That may look like a lot of gun for EDC, but Jeffrey says, “I carry ALL of these items 7 days a week.” More power to him. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. Tier one operations! It has been my experience that these gear centric guys tend to dump 1-2k in a Glock, than an equal amount into an AR that they rarely, if ever shoot. When they do it’s the AR doing “drills” that look like random mag dumps at targets 10-15 yards out.

  2. 5.56×45= coyote. 7.62×51= grizzly bear. Glock= plastic. 1911= boat anchor………. How I Lost My Guns: The boat anchor let go, the boat drifted over the falls, the two rifles sunk, but the Glock floated to the top.I will never fish for coyote or bear again.

  3. While I respect his commitment (as opposed to carrying a much smaller gun), I wonder what kind of job he has that he can carry like that every day.


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