Free Kindle Downloads of TTAG Writer Josh Wayner’s Book, ‘Savage State’

The story is set in the near future of a terrifying post-apocalyptic Michigan where a power struggle between two city-states looms. Caught up in the growing hostilities, Olivia Zdanowicz is a fearsome and highly motivated woman armed with her wit, willpower, and a .338 Lapua Magnum. Olivia is more than willing to secure her place in the world using any means necessary.

Savage State boldly addresses realities that many are reluctant to acknowledge, thus painting a less-than-ideal picture of human nature. Yet despite the sometimes horrific action, there’s also the promise of a new and better tomorrow, a tomorrow that often exists in spite of the eventualities of his characters’ situation.

As you’d expect given Wayner’s knowledge of precision rifle shooting and competition, the book features the accurate depiction of guns and their manufacture. Readers will find familiar weapons and cartridges in use by his characters, often as a parallel and defining trait of the individuals themselves. Gun culture and ownership are key factors of the plot, and their use and trade feature prominently in the primary conflicts.

Starting today, the Kindle version of Savage State is available for free until December 30.



  1. avatar Rich K. says:

    Is it available in .epub format? I don’t own a Kindle, just a B&N Nook and an Android phone.

    1. avatar Kendahl says:

      There is supposed to be a version of Kindle software that runs on Android phones.

    2. avatar Geoff PR: says:

      So, I have to ‘sign up’ for something ‘for free’ for a platform I don’t own?
      Did anyone get this in .mobi? I can convert to .epub…

      1. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

        I do much of my reading on an Android “phablet” (Moto G4+) using the Kindle app. I already had an Amazon account before beginning this so I’m not positive but I believe you will need to connect your Android device to an existing Amazon account. However, you can open an account for zero cost and don’t ever have to buy anything. The downside is that you’ll need to give them valid credit card info and email address and you’ll get occasional email offers.

        There are services and apps that will convert just about any ebook format to any other. I haven’t had need to use such a thing but a year or so ago I did a bit of research and found lots of help.

        1. avatar Ben says:

          Amazon also has a downloadable app for PC. Iphone, Android, or PC/Mac are all workable solutions…

    3. avatar John says:

      Get it quickly in whatever format you can from Amazon. Don’t be surprised when they delete it without telling you though. Need to boycott Amazon! Has NO ONE ELSE read their anti-gun accessories selling sh!t? They randomly ban selling things that are gun related and scary to them. FOR EXAMPLE: Magazines loaders, that can accommodate the following calibers: .223/5.56; 7.62×51; 308; 7.62×39; 5.45×39 are not allowed to be sold. Virtually all firearm parts to include a scary detent spring aren’t allowed to be sold and the list keeps growing. Liberal bullish&t to a “T”. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself
      If the link doesn’t work the rediculous list is under their policies information section.
      Maybe this is old news, but I can’t believe it didn’t make more of an uproar.

      1. avatar John says:

        Aaaaand no one cares because they get a free book.

        1. avatar The Gray Poseur says:

          John, I can shorten your entire post to 2 word: Jeff Bezos. Same idea, shorter journey.

    4. avatar Bollocks Troy says:

      Post apocalyptic Michigan? So he’s writing about present day.

    5. avatar Geoff PR: says:

      “Is it available in .epub format?”

      There are free websites that will convert .mobi to .epub (or PDF).

      This is one, there are others:

  2. avatar JohnS says:

    Amazon is not yet showing ‘free’ – 26 Dec 11:00 PST

    1. avatar Kendahl says:

      It was free at 1:12 pm CST.

      1. avatar Five says:

        Make sure you are on the Kindle format and not the paper format.

      2. Just purchased for free. Will read soon.

        1. On page 21. I dig it. It’s like “the road” but from a little bit of the other side… I’m hoping for somekind of redemption at the end, but the brutal truth may be all that’s intended here.

          Strong character, just dealing with personal demons and dilemmas.

  3. avatar Ben says:

    Yep, ‘free’ if you pay for Kindle Unlimited at $9.99 a month, or sign up for their 30 day ‘free’ trial.

    1. avatar Five says:

      It shows free to me (with-out kindle unlimited).

      1. avatar Ben says:

        Yep, sure enough… I downloaded it without doing Kindle Unlimited. They certainly try to lead me to believe that it’s a requirement, though. I stand corrected… I’m on an android, by the way.

        1. avatar Five says:

          yeah, that right side is getting to be a cluttered mess of different buttons on Amazon.

        2. avatar Geoff PR: says:

          “Yep, sure enough… I downloaded it without doing Kindle Unlimited. They certainly try to lead me to believe that it’s a requirement, though.”

          I hate to be a PITA, but could you please walk me through the steps you took to get it?

        3. avatar Five says:

          @Geoff PR go to this link:

          On the right side you should see a button that says “Read for Free”. Do NOT click that one. Below it should be a second button that says, “Buy now with 1 Click”. That is the button to click.

          Above those two buttons, you should see this:

          Digital List Price: $3.99
          Print List Price: $22.99
          Kindle Price: $0.00
          Save $22.99 (100%)

          So effectively, you are buying it for 0.00 dollars.

