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The divine Mr. or Mrs. M is a custom GLOCK kinda guy or gal. That Zev Tech G17 has everything but the kitchen sink. See what else he/she carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Yeah sort of missing a holster…I noticed that too.

      My wife already thinks I’m nuts for carrying a G26, a 19rnd spare, a folder, and a Streamlight when I leave the house. This is a ho’ nutha’ level.

      I know this is 2016 but there is absolutely no way a woman, even a shooting enthusiast, would carry that assortment. Steel comb, black crinkle Zippo, hanky, money clip…all that’s missing is a can of pomade, an engraved silver cigarette case, and a Clark Gable Fan Club card.

  1. Another person with a real gun rather than a mouse gun. I like the way he makes decisions. Chapstick instead of Dude Stick is a good sign too.

  2. I haven’t met a woman yet who carries a bottle opener or a money clip. Pocket knives are, I would assume, pretty uncommon as well. Just sayin.’

    • Chicks with pocket knives are actually pretty common outside of the coasts.

      Chicks that mark their mags with paint pen on the other hand are either current/retired mil and/or non-existent.

      The use of regular medicated Chap Stick and a legit pocket square suggest a guy. The decision coin suggests a chick.

      How they identify is up to them though.

  3. A decent knife, a handheld light, a full sized handgun, x300u, a spare magazine, an rmr and proper rear sight placement. Did we just become best friends? Apart from the missing medical stuff, this is an excellent edc!


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