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As Craig writes, “I am a Sig guy, first and foremost. From time to time, though, I just want to carry a Glock.” His secret is safe with us. See what else Craig carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. If a person carries a Glock to defend that which is most important to him (his life), then he can’t be much of a SIG guy.

    More likely just a bit confused about which tool is actually the best one for the job, or maybe someone who is subject to a lot of peer pressure from rich shooting buddies.

    A “closet” SIG guy. Now I’ve heard it all…

      • I suppose that’s true. Hinting at those closet SIG tendencies again (NTTAWWT)…

        A baker’s dozen 125 grain Gold Dots out of a Gen4 G32 is a good combo. A person could do a whole lot worse than that (and many do).

  2. That flashlight is great- I carried as a backup that was usually better than my primary light. At least until I lost it because it was too conveniently small 🙁

  3. That folder is one of the best values around. Ontario RAT model 1, think I paid around $45-50. Smooth action, stout lock, sturdy clip, just-right blade style and size for general use.


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