          I think you have to have a saved payment method and possibly a registered Kindle or Kindle app (on a phone or computer) to see the “Buy now with 1 click” button.

        4. avatar Geoff PR: says:

          ‘Buy with one click’ is there, and the price shows $0.00.

          So far, so good.

          When I click ‘Buy with one click’ , it takes me to the Amazon sign-in and password page:

          New to Amazon?
          Create your Amazon account


        5. avatar Five says:

          @Geoff PR

          Haahaahaa and down the rabbit hole you go! They have a configuration page somewhere for 1-click. I’ve got my amazon account configured to allow 1-click for kindle purchases only and require a login for everything else.

          Well, actually I just checked and they’ve changed it since I last configured the setting, so, I’m going to avoid saying anything else on it until I’ve looked through the new configurations (which may have been around for a awhile by now).

    2. avatar Roughneck says:

      If you click the “Buy with one click”, you can get it for free without signing up for the 30 day free trial or without being a member of Kindle Unlimited. I JUST did it and it worked just fine. Just opened the book on my Kindle.

      1. avatar Ben says:

        Yep, I was misled by their ‘leading’ links… I did the same, got it free.

  4. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    I am too busy writing my own crappy novels to read Josh’s. Lots of people write books. Probably lots of the readers here even.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      I currently have three Sci-Fi titles – two novels and a short story – available on Amazon for Kindle. I won’t plug them here lest I annoy RF, but the main protagonist in one is an 18-year-old girl who open-carries an S&W 686 as her EDC (fiction, remember) and shoots an Accuracy International AXM338 in competition. I shy away from dystopias, however, preferring to have a more optimistic take on the future of this great nation.

      Jihadists and stupid politicians tend to be my antagonists.

      1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

        Mine (two) were near future Sci Fi as well. Sort of a reworking of Star Gate except in place of Col. Oneil I have a convicted mass murder/semi-psychopath (with a tiny little heart of gold of course) leading the missions for his own self-actualization. I am aware that they just don’t seem like complete stories to people so I no longer recommend them to anyone even if I have left them on Amazon. I have long ago grown tired a post apocalyptic morality novels as well. That is really probably why I have no interest in the novel plugged here. I hope he does a lot better than I did though.

      2. avatar Guardiano says:

        Plug ’em anyway, my interest is piqued.

        I’m 70k words into my own near-future sci-fi novel. Problem is, I’ve been 70k words into it for over a year now.

  5. avatar Five says:

    Dan, bad link. You’re linking to the paperback edition instead of the kindle edition.

    1. avatar Ben says:

      Right next to the box that says paperback, is a box that says Kindle.

      1. avatar Five says:

        Yeah, but you’re asking me to make two clicks instead of one. And if I actually want to get it, then I have to make a third click! That’s a 50% increase in clicks! Absolutely outrageous for a free product I tell you!

        1. avatar Timmy! says:

          I’m with Five on this. You folks underestimate just how lazy I am.

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Cool. I’m almost done with my current book.

  7. avatar DaveInAK says:

    I couldn’t get the Kindle version at all using the Amazon iPhone app. It wouldn’t let me purchase it free without the unlimited subscription or Prime. But was able to get it fine using the web page.

  8. avatar AaronW says:

    I’ll stick with Correia’s Monster Hunter books and JL Bourne’s Day by Day series.

    1. avatar MouseGun says:

      If you like the Day by Day Armaghedon (it’s a hard word to spell), I highly recommend the Purge of Babylon series.

  9. avatar FlamencoD says:

    When they make it a movie, will every Glock and other striker fired pistol make a clicking sound every time it is moved or aimed?

    This sounds cool. The .338 LM is a bit of a stretch IMO due to cost/availability in a post-apocalyptic world, but otherwise I’m sure it is exciting to read through and I’m sure the technical details will be great.

    1. That plot point is adequately explained, and honestly not to far out there given the type of person the story centers on.

  10. avatar YAR0892 says:

    Hell yeah- I love free books! Thanks very much!

    1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

      There is a virtually endless supply of free books on Amazon. You just have to look. Most of them, like most of the not free ones suck though. With this plug, Josh is trying to get his “sales” rank up, temporarily anyway so more people see, perhaps read, and most importantly review the book. He is trying to generate momentum. I moved 1200 – 1300 copies in my give-aways and didn’t get a single review. From what I understand, the average review to copy transmitted is about ratio is at least 1000 to 1. I didn’t even get one from my give-aways. My only reviews came from sending it directly to reviewers and begging them and from a few friends who I told to tell the truth but still got a generous average or 3 stars from them. From a friend, a 3 is a this book isn’t something I’d read normally though. My boss at the time gave it a totally bogus 4 even after pleaded with her not to lie for me.

  11. avatar Stinkeye says:

    Not a huge fan of post-apocalyptic fiction. It’ll get here soon enough, and I want to be surprised when it happens.

  12. avatar Joatmon says:

    You lost me at Michigan. Sorry.

    1. avatar peirsonb says:

      I dunno. Post apocalyptic Michigan seems plausible. Detroit’s halfway there already.

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