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“The [University of Texas] regents made just one tweak to the [campus carry] policies during Wednesday’s meeting,” reports, “doing away with a controversial proposed rule that would require people carrying semi-automatic handguns to remove bullets from the guns before bringing them on campus . . .

The regents who voted to strike the rule said they heard from numerous experts who said it would be safer to just leave the guns loaded, rather than trying to take the ammunition out before heading onto campus.

“The body of evidence we’ve received shows it is inherently safer…to not allow guns to be chambered, un-chambered on campus,” said Jeffrey Hildebrand, a regent from Houston who proposed the motion to strike the rule. “The less that one manipulates a gun…the better, and the safer it is.”

So strike one for actual, honest-to-God gun control. Meanwhile, highlights the fact that university professors will be able to ban firearms from their offices. Because that will stop armed visitors from carrying a concealed gun into their inner sancta. Or not.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Mike Strickland's Arrested for Brandishing. Fair Cop?">Previous Post
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  1. Surprising. I would have figured that a couple of students experiencing ND’s in the parking lot while complying with the regulation would have been exactly what they wanted.

    I guess they just aren’t as hardcore as the Northeast anti’s, who gleefully bathe in the blood, down there in Texas. Amateurs.

    • The amount of logical thought being documented is astounding! Amending rules to increase actual, real-world safety! Maybe some universities aren’t totally lost after all.

      • And based on info from a gun safety expert that isn’t “demanding”, what a concept.

  2. “University of Texas Tweaks Campus Carry: Rounds May Be Chambered”

    Like the school ever had a choice.

  3. It’s good. Somebody at a university actually listened to some sense when it came to campus carry. Living in the northeast, it’s a shocker.

  4. The hoplophobe professors just need to ban bullets from their offices. You don’t really have to enter the office with a gun to shoot a prof – it’s just as easy to stand in the hallway. But if the bullets themselves were banned, then the professors would be safe.

  5. Why was this even a consideration? You either allow carry or you don’t.

    If carry is allowed then that’s all. You don’t get to decide people’s behavior or choices on how they carry.

    Yet another case of people that can’t control heir feelings trying to control other people’s behavior.

    How people choose to handle their firearms is already covered by existing gun safety and normal gun laws.

  6. Can’t wait to see what this does to Texas schools’ rankings.

    • That’s actually an interesting point. There is a movement afoot to include other non-academic factors in the college ranking formulas out there.

      So instead of looking at just entrance exam scores, GPAs, acceptance rate, graduation rates, etc, the rankings would include things like student diversity, crime rates, and whatever else.

      What’s to keep those who publish rankings from dinging a school for no other reason than that the state allows campus carry?

      • Peer reviews of a university are also used. Not to mention prestige of faculty publication which is certainly going to take a hit. Also, the rankings are determined by private companies, most prominently US News and World Report, owned by a Canadian born democrat that helped write Obama’s speeches. So, if you went to a Texas university, your degree will be worth less very soon. But I guess you’ll be safe…maybe

        • I’m completely fine with that. Having paid a fair amount of money to UT only to attend classes where lectures were given by TAs while the “professor” was off researching or writing papers, I think the system can stand to trim a little fat before the academic quality takes too much of a hit.

          Fewer elitist dopes coming to a university to buy a prestigious degree rather than actually learning applied skills also could be seen as a good thing.

          Cleaning up the glass of muddy water one drop at a time.

      • That would be very helpful. I’d prefer a low ranked school with substandard liberal arts, poor diversity, no safe spaces, no recognition or discussion of feelings or microaggressions, no virtue signaling (whatever the f that is), and campus carry.

    • N-frame revolvers can hold 8 rounds of 357 (same size as a 44 Mag 6 shot). Question, are they legal in New York?

      • Despite its reluctance to die off, the 7 round restriction is gone in NY. While in the past it did in fact exist, it is now an urban legend so far as present day legality is concerned.


  8. FYI, reproduced below is what UT sent out to faculty this morning. Note that UT is explicitly telling faculty that they cannot prohibit carry in “their” classes, nor can they use the syllabus to discourage students from carrying. This is a pretty direct shot at the profs (e.g., Stephen Weinberg) who have said that they will purport to ban students who carry from taking their classes.

    As I wrote in an earlier TTAG article (, a number of state legislators had already said that such a disregard of the law would have consequences (*cough* funding *cough*). The UT administration seems to have gotten the point.

    From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2016 10:35 AM
    To: University of Texas at Austin-GEN-FACULTY-ALL-Official
    Subject: [GEN-FACULTY-ALL-Official] Message from Provost McInnis Regarding Campus Carry

    Dear faculty members,
    As you may have heard, yesterday the UT System Board of Regents signed off on the rules for implementing the state’s new campus carry law at UT Austin. Bob Harkins, Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Security, sent an email to the campus community yesterday afternoon about some of the preparations that are under way in advance of the August 1 implementation of this new law.
    I want to emphasize two issues of particular interest to you, our faculty members.
    First, faculty who are solely assigned to an office may prohibit the concealed carry of a handgun in that office.
    If you choose to exercise this discretion, you must provide oral notice that the concealed carry of a handgun is prohibited in your office. Oral notice is the only legally effective way to provide notice about the prohibition under the policy UT Austin adopted. The syllabus is not the medium by which students should be informed of this sort of prohibition.
    Faculty members who share offices with others do not have this discretion.
    Second, permit holders are allowed to carry concealed handguns in classrooms.
    Faculty members may not impose a ban on concealed handguns in their classrooms, and they cannot use syllabi to discourage the concealed carry of handguns.
    I understand and share the concerns many faculty members have expressed about this new state law. This is an emotional and challenging issue, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know that we are in this together. I care deeply about the impact these policies have on you as faculty, and I will work hard to make sure your voices are heard as we move ahead. Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with me here.
    The university is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, as well as respecting the rights of individuals who are licensed to carry a handgun as permitted by Texas law.
    We have prepared an informational sheet for faculty members about campus carry, and I encourage you to read it.
    Additional information can be found in the FAQs on the campus carry website.
    I appreciate your cooperation as we implement these policies, and work together to comply with this new law.

