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There are people who won’t carry a Taurus handgun due to reliability concerns. TTAG’s Jeremy S. gave the semi-auto a five-star review. In any case, I say you shouldn’t trust ANY handgun’s reliability until you establish that your gun feeding your ammo goes bang every time. In other words . . .

Don’t trust. Verify. If you can afford it, fire at least 100 rounds of carry ammo through the gun. If you can’t, make it twenty.

Once you establish that your EDC works with your choice of self-defense ammo, if you spent less than you might have on another brand, good for you! If the gun isn’t reliable, try different ammo. If that doesn’t work, sell the gun.

Take the loss. Get a gun that works, regardless of brand. And note: while some brands are more likely not to MALF than others, ANY gun can be a lemon.

OK, so roninadf carries the $279 .380 Taurus PT 78 most days. Chef don’t judge. (Although Taurus do.)

Empire Tactical solid titanium skull knuckle (courtesy

As you can see, the 41-year-old Georgia dock hand also carries an Empire Tactical titanium skull knuckle. [BTW all carry items are linked to sellers at Well, except this one. And some others.] Along with a Spyderco Yojimbo 2 G-10 Plain Edge Blade Pocket Knife. 

Clearly, this guy’s prepared to go hands on. Are you? And would a judge or jury look askance at the pissed off-looking skull knuckle in the wake of a defensive gun use, or, for that matter, a defensive skull perforation? Does that matter?

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  1. I would like to own a Taurus .380 and a keltec PF9 but with my Ruger’s and Glocks I just don’t see any room for a gun that may not be as reliable as the tried and true ones.

  2. When choosing something I might use as a weapon but I’d like to keep subtle, I will avoid any motif that might suggest death/violence. It’s part of the reason I chose my Cold Steel Irish Walking Stick instead of something with skulls/spikes/stylized guns/etc. on it. Same for my DeSantis City Slicker, plain black leather – no decoration.
    Roninadf may tell us “hey, it’s just a keychain” regarding his knuckle skull… until it gets used as something other than a keychain.
    Maybe it’s just not my style, but it seems to lack discretion.

    • For the weight of the knuckle thing and two of the three knives, you could get a container of pepper spray and be better prepared.

  3. He works the docks. That’s a special environment. I worked security in a commercial harbor. Ships, with crews, from around the world. And a lot of those crews are not made up of sunday school teachers or students.

    I always had multiple ways to hurt a person close to hand. Last place I got shot at was in the harbor.

  4. I’ve had 6 Tauri that ran fine…just break them in thoroughly. Didn’t feel the TCP was “enough” though I had no problems with it. Still have to shoot the 7th Taurus- a SS Ultralite 85 I got the wife for Christmas(HER choice)…

    • I’ve never used a Taurus semi. But I’ve owned and used several of their revolvers. Including the 85. Never had trouble with the taurii and the 4 inch .38, I think it was an 82, kept a bunch of yutes off me one night.

      Who knew going to taco bell could be an adventure?

  5. I Have a taurus model 605 5 shot stainless 357 magnum n put about 400 rounds of both full power n 38 +P loads n to this day never had any problems thank the Lord

  6. If i have my pants on my taurus pt709slim is in front pocket. 20 rnds ? Really 100 rounds meh ? I have a well documented 2700 rounds thru this pistol and its not missed a beat. I believe if you carry you should shoot. And maintain proficiency.

    • Well you are lucky because my 709 misses every beat. And the last time it went to Taurus it came back with the rear sight loose in the box.

  7. Taurus is the only gun I carry. It could be either of my Taurus firearms 627 357mag, pt 809 9mm, 1911 45cal. You can bet if I have my pants on one of these are on my side.

  8. I stopped round counting in my TCP after 1000 rounds. I’ve probably doubled that number by now. It has yet to have a malfunction. The only issue I’ve ever had is if I try to clear the gun, sometimes the round in the chamber would get wedged in the breach face. (Only with XTP hollowppints.) I guess they are a little longer than the round or flat nose FMJ ammo. It loads and fires them fine however.

    I don’t shoot it as much as I used to but I can still hit 8” plates at 25 yards with it about 4 out of 6 shots. And it has terrible sights. That would be my one complaint.

  9. Every maker has issues.some hide them and others go out of there way to fix em.look into Glocks past issues.all kinds of issues over the years.whatever you carry just make sure you are familiar with it.Shooting at paper is a lot different than people.

  10. “OK, so roninadf carries the $279 .380 Taurus PT 78 most days. Chef don’t judge. (Although Taurus do.)”

    It’s a Taurus PT 738, not 78. Also what are you trying to link to there. Shows up as http://279.99 which is nothing.


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