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Nunquam non paratus, or never unprepared to you and me. Check out this simple, functional gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Just being curious, does anyone else carry things in their wallet that would aid them in a situation? I know “Readyman” makes several metal cards with various items punched out of them, I have bought a couple. So in a pocket dump, should that not also be shown. Just wondering

    • Other than $$, I have not carried anything in my wallet “that would aid me in a situation” since I was 15 years old. ?

    • I carry an “Atziloose” credit card knife that’s very low profile and handy, I also carry a “Survival Hax” credit card wallet tool that I wear around my neck.
      I’m not a mall ninja but I like to have tools that are low key and handy if I ever need them.

  2. Calls themself “never unprepared”…
    proceeds to ditch medical, wml and spare magazine in favor of zippo and multitool.


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