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Fall is here and Frank, who’d in law enforcement, is sporting a G43 and just enough gear to get him through his day. See what he’s chosen for the season at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. “Fall is here and Frank, who’d in law enforcement,…”


    A cop who wears a $4,000 wristwatch…

  2. Looks like one of those trigger guard only holsters. Don’t like those.

    I like my guns to be in the holster, not merely attached to it

  3. For those of you questioning the aegis kydex trigger guard… try it combined with the clipdraw. (Probably 45 bucks altogether). I wear mine strongside or sometimes appendix if I’m driving alot. It’s awesome. Fast, lightweight, very affordable, and great for compact trigger safety if/when gun goes off body. Plus it’s inconspicuous for the ol’ stallseat issue talked about alot. Hides under my briefs much easier then a big leather hybrid or full holster i/owb. Anybody else carry this way?
    Ps that wallet is queer (Webster defined)

    • Its there, right under the G43…..

      And before anyone else says it, I’m going to – It’s not a clip, its a magazine, unless it’s a Garand, then it’s a clip.

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