptake (nothing personal) ….now go watch a few YouTube videos on the Microtech Combat Trodon and drool!

  3. brass knuckles were almost deregulated in VA in 2015 but then all the representatives went wobbly and killed the bill in a re-vote.

  4. >survival card
    useless bullshit
    if you want to carry stuff every day to survive in the wilderness carry a knife (check), a space blanket, some paracord on a bracelet or key fob, and a granola bar
    rescues happen in 72 hours or less usually, not long enough to need fishhooks or arrowheads, but more than long enough to go hypothermic

    >medic card
    useless bullshit
    carry band-aides which are far more likely to be used
    if you’re in the city, you should never be suturing anyone up, especially not with flat ass unsterilized needles, and you wont need bandage clips without any bandages
    if you’re in the wilderness, you need a real first aide kit

    >burglary tools
    idiotic beyond belief

    >brass knuckles
    idiotic beyond belief
    carry pepper spray or a taser if you want a non-gun/knife backup weapon

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