    Maurie McInnis
    Executive Vice President and Provost

    • “This is an emotional and challenging issue, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know that we are in this together.”

      In this together…….oh man, that is hilarious. I can just picture several hundred aging hippie doofus professors holding hands in petrified solidarity as they arrive on campus this fall. They’ll be sweating bullets over someone, somewhere lawfully and peacefully carrying bullets.

      • Yes – it is comical.

        I carried a gun to class and to professor’s offices pretty much all the time after turning 21. years later know now that I’m older and DGAF I’d like to go back and let them know.

        • I’d love to see you do that. Pull a harmless micro aggression on them like that, and you’d see TAs and Profs alike screaming and scrambling for a “safe space” like it was the last chopper outta Saigon.

  9. No problem. I’ll just lay my loaded pistol on the floor outside my Prof’s office while we discuss my homework. I’m sure she won’t mind.

    • Even better . . . per UT rules (, if a prof wants to ban guns from his/her office, they can, but then they have to make reasonable alternative arrangements:

      “In addition, if the occupant’s duties ordinarily entail meeting people who may be license holders, the occupant will make reasonable arrangements to meet them in another location.”

      Ergo, a carrier (or even someone who is not but just wants to jack with them) needs to respond to any “oral notice” that guns are not allowed with the following: “Fine, so per UT regulations what is the alternate location where you are willing to meet?” And if they refuse to set a reasonable one, then file a complaint.

      • Oh, that’s just brilliant!

        So, they HAVE to actually meet with someone carrying, not hide in their office peeing themselves?

        So, UT grew a set of balls at some point and I missed it?

        That rule COMPLETELY neuters the “you can ban them in your office” rule.

        Also, I LOVE the fact that if you share an office you CAN’T ban them…haha, even if BOTH parties agree (or at least that’s how I interpreted that statement).

        Proggies sure are funny, and fun to watch implode.

        • The fun will be to watch how many of the professors who signed a petition saying that they will “refuse” to allow students to carry in their classes actually follow through on their threats, now that UT (which has an unfriendly, GOP-dominated state legislature looking over its shoulder) has explicitly told them that they can’t do that.

          Like this guy:

          He was all hot to go with threats that he’d be suing UT because campus carry was supposedly racist and violated his free speech rights. Heck, he even whined that a copy of his little tirade (which he sent to the entire UT faculty, BTW) got posted on TTAG:

          After getting pilloried in the media for his stand, he’s no longer seems to be the brave social justice warrior ready to do battle for his principles. Seems to be the typical cowardly academic, but we’ll see . . . .

        • Interesting. Thanks for the information.

          “he’s no longer seems to be the brave social justice warrior “

          I’m surprised he hasn’t doubled down. Maybe he was less “warrior” than he thought.

          That bit about them having to meet with a student outside their office is just pure genius.

          That’s how you beat these numbnuts…they really are not as smart as they think they are.

  10. I read somewhere that the staff must verbally instruct every single person that comes into the office, if guns are banned. Like that is gonna happen.

  11. Should we not give them props for _trying_ to apply common sense? Many have PhDs, so we know they’re somewhat mentally deficient. (Permanent Head Damage)

  12. Just to be clear, any regulation the you could not carry a chambered round in a semi automatic is not legal. A public institution can regulate where a handgun can be carried on campus, not how as long as it is concealed.

    (d)An institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education in this state may establish rules, regulations, or other provisions concerning the storage of handguns in dormitories or other residential facilities
    that are owned or leased and operated by the institution and located on the campus of the institution.

    (e)A private or independent institution of higher education in this state, after consulting with students, staff, and faculty of the institution, may establish rules, regulations, or other provisions prohibiting license holders from carrying handguns on premises that are owned or leased and operated by the institution and located on the campus of the institution.

    • Good point. So besides being silly, the “Israeli carry only” rule would also have been unlawful. That well might have been another reason why the regents nuked it.

      The other interesting thing about this now-rejected rule would have been what the sanction would have been if someone violated it. If a student / faculty / staff member did so, I suppose the university could have imposed some sort of administrative discipline on them. But, for instance, if I’d been on the UT campus to give a guest lecture (which I do a couple of times a year), what could UT have done to me if I was lawfully carrying with one in the pipe? Not a damn thing.

      At any event, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more wailing and gnashing of teeth around August 1 and again when class starts in the fall, but like the legalization of open carry in Texas earlier this year all the dire predictions of blood in the streets will come to naught. The pearl-clutchers will move on to their next “sky is falling” cause (which hopefully will stem from Hillary losing the election), and will forget all about this.

  13. I just stay away from colleges/universities. Their lack of education is deadly enough.

  14. A reading of UT’s “Handbook of Operating Procedures 8-1060” Section VII., Sub-Section C, “Offices”, paragraph 1, basically says an individual with a solely assigned office who does not want concealed carry of firearms in their office, and if the occupant’s duties entail meeting people who may be license holders, the office occupant “will make” reasonable arrangements to meet them in another location.”. So it appears professors, whose students do not want to “disarm themselves” because the professor is a hoplophobiac, must make arrangements to meet the student in an area where the student may carry concealed without the professor urinating all over themselves. Unfortunately for the student, requesting that special meeting may clue in even the clueless “pie-in-the-sky, white tower academics” that you are a concealed firearm carrier, and the student’s grades may suffer due to the obvious prejudice and unjustified fears of the academic.

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