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Now through tomorrow morning, Sportsman’s Guide has hundreds of items reduced to once-a-year sale pricing. Like the Ruger American Rifle All-Weather seen above for $313.49. Plus, get Free Shipping with no minimum order with coupon code SH2615. To see all of the 24-hour Black Friday and Door Buster deals, visit Sportsman’s Guide here.

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  1. Screw em, won’t spend money with them because they have for somehow come up with the idea that shipping ammo to Ventura County is prohibited.

    • A LOT of online ammo retailers refuse to ship to a handful of California counties. My $0.02… I think you need to look closer to home to figure out why this is, rather than directing your animus at the retailers. When district attorneys for various counties announce that they’re going to start suing and prosecuting out-of-state online retailers for selling ammo into their counties, even though it isn’t technically against the law (yet…it’s supposed to be in all of CA in just over a month), it’s easy to point a finger at the retailer and suggest they do it anyway and put some cash away just in case they have to go to court over it, but it would make a lot more sense to point that finger at your elected officials and tell them to knock that crap off and try to get them voted out of office, etc etc. California’s nightmare quagmire labyrinth of gun and ammo laws sucks. If I were selling gun-related stuff online I’d have to think long and hard about whether I wanted to take the risk of selling into CA and how much money it was worth spending on lawyers and such to ensure compliance with that nightmare of state-, county-, and city-level regulations.

      • This is where CalGuns ought to step up and do something. If this were Maine I’d be calling GOME or SAM. Maybe they also recruit some national organization help as well.

    • We will ship zip to CA. No mags, no guns, no accessories. We also refuse to sell to any “exempt” entity in any state that won’t allow the same item to be shipped to the little people. However if you are from one of the socialist states and walk in we have no problem selling you any long guns or other banned items as long as you don’t say your taking them home.

  2. I’ll have to check them out later. Nomad clothing is having a pretty good sale on some hunting clothes.
    I’m gonna pull the trigger on a couple hundred bucks worth.


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