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Josh is a 21-year-old IT guy from Fargo. Click here to see if he’s funny lookin’. (Go Bears!) I reckon there’s something funny about carrying four knives. Funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha. Two knives I understand. You want to carry one knife for . . .

cutting stuff. A knife that will get knocked around and need sharpening. You want a second razor-sharp self-defense knife, maybe something assisted or auto. But four?

Click here to ID Josh’s blades. Share your WTF or a rationale in the comments section below.

And yes, we’re deep into territory. So a quick word about guns . . .

Assuming you don’t buy firearms based on Second Amendment politics, Josh’s Springfield Armory 9mm XDS is a solid choice for on-board self-defense, especially with two extended mags. But FDE fails to beat basic black when you’re color-coordinating blade and bullet thrower. Wait. Does anybody do that? Do you?

Click in the box below to peruse dare I say it more logical EDC loadouts.

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  1. Like I said in the earlier article: if you buy a gun by a blacklisted company but get it used, they’re not going to make more money.
    Think of it this way: Nazis were scum – we all agree on that. But how many of you would pass up a wartime Luger pistol? Or Mauser rifle? Quality is really hard to argue against.
    As for the knives, I figure he’s just showing off the selection he rotates from day to day.

    • Well, I’ll put it this way – for all that Luger ‘quality’, no way in hell would I ever EDC that gun. I certainly wouldn’t kick it out of bed (gunsafe), but I wouldn’t EDC it.

      Speaking of EDC…

      This loadout looks familiar, especially that green skinner.

      Was this a repeat ECD loadout?

  2. I carry two knives and a multitool. One knife I use regularly, one was a gift I gave my father that I got back when he died, and the multitool has its uses (though I rarely cut anything with it). It’s not too hard to imagine a purpose for a fourth one – particularly if it’s suited for self defense.

  3. Farago quotes “Fargo.” If Josh goes fish’in up at Mille Lacs, he might need a few different knives.

  4. Wasn’t this posted a week or so ago ?

    Anywho , could be a rotation , or two on him , one in car , one in a bag he carries.
    Or perhaps like me he just likes knives .

  5. I also carry four knives. Two for utility, two for defense. Two of them are pocket folders with 3 inch blades; one of them has a serration/saw the other is a very sharp drop point, one is a hair cut sharp 6.7 inch pocket dagger with a fixed blade and finger loop which I keep concealed, and my primary is a black handled Chipaway Cutlery knife with a 7.5 inch blade I wear on my belt. Sometimes I keep the folders on one side, sometimes I keep one in both front pockets to dual-wield.

    I have Schizoaffective Disorder so Piquerism comes along with it. I have an obsession with sharp objects(as far as I know I always have)but I’m not needlessly violent or threatening with them. People would repeatedly get physical with me growing up so I’d like to be prepared.

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