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If you carry a gun, you probably carry every day. Glenn does, including Sundays. See what he carries to church at Everyday Carry . . .


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    • With a wheel gun and a single speed loader, he’ll need to. Hell, my EDC normally has more ammo just in the magazine.

      • I’ve never been a wheel gun enthusiast (OK that’s a lie, if it throws projectiles I’m a fan) due to the limited ammo capacity and what I see as safety flaws in the design that are not present in an autoloader.

        • I’m not a fan because of the heavy triggers. There are arguments to be made for capacity one way or another (a 1911 only has a two or three couple more rounds, for example), but revolver triggers are a deal breaker for me.

        • The triggers generally don’t bother me.

          What bothers me about revolvers is a what I see as a two fold safety issue. Now, I’m not bashing wheel guns or wheel gunners here this is just my opinion and why I don’t choose one for EDC. YMMV.

          First, the majority of problems that cause a semi-auto pistol not to fire can be fixed with a tap, rack and roll. Revolvers that fail to fire, in my experience, have broken something internally are require a gunsmith to fix. Yes, this can happen to a semi-auto pistol too, I admit that. That said, my experience with wheel guns is less than satisfactory. Two revolvers that I have purchased have failed and required warranty repair and both did so within the first 100 or so rounds fired. Confidence was not inspired.

          This leads to the second problem. If the problem with a wheel gun not firing is ammo related you could end up in a bad situation. A slow burning primer, while rare, is something we protect against at the range by holding the gun aimed down range for a period of time after it fails to fire. That’s fine on the range but in a DGU that’s the big setback I see with a wheel gun. With an auto-loader you can simply eject the round with the slow burning primer. If it ends up being a slow burning primer the case will burst and while not ideal it’s not horrifically dangerous.

          However, with a wheel gun advancing to the next round, which you NEED in a DGU takes the chamber with the slow burner out of alignment with the barrel but the round is still encased by the cylinder. This means that you can now end up firing a basically unaimed and unintentional round from the side of the gun. Who knows where that thing is gonna go? Further, if you mange to squeeze off your next round or two you can put the slow burner in alignment with another part of the gun, possibly the frame and now the gun is going to blow itself apart in your hand.

          These things are admittedly rare but considering the potential catastrophic consequences if they occur during a DGU I’m just not willing to roll with a wheel gun.

        • Revolvers are awesome, but I get what you’re saying about limited capacity, EDC that sort of thing. I EDC a semi-auto for that very reason, besides the fact that semi’s are the best available tech. That being said, I keep a .357 in my desk at work. While corporate policy prohibits this, there is kind of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” at the local level. I find it easier to keep a snubbie in the desk vs. sneaking in my EDC everyday. Now I’d rather have a revolver than no gun (obviously), but I definitely feel better equipped with the semi everyday vs when I briefly EDC’d a revolver.

        • Korth, Freedom Arms, Bowen Classic Arms, Turnbull restorations etc. all have me lusting for revolvers. For EDCs, maybe not, but for things that are just pleasures to own, for sure. I may never have need of my utilitarian polymer auto but objets d’art bring me pleasure every day.

        • Just a generic action movie remark. Guys with seemingly endless supplies of ammo in full sized service semi autos fighting large military styled terrorists or bandit groups.

          The guys that knock revolvers because of ammo capacity are probably the same guys that throw money at places like gun site to be weekend commandos.

          In the real world you’re not helpless and unarmed if you have a revolver.

          Just a pet peeve of mine.

        • I’m not knocking revolvers or their fans. I’m just not a fan.

          I’d rather have my 12+1 and a spare 12 rounder than 5-6 and a speed loader the same way I’d rather have a 30 round mag on my AR/AK/Mini than a five or a ten rounder.

          My opinion is mainly colored by my bad experiences with revolvers. When the Taurus broke on me I said “OK, whatever, it’s just a Taurus doing what Tauruses do”. When the S&W had to be sent back after less than 100 rounds I lost faith in revolvers.

      • I like the electroless nickel finish on it. I keep a Cobra 1st issue for a quick house gun cause it uses the same ammo as my model 10 and 15.

        Never like the Colt trigger as well as it tends to stack a little before breaking. Good sights though and a little smaller than a 2.inch 10.

        Those things have gotten pricey here in the last couple of years. Colt is missin one of their opportunities in not bringing back the D frame series.

  1. I happened to notice a guy’s “concealed” sidearm printing on his shirt after church last Sunday. No big surprise, since I already knew he has a CCL. But I wonder how many more guns are in that sanctuary on a given Sunday, and how many others would get the vapors if they knew.

  2. I hope that lots of people at church are carrying. “If you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one” Luke 22:36 Unfortunately many states prohibit carrying in houses of worship and places where alcohol is served. How’s that for irony?

    Given the terrorist attacks of late I’m surprised that the bad guys haven’t picked on houses of worship. In the red states I don’t think that they’d last long. My church hires off duty officers for security and we have about a dozen active and retired officers in the congregation. My church gun is a Ruger LCP for ease of concealment but I wouldn’t feel poorly armed with the old Smith 640 in my safe. I live in conservative state and I don’t think that anybody in our church would .be offended by the idea of self defense.

    • I hate to bite on the bait of a troll but I can’t let this one go .

      “A disgusting book” filled with things like “don’t murder, don’t steal.
      don’t be jealous of what the other guy has, honor your parents. Love each other, be willing to give up your life for your friend. Treat all men with love and respect.Show kindness, mercy and decency to everybody. Yeah, that’s about as disgusting as you can get and I’ve tried my life by those principles.

  3. King James and a revolver. Classic. I’m a Glock and ESV man, myself. But hey, the translation you need is the one you’ll read, and the same principle goes for the EDC firearm.

  4. I love my Detective Special. Heavy trigger pull is nice if you’re really pumped up, and if you want fine control just cock the hammer! I love that I don’t need to remember if I have a round in the chamber and I don’t have to make sure to rack the slide properly under pressure. Kind of like a computer mouse is point and click, with a revolver it’s point and fire.

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